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    soooooo....i had a dream that i was eating steak and i woke up because i bit the hell out of my cheek! :eek: well...i just finished eating a little bit ago and noticed there was a lump on the inside of my cheek so i took my nail and scraped it and it burst. blah. my mouth tastes of blood.

    anyway....what's funny is that i haven't ate steak in years. plus what i had on the side was chicken with rice. LOL! and i'm fucking sick of chicken with rice!

    i have the strangest dreams. and i look them all up at: www.dreammoods.com


    what's your craziest (or funniest) dream?

    mine was probably the time i had a dream that i was sitting in a throne. the entire room was dark, but there was a spotlight on me. the table was so long i couldn't see the other side (plus it was dark). no one else was at the table but me. so i ring this bell, and this man comes walking towards the table with a platter. he lifts it and its mac and cheese. LOL. so i finish it, ring the bell again...and he brings another. and then i woke up.

    i woke up laughing because at the time, it was my favorite thing to eat.

    ...or the time my best friend from kindergarten and i were in mexico. then all of a sudden we were back in the states. we hijacked a car and killed a bunch of army men and stole their guns. and there were waves coming down the highway. but we turned and went against them. we were hiding out in a hotel. we were going to go and get something to eat but i just happened to see us on tv. we were wanted. so then we turned ourselves in.

    lol. too many video games/movies, i think.

    i haven't seen her in years.
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    i had this dream where some dude stole my cell phone, and like most dreams i teleported to a different scene, got my cell phone back an there was nude pics of the dude and other pics of him fucking all these hot chics. damn those pictures were hot. i woke up with my hand up, pressing on the cell phone which then disappeared :( i swear that phone was real lol
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    I only seem to remember dreams if I wake during them or if they're really shocking or dark.
    Most of my dreams have always seemed to place me in large gatherings in strange places I've never visited, generally at night.

    There was one that was recurring for a while that used to have me back in the town I grew up in during a festival of fire. But the place was old, like a few centuries earlier with different alley ways and older shabbier buildings. It was night time and the people had torches, and boats would burn on the river below, smoke and orange light everywhere. I would just explore. I loved that dream.

    Last week I dreamt I was wandering through a densely packed housing estate built all over a huge mountain, again at night. This time no-one was to be seen. It was clear but freezing cold and every so often I would see an ice cream truck go by through gaps in the houses. But in every one of the small fenced gardens I was walking between were packs of Hyenas. Then, as I walked I noticed some of the gardens had bears in them. Big, angry bears. I spotted a little kid playing down an alleyway in front of the only house to have light coming from it's windows. I approached her and asked where I was but she just looked at me and then ran away. So I turned to walk back, but all the gardens had bears in them now, ravenous and bursting to get out. The moment I realized that these little picket fences were too low they all jumped them and ran for me, where I just stood with my eyes closed waiting.

    Then I woke up.

    Too much cheese I think.
    (post 200: woohoo!)
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