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    This is a story I've been working on for quite some time, one that just kept growing as I wrote it. I've been debating about whether to share it or not, and I realized that LPSG is the perfect place for doing it. I plan to post a few pages of the 40+ that I've written everyday, so check back for updates. I hope you enjoy it, please tell me if you do.

    Brad and Jerry

    Sweat was just beginning to bead around Bradley’s brow and slip across his palms. Few men of 19 were ever likely to be in his position, but then again few wanted to be. As he approached the door of the motel room, number 15 on the second floor, he paused, just to make sure that he was really, truly ready for this. Losing one’s virginity was not something to take lightly, and although he’d heard so often that his first time should not be with someone he really cared about, he still believed deep down that he was rushing himself. Then again, most people had been fucking all through high school, so rushing wasn’t really a concern. Besides, Jerry seemed like a nice enough guy. He knocked on the door.
    He heard footsteps and saw a shadow behind the peephole, then the chain-lock came undone and the door opened. Standing in the frame was Jerry, Bradley’s online acquaintance of only a few months. It had been a surprise for each of them to learn that his cybersex buddy was living only a few miles away, especially since they had agreed to keep their identities truly anonymous during their jack-off sessions. Yet during a wrestling practice one day Bradley had forgotten to take off his watch before becoming the unwilling victim of a pain-train tackle from an upperclassman, resulting in a short circuit or a loose screw or something like that, but the point was that the next day he had stepped out of campus just long enough to stop by Jerry’s Watch & Jewelry to find the same man he had met online showing engagement rings to a young romantic.
    They couldn’t just pretend that they didn’t recognize each other, so Bradley waited fifteen minutes until Jerry’s lunch break and they talked over sandwiches at the nearby deli. They were both relieved to find their fears assuaged; Bradley became convinced that Jerry was not, in fact, stalking him, since he had owned the watch shop for eight years now, and Jerry was relieved to find that Bradley was legal and had been since they met in the chat room. Their talks managed to steer clear long enough of sex, until Jerry noted that he needed to get back behind the counter, and asked what Bradley wanted to do about the situation. But since both of them were at a loss, they just decided to discuss it that night online. There they had met and masturbated to one another, Jerry to Brad’s wrestler body and Brad focusing on Jerry’s larger form and incredible anal insertions (he, clearly, was no virgin), before actually discussing anything.
    It was Jerry that first suggested they actually, physically fuck. Bradley was not in complete opposition at first but still hesitated, eventually realizing that he could not pretend that he didn’t want to. They had made the plans to meet at a pre-determined motel that Friday evening at seven, Jerry’s treat. There was a good chance of them spending the night, so would bring toiletries and a change of clothes; pajamas, they realized, would not be necessary. The week, day, and hour had arrived at a maddeningly slow pace for both of them, but finally, here they stood, face to face for only the second time in their lives.
    “Hello, Brad.”
    “Jerry, how’s it going?”
    “Not too bad. Come on in!”
    Bradley entered the room, which was about as typical as a motel room could get; one bed (I’m going to get fucked right there, though Bradley), two bedside tables with lamps, TV on the chest of drawers, some chairs and a table, and a bathroom behind it all. By the looks of things Jerry had been lying on the bed watching the TV, which was tuned to The Simpsons.
    “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long…” said Brad.
    “Hey, no problem. You’re here to set your own pace, remember?”
    Bradley did remember; Jerry had emphasized heavily that this meeting was to be all about Bradley, that being the virgin he should only go as slow as he wanted to in whatever they did. It was a little awkward to discuss, but Brad did appreciate it and got the feeling that Jerry was not here to hurt him.
    “Right. My own pace.”
    “Here, have a seat. You got everything you need?”
    Brad set his bag down next to his chair and sat.
    “Yeah, I think so. Clothes, toothbrush…”
    He paused, knowing what else he had brought, and nervously continued.
    “…condoms, lube…”
    Jerry smiled. “Excellent, then we should be all set. You eat already?”
    “Uh, yeah, I should be fine.”
    “Great. So, its up to you, then.”
    Bradley looked up, directly into Jerry’s eyes for the first time that night. Here, behind a locked door and closed curtains, in a disposable room with the whole night ahead of them, Bradley truly saw Jerry for the first time, truly admiring of his every feature. Sure, he had met up with him online because of these features, and yet now they just stood out even more, as if Jerry had suddenly materialized before him without a sound.
    Jerry was older, much older, more than twice Brad’s age, in fact. He was also much bigger, not in muscle but in fat. Brad had learned that Jerry weighed almost 300 pounds and had weighed more in years past. This was what really did it for Brad; there was so much of Jerry, so much to see, to feel, that even his sight and the fantasies that he could dream of were enough, but then there was a bonus- Jerry was, from head to toe, completely covered in hair. In places, it may as well have been a fur coat, entirely engulfing every inch of his dark black skin (race was not initially a factor for finding a jack-off buddy, but Brad had found that he liked crossing the ethnicity line). Jerry was also very well endowed and was always willing and able to insert something inside himself at Brad’s request- they had gone from dildos to bananas to Gatorade bottles in only a few nights, and Jerry had even managed to get his webcam up there once without significant difficulty to give Brad a better, if darker, look.
    Apparently, Brad had been what Jerry was looking for too; a short, strong white boy with no body hair. In fact, the only thing Jerry asked Bradley before they began to cyber was if he was legal. Bradley showed him the date of birth on his driver’s license (blocking out everything else with his fingers, as he was still a little paranoid at this point), and Jerry was satisfied. They experimented with various webcam angles and got very artistic at times, and ever since that first encounter they had met every Monday at midnight to go at it.

