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    What is it about a sweet soft pair of young lips on your cock that feels so amazing? Jack wondered as he watched the beautiful young brunette slide him out of her mouth. The image of his own glistening cockhead poised in front of her pretty pink mouth would stay with him long after this night was over. Behind her the pudgy and sweaty-browed figure of a middle-aged man continued to hump away, her smooth tan ass cheeks rippling with each thrust. She closed her eyes and arched her back as she moaned: "Mmm yeah, fuck me baby."

    Funny things happen on the road. Jack was betting this sure as hell wasn't what her daddy had in mind when his little girl told him she got a job as a flight attendant. Amanda was nineteen and out on her own. Because she was under 21 the bar tender in the hotel bar wouldn't serve her and Paul, the captain who always carried a veritable mini-bar in his overnight bag, had suggested they head upstairs. To say one thing led to another was one hell of an understatement.

    "Ouch!" Amanda jumped and then giggled as Paul suddenly slapped her tight little ass with an open palm. The bastard hadn't even bothered to take off his wedding band. Paul paused, huffing and puffing, and the three of them wordlessly switched positions. Amanda sat on the corner of the bed and the two men stood beside her. She grasped one mans throbbing rod in each hand and began to move her precious mouth from one to the other, looking them straight in the eye. Mike stared at her gorgeous young breasts, like low hanging fruit begging to be plucked. Her pink perky nipples were erect. She had one spectacular all-natural rack. Amanda apparently learned to suck cock like a lot of younger girls did -- by watching porn -- because she slurped and moaned with shameless enthusiasm as she took each raging hard cock as deep as she could, alternating effortlessly.

    They were all pretty drunk earlier when things began to get out of hand. Or interesting. I guess it depends on your point of view. Amanda loved to talk about sex and the two older men, Paul in his early forties, Jack in his late twenties, were obliged to ask the right questions to get her to keep telling stories. The progression was almost cliche: "Do you want to see my new tattoo?" Of course. She bent over as she pulled the waist of her hip-hugging jeans down just far enough to see the top of some heart shaped trifle picked from the walls of her hometown tattoo parlor. "We can't see it, take your jeans off!" "No! OK, I guess" Then jeans came off, revealing a purple flower printed thong and a firm round ass. Paul's cell phone camera captured the image for eternity. Twenty minutes later they were ten minutes into a game of Truth or Dare. Then came the clincher. Jack was thoroughly average in almost every way. But while Paul was known among the flight attendants as a horn-dog, Jack had another reputation.

    The now. They shifted positions again. Paul sat in the desk chair as both men watched Amanda slowly crawl across the hotel room carpet on her hands and knees towards him. She kissed her way teasingly up the insides of his legs and thighs before taking him into her hand again and bowing her head down into his lap to take him into her mouth. Jack positioned himself behind her, his hands on her slim hips, watching her brown curls swaying across her back and shoulders as her head bobbed.

    His mind wandered back. "I heard something about you" Amanda purred as she stared at Jack over the top of her glass of rum and coke. Jack grinned. "And what's that?" "I heard your . . . thing . . . is fucking HUGE!" she burst into a fit of girlish laughter. "So" "So . . . I dare you to show it to us!" More giggles. Jack stood up and slowly undid his belt. Noticing that all the eyes in the room were now on him he took his time sliding his zipper down. Then he reached into his boxers with one hand and pulled out the thing that made him famous. Not yet fully aroused, Jacks cock hung at the least six inches limp. But not only was he long. Jack was thick. Really thick, and his cock was tipped with a huge bulbous purplish head. "Holy shit!" gasped Amanda. And Paul. Jack smiled. Amanda's mouth hung partially open. "Wow, I've never seen, I mean. . . " She was leaning forward on the edge of the bed where she had been sitting. Jack glanced down the front of her shirt at her bountiful cleavage. "Can I touch it?" asked the girl. "Go for it." Jack replied. Amanda slid off the bed and onto her knees in front of him. He watched as her eyes measured every inch of him. She reached out with one tentative hand. Right before she made contact Jack squeezed and his massive cock arched a little and flopped to the right, brushing her fingers. Amanda jumped and let out another chorus of giggles. She grasped the base of his shaft with her left as she ran her right along its length, straightening it. "I can feel it growing!" It was growing, stiffening and swelling by the second. "Oh my God. . . I didn't believe . . . " Jack reached his full size in seconds . . . Nine massively thick inches which curved upwards like the tusk of an elephant. Amanda began to expertly run one hand and then the other over the head and down his shaft -- one hand after the other over and over again. "Mmm nice" Jack mumbled as Paul came up behind her. He lifted her shirt off over her head. Jack was surprised that Amanda never blinked, just going with it. She had on a purple lace bra that matched her thong panties. Paul knelt behind her and unhooked her bra as Amanda continued to squeeze, stroke and fondle Jacks throbbing cock. As her beautiful tan tits spilled out of the lacy garment Jack wondered how far this would all go. When he saw the look of ecstacy on Pauls face as he reached around from behind to caress Amanda's tits he thought he knew. Soon they were on the bed as the remaining clothes on everyones body were tossed aside.

