ED caused probably due to cavernosal fibrosis

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    Im looking for proffesional advice.My ED is as I write due cavernosal fibrosis (probably) cause my uro didn`t helped me.Hes concern when I visited him was mostly on varicocele and told me that ED is in my mind - he had next patients and money with money on the line and old fuck didn`t watn help much examining my unit.I developed it using too high dosage of L-arginine (+10g a day) and now would like to have healthy unit (spoongy and elastic ) back.
    After many reading I decide take Tbirdy advices and so far will fuck with viagra (but EQ still not full , no skin numbing erection)
    Are here some people and experts who solved fibrosis and what was the best way to treat it ? Im 25 btw. Thanks!
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    I posted this reply to your post on PEGym:

    In addition to getting treated by a qualified medical professional, you should consider supplementing with butcher's broom.
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