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    well I just saw this film recently. Wasn't bad. Wasn't the best film either. But I enjoyed it.
    Anyway, there's one short scene where Ryan Carnes and his co-star Scott Lunsford are pulling their pants up and everything is on display... everything. However, the film was apparently filmed in HD, but the copy I saw was just standard. Couldn't make much detail out.
    Lunsford and Carnes cut status?
    I read somewhere Ryan Carnes was, but again it was hard to tell from the film. I haven't heard anything on Scott Lunsford- and you can't see much either. It's hard to tell.

    Anyway, I thought I would point this small bit of information out too:

    Ryan Carnes has gone back to back with gay roles (Eating Out. Desperate Housewives.) He claims a straight status, but he apparently would like to do a love scene with Colin Farrell. Read the quote below:

    (taken from this site)

    It's kind of weird actually. After filming Brokeback Mountain, I read Jake Gyllenhaal said in an interview that if he had an attraction to any guy, he would go for it.

    haha I just found it interesting.
    I decided not to link to pictures, as I'm sure links have been posted on here before. But the cut thing crossed my mind when I saw the scene. Any thoughts?
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