    Jack's mind moved back to the present, watching Amanda passionately suck Paul as he sat in the desk chair. She paused and looked over her shoulder at Jack. "Mmm this is what I've been waiting for . . ." Her hands were on Paul's thighs. Paul reached down and took her wrists in his hand, holding her in that position. Jack reached down between her legs to feel the juices of her clean shaven pussy literally running down the inside of her thighs. She moaned and let her head droop, her long brown hair hanging between Paul's legs. Jack rubbed his cock head against her sopping wet lips . . . and began to enter her. Amanda gasped, "Oh. . . O-oh" Jack began to rock his hips, gently pushing another inch deeper into her each time. "Jesus Jack, I've never . . . Oh!!" Jack continued fucking her slow and deep. "More?" Jack asked her. Amanda's head whipped up and back around. "There's more?" All three of them laughed. "Oh fuck yeah, baby" she moaned. Jack went all the way into her as she moaned in bliss.
    "Hey sweetie, don't forget me" Paul chimed in. Soon all three were sweating and moaning as Jack fucked her deep while she worked Pauls cock with her mouth, hands still held tight by Paul. As she adjusted to his size Jack began to fuck her harder. All at once she came up for air off of Pauls cock, "Ow! My knees. Rugburn!" It was bad timing for Amanda, as Paul muttered "No, wait . . ." and his cock erupted and a cascade of white cum splashed onto the side of her face. The semen trickled down over her cheek and ear. A string of white droplets clung in her hair. Paul slumped back in the chair, spent. Without hesitating the other two moved back to the bed.
    Amanda lay on the bed with her long, tan legs spread wide. As Jack climbed onto her, he swore to himself he would never forget how incredible this girls body looked. He plunged his cock into her again as she wrapped her legs around him. She whispered into his ear, "Fuck me baby! I can take it all!" Jack went into her, deep and hard, feeling her pussy contracting and squeezing his cock. Her hips gyrated beneath his. For a young girl she really knew how to fuck. As he fucked her his mind begain to wander to all the other women who had swooned over his massive cock and thrown themselves at him. His first high school girlfriend in her parents bed. The sorority girl up against the door of a bathroom stall. His mother's MILFy best friend on her kitchen floor. The look on their faces, the sounds they made when they first experienced him. Amanda began to pant: "Uh, uh, uh uhhhh Oooohhhhhh! Oh my God! Oh my Goddddd!" Her pussy contracted in waves over his cock. He loved it when they came. He fucked her faster. Harder. Deeper. He heard the thump-thump-thump of the top of her head against the headboard. Then his vision began to blur at the edges as he pulled his cock out and pumped and thick white stream of cum onto her quivering body. He groaned as his cock spasmed over and over, shooting a half a dozen times and covering Amanda's stomach and tits with thick white cum. He collapsed on top of her as she wrapped her arms around him. He was dimly aware of hearing Paul creep out of the room. Amanda whispered into his ear. "Mmm baby that was so . . . wow." He mumbled something unintelligible. A few minutes later Amanda whispered again, "Thank God it's only 12:30 . . . We still have all night."

    Funny things happen on the road.
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    Very nice! Is there other tales from the road?
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