    More to come...
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    Loving it, keep going
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    Ooh I can't wait for more :)

    I do love a good story
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    Brilliant love the style and the pace. Look forward to reading the next installment.

    Thanks for sharing
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    “Well, I mean, we’re here to… fuck, in so many words, right?”
    “That was the impression I got, yes.”
    “Right, so… should we, um, talk about what we’re gonna do? Or, like, how it’s gonna happen?”
    Jerry nodded. “Smart, Brad, very smart. Always, always, talk to your partners, because you don’t want them to do anything to you that you don’t want them to, and the same goes both ways.”
    Brad chuckled. He’s like my safari guide into the jungle. Er, of sex.
    “So, what d’you wanna do with me?”
    Brad completely drew a blank. The thought of having Jerry doing anything with him was beginning to make him stiff already, and he knew that he wouldn’t last long at this rate. He shifted in his seat, nervously.
    “Um… I have to tell you, I have no idea.”
    “That’s okay, we’ll work backwards. What can’t I do, how about that?”
    Again, I have no idea, he thought, but decided to try something else.
    “Um, examples please?”
    Jerry began a list, one it seemed he had prepared previously: “Oral, anal, rimming, dry humping, spanking, kissing…”
    Brad was ready to talk now.
    “Okay, I think I’ve got something.”
    “I don’t want to go ass-to-mouth, either way.”
    Jerry nodded in agreement. “Done. Anything else?”
    “Well, about the oral part…”
    “You don’t want it?”
    “Oh, no, I do!” said Brad, a bit too eagerly, and then more calmly, “but are we doing that with the condoms, because that wouldn’t be… y’know, tasty.”
    There was a second’s silence and then they both burst out laughing and couldn’t stop for quite a while. Jerry nearly leaned back too far in his chair and Bradley ended up doubled over in stitches.
    “Hahah… ‘tasty’… oh, that’s a riot… good one, man.”
    “Hehe… thanks.”
    They finally regained their composure and began to speak again, but with much less between them, as if they had put all doubt about what would happen here tonight on the back-burner.
    “I don’t suck cock with condoms, and I wouldn’t want mine done that way either. The rubbers are solely for the ass, and that’s good for me because that’s where I like to cum. You okay with that?”
    “Sure, if I can cum in you.”
    “Great, then, but here’s something that is more serious, okay? Listen, ‘cause this is important.”
    Jerry had turned serious, a side that Brad hadn’t seen before in his fuck buddy.
    “I’m not sick, right? I don’t have any diseases or anything, and I take it that you don’t either since I believe that you’re a virgin (I’ll know for sure here in a second), but you should not believe me or anyone else when someone tells you that, okay? They may not be trying to hurt you, and they may not even know themselves, but it only takes once for you to get something you’ll regret later. There is no point whatsoever in two men not using a rubber, in my opinion, and since you’re just starting, you have to know.”
    Brad could only stare; he was horrified.
    “You okay, Brad?”
    He gulped. “Can’t I get stuff from sucking?”
    “Yes, you can, and that’s where you need to be the most careful. I’m not gonna cum in your mouth, I’m going to cum in your ass, because when you’re going down on me I’ve got enough self-control to keep from going off, but another guy might not be so courteous. A general rule: never swallow. Avoid getting it in your mouth altogether if you can, and believe me, its much better to cum in the butt for both parties, but should the worst happen, spit.”
    A thought occurred to Brad: “What if I cum in your mouth? I mean, I’ll try not to, but…”
    Jerry stopped him. “If you feel anything, anything at all building up to it, tell me, and I’ll back off. Yell, push me away, or anything else, but let me know and we’ll each have a blast. Literally.”
    The two began laughing again and all the seriousness of the past few minutes vanished. Once he was composed again, Jerry spoke.
    “Alright, so I think I’ve got a road map here; tell me what you think; We do what we do to get into bed in the buff- I get off first, so that you can last longer, ‘kay?”
    Brad nodded. That seemed reasonable. Jerry continued:
    “Alright then, so you’ll blow me and let me fuck you- the condom goes on me as soon as you’re done sucking, and I brought enough lube to fill a bathtub; keep in mind, though, that since you’re getting your cherry popped here, that no matter how slippery it is, it’ll still hurt like hell.”
    “I’m ready for that.”
    “You say that now, but no one ever is; keep in mind that before this the thickest thing you ever had up there was probably a thermometer.”
    “Hey, I’ve slid a finger or two up there before!”
    “Just be ready, okay? And remember, the more relaxed you are, the easier it’s gonna slide. Oh, and by the way, did you clean out before you came?”
    Brad remembered Jerry’s advice from the chatroom: douche with water and eliminate anything that could be problematic for an intruding cock. He’d done it right before leaving for the motel in his dorm’s basement bathroom, finding it to be the grossest thing ever, but he was fairly confident that his homemade enema had worked.
    “Yeah, I’m clean.”
    “Good. Anyway, after I’ve cum I’ll get rid of the condom and go to town on you, and remember, your motivation for getting to fuck me is not cumming in or around my mouth, right?”
    “Gotcha. Maybe I should just go straight to your ass, then.”
    Jerry considered this. “We’ll see what happens. Other than that I think we’ve got a pretty good plan.”
    And with that he stood up, grabbed the TV remote and turned off The Simpsons, which had been playing on mute the whole time.
    Jerry towered over him; he was slightly taller than Brad and much larger in volume, like a black balloon bear that seemed to inflate more every second he looked.
    “Ready?” he said.
    Brad swallowed, breathed deeply, and stood up, approaching Jerry and his waiting arms.

