Don't think I've posted in here before - wierd. 23/Canada/7x6

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by enormouslyaverage, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Yea, I know my pics don't show 7" length, but they're 3 years old. Maybe more even? I'm still young, so things have grown - and are growing. I'd guess the girth is closer to 6.25" now?

    I'm well aware that I'm on the smaller side of things on the site (if only we measured dick size in volume, eh short/girthy guys?) here, but I'm just fishing for opinions on the goods I have to offer haha.

    Nice dick? My head is over 6 3/8" around as of April 2010, but is damn near impossible to measure and photograph. Sorry folks. Believe it or not. More opinions to share, perhaps?

    I've heard from 3 girls to date that I have the nicest looking dick they've come across. 2 of them said I was biggest, in which I would assume they were referring to the girth since at the time I was barely pushing 6.5" length. Been 6" girth since about age 15 though. Man was it ever weird looking then. I'd estimate it at about 5.5"x6" pre-puberty. I welcomed the change in length with open, well....legs.

    Thanks to all who respond. Well, those who respond kindly anyway.
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