Endowments in Major League Basebase

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    Anyone have first hand lockerroom sightings of current or past MLB players and whether cut or uncut?

    In particular Detroit Tigers?

    Jorge Posada

    Andy Pettitte

    Brad Ausmus

    Roy Oswalt

    Trevor Hoffman

    Brian McCann

    David Dellucci

    From the net:
    Adam LaRoche is known as LaSnake due to his freakishly long cock

    Ryan Langerhans is known as Longerhans due to his very big cock
    very well hung – locker room attendant

    Travis Havner is known as Pronk, half of that name comes from donkey [donk]. It was even discussed on the Jim Rome show; Rome kept teasing him and hinting at what the donk part referenced.

    Jason Giambi - reputedly is called "Meat" by Derek Jeter
    Giambi looks exactly like his motto, hit like an all-star, f**k like a porn star. He could do porn with his package. – locker room attendant
    Huge, so big I thought he was hard at first; biggest I saw in the Oakland LR - sportswriter
    Huge – team employee
    Thick looking tool – locker room visitor
    Very hung – former major leaguer who is currently a coach
    10” [guestimate re hard], humongous – sportswriter
    :wow: :loveya:
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