    More to come...
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    I urgently suggest increased use of carriage returns between paragraphs and shorter paragraphs.
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    = mike... just enjoy the story bro.. grammar or not its very hot.
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    Carriage returns comin' up. Nothing I can do about the paragraphs, sorry.
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    Carriage returns, as requested. I didn't realize what a turn-on that was for some people.

    He was immediately enveloped in Jerry’s body in a furious lip-lock while Jerry’s arms wrapped around him and squeezed. Kissing was something that he had wondered about but found no problem with now- besides, it would get a whole lot more intimate than this. His eyes closed, Brad realized that no matter how far he reached his arms could not meet behind Jerry, emphasizing more his tremendous size and progressing Brad’s erection even more- Jerry was the quintessential bear, and Bradley could feel his lust growing- he wanted to see his partner’s fat, hairy body and take it, have it for his own and at the same time give himself to Jerry, to become a part of him.

    He began to feel warm and realized that he was still wearing his jacket. He released his grip from Jerry and began to unzip it when Jerry suddenly stopped the kiss.

    “What?” said Brad.

    “Don’t, let me.”

    Jerry finished unzipping the jacket and slid it off of Brad’s sleeves, tossing it to one side as he moved in for another kiss, this time using his arms to lift Brad’s shirt up. Deep in the kiss, Brad lifted his arms up almost involuntarily and let his undershirt slide off of his body, leaving him topless and still locked with Jerry, having only broken the kiss long enough to let the shirt pass.

    He was a strong boy, always had been since he started wrestling in fourth grade. His pecs stood out the most, tapering their hard, slightly rounded surfaces off into rosy red points at the nipples, which were about the size of a quarter around and completely hairless. His abs were clearly sculpted with care; a tight layer of skin stretched over them and defined each of the six (almost eight) small ripples along his torso without a trace of body fat or hair to complement the smooth, white surface.

    Brad felt Jerry undoing his belt. As the buckle released, his pants, too loose without the belt, began to slide down, and Jerry was helping them along. Brad thought for a second that he was already naked when his jeans fell around his ankles but then felt his briefs still hugging his thighs and severely inhibiting his cock’s desire to stand up for itself. Jerry then bent down, at which point Brad involuntarily gasped, thinking that he was about to finally be nude, exposed, with another man, but before this Jerry began untying and removing Brad’s shoes. Brad fell backwards onto the bed as his socks and jeans were pulled off, leaving only the underwear. Brad lay back and closed his eyes, waiting for Jerry to finish undressing him, but to his surprise he only felt Jerry lay next to him on the bed, face-up. He looked at Brad, smiled and spoke.

    “Okay, now you do me.”

    Brad felt a little confused; had Jerry somehow forgotten that Brad was still wearing underwear? Weird as it was, he finally had Jerry lying with him and decided to take full advantage of it. As he climbed on top of Jerry’s large belly, he attempted to slide of the briefs himself, but Jerry stopped him.

    “Not yet- wait until I’m down to nothing.”

    He pulled Brad onto him and they kissed again, Brad now fumbling with Jerry’s large waistline and attempting to unbutton his jeans. Losing his train of thought for a minute he left Jerry’s pants loose but still on and started undoing Jerry’s shirt. When he reached the top button and began sliding it off of the large man’s arms, he briefly ran a finger beneath his armpit and felt the brushstroke of thick hair run past his hand. He became immediately more ravenous for Jerry and started making out with a suddenly eruptive passion as he went back to remove Jerry’s pants. Jerry seemed just as enflamed and began to lift up his white undershirt as his pants reached his knees, at which point he simply kicked them away to land in the heap of other clothes that was quickly piling up. His shirt soon followed, and Brad found himself lying astride Jerry’s hairy stomach, which was the polar opposite of Brad’s: a bulbous mound of soft, brown skin flanked on top by two smaller but equally bouncy manboobs that tipped in large, brown pepperoni-nipples, with everything covered in curly, coarse hair that carpeted him from top to bottom. Brad was more than content rubbing Jerry’s torso and found his tits absolutely delightful to the touch. They were more than large enough to hold, to squeeze, and Brad buried his head between them, licked them, and at one point even found himself sucking Jerry’s nipple, which became harder and darker in a matter of seconds. He imagined what he must look like, a giant baby furiously nursing from a teat of fat and hair, but being so excited and turned on at the moment he couldn’t have cared less.

