Election Night - True story from Tuesday night

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    Las Vegas (NV, US)
    Wrote this for my blog but thought a few of you might enjoy my experience . . .
    This past Tuesday night I was at the Republican Party's election party celebration at Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and knowing I was going to be drinking a bit I thought it best to reserve a room.

    As I was walking up to the elevators a little tipsy I heard this guy from behind say, "I hate these Tea Bagger assholes! I'd love to make one suck my big black gay cock!" to someone he was walking with. Then I hear a nervous clear of the throat and the a female voice say, "JAMES!?!" as if it was directed at me.

    Finally the elevator arrived and I walked in and the two followed me as I turned around there stood an attractive, average build six foot black guy in his late twenties and a porty blonde white woman in her late 30s to early 40s. Each pressed their floor and the lady asked me which floor and I quietly said the number he had pressed.

    Once we approached the woman's floor she said, "So 8:30 in the lobby, right?" and the black man nodded and said, "I'll see you then."

    As the doors shut I shifted my position a little and said, "In for a conference or something?" and the black guy said, "A human resources conference."

    I nodded and asked, "Where you from?" He said San Diego.

    He then asked me where I was from and I told him Las Vegas, but was staying at the hotel because of the Republican party. He quickly got a bit rigid and clammed up.

    As the doors opened to the floor he had pushed he exited first and I followed. I then said, "So you're not a fan of Republicans, huh?"

    He said, "Not particularly. Not my kind of people."

    As we walked toward what apparently was his room I asked, "Why is that?"

    He got defensive but also a little sheepish and said, "Well Republicans don't exactly like my kind of people."

    I stopped and said, "Black?" with a slight smile and chuckle?

    He stopped and said"Well that but, well, gay."

    He started to start walking again when I said, "How can I prove that not all Republicans hate gay people?"

    He stopped and turned and looked at me thought for a second and said, "Not sure. What do you have in mind." As a slight smile crossed his thick lips.

    I then walked toward him and said, "Maybe I can make good on that threat you made down in the elevator lobby."

    He stepped to me confidently and said, "And what exactly did I threaten?"

    "That you'd like to make a 'tea bagger suck [your] big black gay cock'," I said as I placed my hand on his inner thigh.

    At that moment he realized that I wasn't your typical Republican and said, "Which one is your room?"

    "My room isn't on this floor," I said as I pushed him against the wall and my hand started to cup what was a significant bulge.

    "Fuck," he laughed. "You got off the elevator just to suck my big dick didn't you."

    I nodded.

    "Then follow me because you aren't leaving till I cum," he said as he pushed past me and walk a few doors down.

    He opened the door and led me into the room and turned around.

    "You ever suck cock?" he asked.

    "My fair share," I said as I approached.

    As I got to him he took my hand and placed it on his big bulge and said, "I hope you like them big because I've got something special for that sweet mouth of yours."

    As I kneaded his big buldge he forced his tongue down my throat and pulled on my hair jerking my head back. I instantly became hard and his large black hand felt my stressed pant fabric.

    He pulled away and told me to unzip his pants. I did and as his pants dropped he was wearing a jock strap. He wasn't particularly athletic but not fat. He ass was hanging out and he took one of my hands and placed it on it while my other worked on the stiffening bulge.

    He pushed my shoulders down with both hands and I freed my hand which was on his ass and took both of them to worship the rubbery contained mass in front of me.

    I looked up at him as he looked down at me and said, "May I see it?"

    He then took both his hands down to his abdomen and unleashed his massive cock keeping his jock strap stringed just below his ass cheeks. It was rubbery and about as thick as a toilet paper roll. It hung at least 8 1/2 inches. I grabbed it with both hands and started squeezing its mass. At the same time he said, "All you straight white boys love yourself big black cock."

    I looked up from my gaze upon his impressive cock and said, "I think EVERYONE loves big black cock!"

    He smiled and put his right hand on the top of my head and took his left to lift the heavy cock I was pulling and grabbing to get the tip into my mouth.

    "Okay you tea bagger fuck, suck my dick!" and he shoved a good 6 inches in his first thrust and my hands quickly were replaced with my mouth. I was not ready and nearly choked. I expected to work on this cock my own way but it was apparent at that very moment, that was not the case.

    I struggled to take his powerful thrusts but quickly got into his rythm. I placed my hands at the based and let him fuck my mouth as both his hands were on the back of my head. With each thrust he'd put another quarter to half inch in.

    "You have sucked cock haven't you," he said as he looked down on the sight. I was still in my dress shirt, tie and suit taking a massive black cock further down my throat each second.

    After about 20 seconds (which felt like an hour) he had managed to get about 9 inches down my throat but made me work for it. He then took it out and let me breath for a second.

    "Big isn't it, bet you never had a guy my size," he said with confidence.

    "Oh my God you have the biggest cock I've ever seen," I lied. I suck a lot and only big so his 10 incher wasn't the biggest but I have to say it was easily the most perfect . . . at least this year :)

    He stroked his cock for a second and then I took control and raised my other hand to his big cock (my other had been holding the base as he jerked) and I went full tilt and took as much as possible down my throat and drew back and did it again and drew back and then again about 10 times in a row. He was on his tip toes each time, mouth wide open. Then I slowed and started stroking and sucking the way I love to: with both hands rotating in oposite directions with my mouth taking 7 or so inches and using my toungue up the shaft and around the head.

    I looked up and his hands were on his forehead as he was looking straight up.

    I withdrew and said, "I want you to watch me make you cum."

    He looked down and I looked up and I worked his huge piece of meat for another 5 minutes and then he stiffened up and I worked it a little harder.

    As he started to cum I withdrew (didn't know this guy) and he came all over my face, shirt, tie, jacket and on the floor behind me.

    "GOD DAMN!" he exclaimed. "You are a cock sucker aren't you. God Damn Republican Tea Bagger cocksucker!!! Fuck I haven't came like that in a while."

    I stood up and said, "Would you like me to do it again?" with a slight smile and he said, "Fuck yeah!"

    I told him to lay back on the bed and I'd take care of him as many times as he would like. He came three more times: once with him laying on the bed, one with him feeding me with my head over the bed and the last one in the shower (the final time in my mouth, couldn't help it). Finally when he passed out around 2:30 I took off. I found his card and sent him an email and he replied today.

    It was a great experience and I really, really hope he comes back to Las Vegas soon!!!!!!
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    nicely written... thanks for sharing.
  3. hungcuriousnc

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    Sanford, NC, USA
    hot story! congrats on the encounter!
  4. D_Navengil Nutroll

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    you sir, are a male slut. you will compomise your political morals for sexual gain. people like you give gays a bad name. you should seek help. or not.
  5. jockstrapfetish

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    hung you appearently have problems with this bt to each his own I geuss.
    Great stroy isuck you should write more often,bye
  6. Countryguy63

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    near Monterey, Calif.
    The only way this is going to give gays a bad name, is if he's better than them :tongue:

    Repubs suck dick too y'know :wink:
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