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    I had a dream last night about my ex-girlfriend from high-school.

    I am married, and I love my wife very much, and am very attracted to her. However, I still have dreams about my HS girlfriend!

    Usually the dreams are non-sexual and just kinda weird and involve other people I knew from High School. Last night, however, I dreamt that we were working on some project together, and somehow she ended up tugging and stroking my dick.

    In the dream she was saying about how she "couldn't feel anything" when her current husband put his dick in her, and she yearns for mine for that reason. Then I made her stop and said "this is not going to work" even though it was turning me on.

    I'm starting to worry that sub-consciously I'm not as committed to marriage as I think I am..

    Anybody else have this type of thing?

    Oh yeah, this ex-girlfriend recently friended me on facebook, and from her pictures it's clear she has gotten fat over the years! She used to look very good, and this made me unbelievably happy, because she made me feel like she was better than me back in the day. I'm hoping the dreams are just some sort of sadistic fantasy, and not an omen of impending infidelity.:frown1:
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    I am married and completely committed. I have dreams about ex's (even ones I never had sex with), and it bothers me a little.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with it, per se. A dream's just that - a dream. As long as you relish reality, there is no problem.

    BTW - make sure to make love to your wife really well, intimately, ASAP. It will remind you why you're with her instead!
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