    After a minute of this Jerry reached to Brad and said, “Look down.”

    Brad did, and absolutely loved what he saw.

    “You’re wearing a thong!”

    “Oh yeah. Lemme show you.”

    Jerry sat up, cueing Brad to dismount, and stood up next to the bed, his crotch at Brad’s eye level. Brad knew this was not the typical vision of erotica, but he was absolutely awed by what he was seeing: The thong was violet and sparkly, tight, and extra large, stuffed with more than Brad remembered Jerry having online (Maybe the camera takes off a few inches). He didn’t care how abnormal it all was; what was before him was perfection, perfection with an extra jiggle to it.

    Jerry reached his arms over his head and began gyrating his hips to a silent beat, bringing his crotch to within inches of Brad’s face. His gut hung over the thong’s waistband and wiggled as he moved, his furry body closing in on Brad’s face. Brad reached for Jerry, who made no attempt to dodge his hand, and rubbed his belly, slipping his finger inside Jerry’s belly button as he passed. Looking up to show Jerry his smiling face, Brad saw him beaming back at him for a moment until he grabbed his own tit and raised it to his own lips. Brad watched, unconsciously rubbing Jerry’s stomach, as Jerry’s tongue circled his nipple, wetting the hair around it and raising small, hard bumps around the center; Brad made out every detail with his wide eyes and realized that he’d never been more turned on than he was now, and he began to laugh in pure bliss and contentment.

    “What’s funny?” asked Jerry. “Is there lint in my belly button?”

    “Oh, no, it’s not that,” replied Brad (Although there actually is some fuzz in there, he though), “it just occurred to me that we’re kinda doing a mating dance. Like, I dunno, birds or something.”

    Jerry had to hold back a laugh. “Ah, yeah, just like on the Discovery Channel. Well, I dunno if they ever did this…”

    Jerry did an about-face to show his hairy ass-cheeks and, much to Brad’s pleasure, bent over as far as he could.

    “Oh my God, yeah!” yelled Brad, in joy and awe.

    Jerry looked back at Jerry through his legs. “You get to fuck it, Brad. Gonna slip your dick up there and shoot a load up my ass.”

    Brad knew what he wanted next. “Show me the hole. Just for a second.”

    More to come...
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    Great tension....bravo
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    He was afraid that Jerry would refuse, say that he wanted to wait, to prolong the anticipation, but to his relief Jerry reached back with both hands and began to pull down his thong. The fabric slowly lowered, teasingly revealing Jerry’s flesh little by little, until Jerry quickly jerked the thong down and up again, letting Brad catch a glance of his anus and nothing more.

    “That’s all I get?” asked Brad.

    “For now, but you’ll definitely get some more later. I guarantee it. But moving on…”

    And he bent over even farther, backing into Brad as he went.

    “Spank it. Spank me,” said Jerry, eager for Brad’s strong arm.

    Brad reached out and stroked the enormous ass that ballooned before him, loving the feel of its soft, hairy, round surface, and set up to spank.

    “Oh, you need a spanking, huh?”

    “Yeah, I want a big spank on my ass, slap that ass with those big arms of yours, get me going wild!”

    He struck Jerry lightly at first, but soon he got into the act and let him really have it over and over. Jerry was loving it.

    “Yeah, yeah! More! Oh, God, yes, turn me on with that…”

    Brad picked up the pace; he became wild, almost manic in his blows to Jerry’s rump, while the stinging slaps bounced off the thin motel walls in short, piercing burst. Jerry moaned, deeper and gruffer, until…

    “Hit me with all you’ve got!”

    Brad was building up a sweat of anticipation and adrenaline from his flogging, and decided to give Jerry one more spank with extra relish. He stood on his knees, giving him a great view of Jerry’s backside and buttocks, and slapped Jerry with everything he had and to his great surprise Jerry fell over.


    It had fazed them both, but Jerry began to get up again as Brad rushed to his side and helped him get to his feet. Jerry rubbed his ass where the impact had occurred.

    “Damn. That was the hardest spank…”

    “I’m sorry, it was too rough, I know.”

    Jerry put his hand on Brad’s shoulder. “No, it wasn’t. In fact, I loved it. It’s exactly what I wanted, and now I think it’s time to keep going.”

    Brad sighed, nervous. “But are you sure you’re okay?”

