Edging,Clamping,Milking,Pumping/Hanging Q's

Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by boogalooshrimp74, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Just logged on to this site, so far I love the forum here, so much stuff to learn. Looking for a little help with some of these questions, as I am not sure I completely understand.

    My situation is this. During my past Edging, which sometimes last 5-6 hours, along with clamping(and soon to be pumping),right when I am at the PONT. I completely relax, stop stroking, I can feel the Cum start to rise, then I kind of give it a little help, kinda like when you give a slight push to get the last of your pee out, almost like doing a light crunch on the bottom portion of your abs. Precum starts to leak out, mixed in with the sperm. For some reason I can only do this once, in a session?

    Is this normal?

    Should I be doing something, massage something(balls) to get the juices flowing again?

    I am currently using the cable clap procedure, love it. I can feel the extra swing of my cock with all the blood in there when I release.
    0-100%<----------How much clamping force do you guys recommend?
    When double clamping(mid shaft), do I use the same pressure?

    When doing this for awhile(meaning months/years), will you start to increase the amount of blood in the penis, and does it stay longer?

    Milking:(doing this after my 5-6 hour clamping/edging routine.)
    Tried this in the shower after watching countless videos/articles. I used the end of a toothbrush(I know, kinda lame, but I just started) It had one of those soft gel like handles, and it had a nice bump on the bottom. When I inserted it, it felt good(no hurting at all) but for the life of me I either cannot find my prostate; or I only get it a couple of times. I know you are hitting the Prostate, when you have a light feeling of having to pee.

    When is the best time to get results? After a long edging/clamping session?

    How much pressure do I need to use?(don't want to hurt anything)

    How far back do I need to go, and at what angle?

    How long does it take to start?(leaking semen/precum)

    Pumping(mostly balls)

    Did some pumping LONG time ago, got my balls to a large grapefruit. It took 6 hours. think I got a handle on it. Looking to start with a decent but cheap setup. I am thinking of a Rena Fish tankpump, it pulls between 5-7Hg. and a fish tank gravel tube.

    Can anyone tell me some of the better(homemade) options out there, I have heard of a acrylic candle mold???

    How long did it take to make it nice a plump/bloated?

    Will having pumped balls, help draw the fluids into my cock? Making it faster?

    Is it better to do in conjunction with clamping?(not at the same time, in-between breaks of pumping)


    Looking for ideas or ways to hang, when I am out and about(gym,store, etc).

    links would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading this guys, sorry if some stuff is newbie stuff, but it gets frustrating, after 3 days of searching, and searching etc..
  2. boogalooshrimp74

    boogalooshrimp74 New Member

    Dec 31, 2010
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