Emmys: Is It Just Me Or.....

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    ...does watching this award show causes everyone else to realize how LITTLE prime time T.V. they DO watch? One hour into the program, and I didn't recognize the names of most of these shows.

    For one, I don't watch prime time dramas, comedies, specials, or miniseries. About all I do watch are reality shows. Fact is, most of my TV watching consists of shows I watch with the missus, though there are shows she watches that I can't sit still for.

    Among those I do: Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Project Runway, Flipping Out, American Idol/Got Talent, and Jersey Housewives. (I also watched the first season of "what's her name" getting married).

    I skipped this season's Big Brother. Producers used to demonstrate some pretense of choosing a cross-section of Americana. Now it's just pretty boys and silicone tits - frat party warm over.

    Thank God for cable.
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