    “Yes, Brad. Believe me, I’ll probably ask you to do that again sometime soon, and I’ll expect nothing less from you when I do. Put as much force behind that slap as you want to, okay? I like it rough.”

    He lowered his arms and motioned at his thong.

    “Now, take this off for me, would you? You didn’t get a good enough look the last time.”

    A smile shot across Brad’s face; this was it, what he had been waiting for. He lowered himself down onto his knees, his nose just centimeters away from the swelling bulge, catching the sweet, alluring scent of their pheromones. He was seconds away from seeing it, having it, finally taking it.

    He reached for the waistband, pushing Jerry’s fat out of the way to grasp it, and lowered the thong slowly, careful to savor the sight.

    The fur was even thicker down here, it seemed, as he caught a glimpse of the dark, coarse hair that popped out at him. He was half expecting for a sock to pop out as well, since his package had seemed less gargantuan through a webcam, but he got nothing but Jerry as the thong kept going down. His heart sped up as he saw the base of Jerry’s shaft, as if suddenly aware that this was not a dream, and that Jerry’s genitalia were very real. He continued down to his sac and balls, but his penis just kept going, infinitely longer than Brad had imagined, finally tapering off a good two inches below his swollen testicles in an uncircumcised point. Brad was in awe as he continued to lower the underwear to Jerry’s ankles, not straying from the sight of Jerry’s member for a second; it was, he realized, completely flaccid, and still a good deal longer than Brad had ever been erect.

    “What do you think?” said Jerry, his fat body wobbling and his enormous member swinging like a pendulum as he stepped out of the thong.

    “There’s no way this is the same dick you had online.”

    “Ha, I know, they always look smaller on the screen, don’t they?”

    “But… I mean, that’s… this is just enormous! How am I supposed to fit this in my ass?”

    Jerry patted his head. “Very, very slowly and carefully. I told you it would hurt, didn’t I?”

    No shit, though Brad. He had not expected a thermometer, as Jerry had pointed out, but this, this was a fucking freight train.

    “It’s pretty, I know, but this isn’t a museum; you can touch the exhibits,” said Jerry, motioning towards his dangling dick.

    “Why aren’t you hard?” asked Brad, thinking about how his underwear was in serious danger of ripping from the pressure of his own cock.

    “I’ll get there. Go on, see what you think.”

    Brad didn’t need to be told again. He took the dick in one hand and the balls in the other and began to feel them, testing their give with slight, gentle pressure. He’d never felt any cock but his own before, and now that he was holding one, he knew that it was a much different experience. It was surprisingly soft, and Brad suspected that Jerry had used moisturizer on it in preparation for this date. It pulsed and reacted almost independently to his own body, bulging out slightly as Brad began sliding his fist along its lengthy shaft. He paused for a brief moment to retract the foreskin, revealing Jerry’s pink head and hole for a second, and then moved in to suck.

    “Woah, there, wait a minute!”

    Brad stopped just before the tip had reached his lips.

    “What? I thought I was gonna suck you first.”

    “You are, but you’re not even naked yet. Come on, stand up.”

    Though he was not concerned at the moment with his own nudity, Brad obeyed and got to his feet.

    “You’re just gonna make me look bad, Jerry; I’m so much smaller than you, it’s not even funny.”

    Jerry bent over and grabbed Jerry’s briefs at their sides.

    “You’re fine, trust me. In fact, from what I’ve seen…”

    In a flash, Jerry had pulled down the underwear, Brad’s dick had shot straight up in the air, and the two stood facing one another, both naked and horny.

    “…yeah, you’re definitely above average.”
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    very very horny.
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    Brad laughed tentatively as he looked down at himself, his erect cock still dwarfed by Jerry’s soft one. The two organs were only a foot or so away from each other, so different and yet so similar, and Brad wanted them to touch, to rub together, and he even wondered if it was possible for him to put his own in the foreskin of Jerry’s (Docking, it’s called he thought), He shook these thoughts off quickly, though, when he realized how quickly his underwear had been removed and how naked he was. He had looked forward to the pleasure, the climaxes, and the experience as a whole, but he hadn’t counted on feeling so vulnerable. Now, there was nothing else to hide- every bit of his inadequate self was on display for Jerry. It wasn’t like the chatroom, where he went through a cheap filter before anyone could see him, where there was at least some anonymity, and a part of him wished that he had that security now. Tentatively, he stepped out of his briefs and looked up at Jerry, hating the silence and wanting nothing more than Jerry to hold him, to feel that fur against his face and smell Jerry’s sweaty musk, just to know that he was there with him, not judging or abusing him but comforting him in a secure embrace.

    “It’s difficult the first time, isn’t it?”

    Brad nodded, not daring to look Jerry in the eyes.

    “You’re hot, you know,” said Jerry.

