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    The one day during my holidays in Brazil i stayed in this small hotel. The building was u-shaped with a pretty little garden in the middle.
    Then, when i woke up the other mornin' I looked out of my window and suddenly recognised that I had the best outlook of the whole building!
    My room was the last at one corner of the little middle-garden, and it was on the second floor. Without wanting it my look fell on this stunning guy, steping out of his shower in his apartment right next to me. He was like 6 feet tall, had dark brown middle long hair and an athletic body. I watched him rubbing his towel over his arms and chest, when he looked at me. I didn't know what to do, but before i could do anything, he winked and smiled at me.
    Ashamed of being caught, i decided to leave my room and go to breakfast, flushing down my shame with a cup of coffee. I don't know what came over me, but i decided to go the way down, that lead me past this hot guys room.

    And so it came that in this moment I passed his door, he opened it and pulled me into his room, closing his door behind me.
    So now I stood directly infront of my stunning window flirt, him "dressed" only with a towel around his waist.

    One single drop fell from his curly hair on his chest, rolling down over his chest and his stomach, becoming slowlier and slowlier by loosing water with each inch. The air was filled with hints of water, really flavorsome shampoo, pheromones and somethin' i can't discribe - something paralyzing, something mind-penetrating and addictive. The water drop finally ended by being absorbed by the small towel, that really didn't covered up so much. I stared at some dark hairs down on his lower sixpac that resisted to be hidden under the white towel, but then the guy took my chin and raised it, forcing me to look into his dark brown eyes, after being mesmerized by his beatiful lips and the short beard that made his face even more adorable. But another drop of water hypnotized me then. It fell from his right ear down on his neck, then ... without knowing why i did it, I just licked it away.

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    Nice work!
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