    It helped a little, even if Brad didn’t completely believe that Jerry meant what he said. He tried to muster up a thank-you, but all he could do in his nervousness was sigh, paralyzed by insecurity. As his mind raced, half searching for the right words to express himself, half looking for an excuse to back out of the whole thing, he felt a wall of fur press against him, with two enormous arms wrapping around his back, engulfing him in warmth. A ripple of shock hit Brad as their bodies were suddenly so close, so connected, chest to chest and cock to cock, cushioned with tufts of hair between every inch. The surprise quickly passed as Brad, now comforted in Jerry’s sincerity (No one hugs like this unless they mean it, he thought), embraced Jerry in return.

    “Thank you,” he whispered into his chest.

    Jerry lifted his head and looked directly into Brad’s eyes with his own sparkling ones.

    “You’re welcome.”

    And they kissed once again. When they broke, Jerry walked towards the bed, lay down on his back, and spread his legs, motioning for Brad to approach. Brad climbed onto the bed and settled himself between Jerry’s legs, his head and mouth inches away from the enormous cock.

    “Go ahead, I’m ready,” said Jerry.

    Brad reached for the penis and lifted it upright, clearly hesitant.

    “Um… I don’t really know how you want it…”

    Jerry patted Brad’s head. “Put it in your mouth, lick it, pump it… think about what you would want done. Oh, and try not to jack-off yourself while you’re doing it- you’ll last longer, trust me.”

    “But you’re still not hard!”

    “Well, that’s easy to fix. Try something.”

    Brad looked back down at the penis, which almost seemed to be looking at him with its slit, passive in its flaccid state, and decided to start with a lick. Beginning at the base, his tongue stroked its full length in a matter of seconds. It was not “tasty,” he knew, but he definitely tasted a hint of salt that wasn’t half bad. He repeated the motion a few more times before noticing that he was having to go a considerable distance farther each time and that Jerry was now breathing much harder and moaning.

    “Yeah… nice and slow like that…”

    He decided to take it all in his mouth, noting that in this stage of Jerry’s erection his foreskin was slightly retracted, his pink head halfway exposed. He licked this immediately upon insertion, carefully using his tongue to caress the hole gently before going farther. He had heard that it was painful when one used teeth in a blowjob, but as much as he tried to open wide enough, Jerry kept growing in his mouth and Brad found taking in more than a little past the end of Jerry’s mushroom head to be a challenge. Trying something different, he circled the tip with his tongue and began to literally suck, as if from a straw. Judging by Jerry’s reaction, he liked it.

    “Yes, that’s awesome… oh, you’re doing great, just great… jeez…”

    He then realized that he was having fun; he loved hearing Jerry’s moans of pleasure and having his mouth filled with the swelling cock, which was now at full salute at what had to be at least ten inches long and six around. He laughed to himself as he took it out and began to focus on Jerry’s balls, licking around them and savoring the texture of the scrotum with its wrinkled surface and concentrated hair patches. From there, Jerry’s cock towered over him and almost seemed to be pulsing in anticipation, as if aware of what was to come. Brad grasped it by its base and began blowing once again, using his spare hand to fondle the balls, with Jerry expressing his approval the whole way.

    “That’s it… yeah, take it… oh, God…”

    He had been down on Jerry for about five minutes now, experimenting and testing with what he had, and he knew that Jerry would want to fuck soon, even if he wouldn’t say it to Brad, and yet Brad was enjoying fellating Jerry so much that he didn’t want to stop. He decided to deep-throat the dick, or at least as much as he could get, while he had the chance. Telling himself to keep breathing out of his nose and opening his mouth as wide as he could, he slid Jerry inside of him, feeling the enormous cock against the back of his mouth almost instantly, with much more left. He nevertheless kept going, getting about halfway before the strain became too much and he pulled out, panting and gasping.

    “Whew! Jerry, you’re absolutely enormous, I couldn’t even get half of you in my mouth…”

    Jerry sat up. “I was digging every second of that. You’ve got a gift for that, lemme tell you.”

    Some gift, thought Brad.

    Jerry continued. “It’s one of the advantages of being gay, really.”

    “What is?” asked Brad.

    “Well, who do you think gives better BJs, men or women?”

    “Wouldn’t that depend on which you liked?”

    “Ok, yeah, but let’s say you’re at a glory hole or something and a random person, could be a man, could be a woman, starts blowing you. Every time, I guarantee, a man will be better.”

    Brad pondered this. “You have a basis for this comparison?”

    “No, I’ve only been with guys, but some of them have been bi, and they told me that it’s always better with men.”


    “Well, a guy knows what another guy wants, in short. I mean, if you could suck yourself…” He stopped in mid-sentence, as if checking to see if his assumption was correct or not.

    “I’ve tried, but I can’t,” answered Brad.

    “…But if you could, you would give yourself the best you’ve ever had because you know what you like. A woman just wouldn’t know, unless she’s got a lot of experience under her belt.”

    He leaned back again, cock still pointing perpendicular to the ceiling. “But give me a guy over a woman any day. You just helped prove my point, by the way.”

    “Glad I could help,” said Brad, and then before he could resist, “Can you self-suck?”

    Jerry’s eyes lit up and he smiled. “Yes, I can.”

    More to come...
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    Brad didn’t believe it, and wondered why he had even asked. “That seems… unlikely.”

    “From the fat, right?”

    Brad was hesitant about this topic- how sensitive was Jerry about his weight, even though he knew that it was a turn-on for Brad?

    Apparently this concern showed in Brad, since Jerry leaned in and whispered, “I love being a fat black bear, by the way. I’m not easily offended by anything about my weight, hair, or skin. Knock yourself out.”

    Brad breathed easy again and began again.

    “Yes, from the fat. I mean, I’m pretty flexible, and I can’t reach at all. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

    “You’re forgetting that I have a ten-inch cock, kid. Plus, I can be surprisingly bendy when I have to be.”

    They both knew what was coming next.

    “Show me, “ said Brad.

    Jerry smiled and sat up, scooting forward on the bedspread. Brad backed up, prepared to give Jerry the big black bear as much room as he needed for whatever maneuver he was preparing to do, when he noticed that his own cock was not as hard as it used to be. Apparently the talk in between sexual acts was doing him well enough to delay unnecessary excitement. He was beginning to wonder whether he would be able to get an erection with Jerry fucking his ass, when Jerry began to lean towards his cock, still hard, thick, and fully upright.

    It seemed like Jerry’s hairy fat folds would obstruct him, but then he seemed to suck them in, leaving a clear path for Jerry’s mouth. He continued to crane over, one hand under a leg to pull himself closer and the other stabilizing his cock by its base. When he came within a few inches of the head he slowed down almost to a dead stop and Brad thought that he had successfully called Jerry’s bluff until Jerry flung his hips backwards until he was supporting his entire body on his head and shoulders, his butt-cheeks facing the ceiling, and his dick two inches between his lips.

    He had definitely caught Brad by surprise with this sudden feat of acrobatics, but what was more surprising for him was the first true sight of Jerry’s asshole and taint. He’d seen them online, and in the slight glimpse Jerry had given him during the mating dance, but now, here, every hair, every bump of the ring, and the slight discoloration were so prevalent, so enticing, that Brad no longer cared about the autofellatio displayed before him, although Jerry’s thrusting hips were a treat to see. Before, he’d only seen a flash of Jerry’s anus- here, every detail jumped out at him. With each thrust, the hole seemed to flex like puckered lips awaiting a kiss. It was the darkest brown all along the edge and then light pink inside, almost unnaturally pink. It was just so there, so sudden, and Brad was instantly erect again.

    Again attempting to be spontaneous, Brad crawled towards the balled-up man and pulled himself on top of him with his hands on his cheeks, eventually coming face-to-face with Jerry, who continued thrusting into himself with a sublime look in his eyes as Brad watched in amazement. His cock rested against Jerry’s taint just reaching his balls as they rocked back and forth, each reveling in the feat before them.

    “That’s incredible!”

    Jerry paused for a moment, releasing himself long enough to say, “Now do you believe me?” and went back to blowing himself.

    Brad was about to answer when he realized that he was not just following Jerry’s rhythmic motions with his thighs but contributing to them as well; he was humping Jerry, involuntarily, of course, but it was the first time he ever truly believed that even if he didn’t know what he was doing, his body did.

    He sighed with a confident smile. “Okay, you win, Baloo.”

    The name had slipped out before Brad could help it. Jerry spit out his cock, which now slipped under his chin.


    “I’m sorry, I was just thinking about the whole ‘bear’ thing…”

    Jerry began to lean forward, prompting Brad to back up. He was afraid at first that he had ruined everything, had pushed Jerry to an uncharted level of awkwardness, and that now he wanted to call the whole thing off, but then he saw Jerry smiling at the word.

    “Works for me. Call me Baloo.”

    Brad let out a small chuckle at the notion of incorporating a children’s story into their fucking, but decided to go with it as he crawled towards Jerry again, mounting his belly and rubbing his chest.

    “Then I guess I’d be Mowgli.”

    He kissed Jerry, both of them giggling at the semi-awkward exchange upon release. They then took a moment to hold each other, simply savoring each other’s company.

    “Do you want me to suck you some more?” said Brad.

    Jerry smiled and replied, “Just be sure to save some time for the lube. We have to have you dripping before I can do anything.”

    Brad slid down Jerry’s body. “Sounds good to me,” he said, and began to blow again. Jerry rested his head on his hands and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation.

    Brad was getting the hang of this, it seemed. He alternated between licking, sucking, and pumping with his spare fist. Jerry’s balls, it seemed, were becoming more and more swollen as time went by, and Brad found that they reacted more and more when he fondled them while he sucked at the same time. Another treat was the foreskin, which he took pleasure in retracting and stretching, licking around and in the pocket it formed. Having only ten minutes of cock-sucking experience under his belt, Brad believed then that he absolutely loved having a dick, especially Jerry’s, in his mouth. And this was why he kept sucking, fondling, and slobbering over that delicious black sausage. That, and he was scared.

    It wasn’t just his anxiety of getting his ass fucked, which he was definitely trying to put off as he didn’t feel quite ready for it yet, that kept Brad down by Jerry’s crotch for so long. In all his porn and all of his fantasies he’d never seen a cock quite like Jerry’s; sure, he’d seen bigger on those unnaturally monstrous pornstars and some that tried to be pretty with fancy haircuts, but nothing came even close to Jerry. He loved the hair, the balls, the foreskin, the head, the taste, and the body it was attached to. It called to him, and he answered with a slurp.

    He kept this up for a while, pausing every now and then just to look at and admire the whole package, until Jerry tapped his head during a particularly deep insertion. Brad released the shimmering dick and raised his head, his mouth dripping with saliva, and saw Jerry’s face, friendly as usual with that same admiring smile.

    “Can I fuck you now?”

    More to come...
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    Brad was a little taken aback. “Is it no good? I mean, am I not doing it right?”

    Jerry was quick to respond. “No, no, you’re great, absolutely great. You’ve got a great technique, and believe me, I would have you sucking all day, but I’m just ready to fuck now, that’s all.”

    His tone was sincere, as Brad had expected. There was no stopping it now; Jerry was going to split him wide open, and Brad had agreed to it, so there was no going back. Baloo apparently noticed this fear and spoke up.

    “You’re still nervous?”

    “Yes. I mean, you were right; I’m not ready for this.”

    Jerry sighed with an air half of disappointment and half of concern. “We don’t have to do this, remember. Completely your choice.”

    Brad exhaled, frustrated, and laid his head against Jerry’s cock, still adoring its size and majesty and fearing its power.
    “I’m afraid that it’s gonna destroy me. That I’ll never feel right again.”

    Jerry leaned forward, Brad still resting against his groin.

    “I thought the same thing.”
    Brad raised his head, looking past Baloo’s hairy belly to Jerry’s kind face.

    “On your first time?”

    Jerry nodded.

    “It was with Josh, an old college fuck-buddy I had. He was younger than me by about two years, but we found each other one year at my university during a movement promoting sexual tolerance; the idea was for everyone to announce their true orientation to the world and not be judged for it.”

    Brad smiled, thinking how great it would be if the world would regard sexual preference as something along the lines of eye color.

    Jerry beckoned, “Come up here, lemme tell you about it.”

    Brad crawled up to Jerry, who, to Brad’s surprise, began to untuck the sheets and crawl between them; really, there shouldn’t be a difference between sex on or in a bed, but just seeing Jerry lying there against the white, hopefully clean linens gave the whole affair a much more intimate setting. But craving the comfort of his bear lover’s arms and body, Brad climbed in and found himself in the spoons position with Jerry’s massive body nearly overtaking him and his enormous cock sticking through his legs with a good bit still protruding out. Brad had not realized how cold he had been before- there was comforting warmth here under the covers with Jerry, who began to tell his story.

    “Josh and I first fucked my junior year, second semester. It was a rainy winter day, and we were running home from the library after a massive study session for an upcoming exam. We came to my room and I invited Josh in to dry off, something I had hoped to do for a while- I had liked him since we met about six months prior and had caught him staring a bit in the showers, although most guys did, considering.”

    “You played sports?” asked Brad.

    “No, but back then I wasn’t as fat and I would work out on occasion. Anyway, he came in and began to strip down, wringing out his shirt over my trashcan and taking off his wet socks. I think he knew what I was going for when I first invited him in, since otherwise he wouldn’t have kept going down to his boxers. Maybe it was just to gauge my reaction, but when our eyes caught we both got the same idea. He was naked before I locked the door, and we were off.

    “We got into bed and started the session- I had a few condoms and lube lying around for jacking off, so we both agreed to protect ourselves, but the problem for both of us was that we had never played around with our asses before and didn’t know what to expect. It was stupid, but we were just so caught up in the moment that we never even considered anything about precautions. And so, I received first, dry.”


    “Yes. He lay on top of me for a while so we could just make out, then he threw my legs into the air and slid it in, and even with a so-called ‘lubricated’ Trojan, it stung like I was opening an umbrella up my ass.”

    Brad shuddered at the mental image.

    “But my biggest mistake of that time, maybe even my whole life, was not telling him to stop. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t want him in me, didn’t want him to know that he was hurting me. I was scared, just like you are, but the difference is that I hid my fear, like a fool.

    “I don’t know how long it was before he finally came in me, but when my turn came I knew that I couldn’t do the same thing to Josh (mind you, Josh was endowed with plenty, but I was still the bigger man), so I got out the lube when he was getting in position so that he couldn’t see what I was doing. I used the whole tube on myself and went in as slowly as I could.”


    “Well, Josh told me that it had hurt. In fact, he said he had been sore for a while, I won’t lie, but he also told me, on numerous occasions, how great it had been.

    “You see, Mowgli, there’s always pain involved in receiving, but you learn to look beneath that, to take pleasure from the sensation, and from the fact that there’s actually someone in you, a part of you. It’s not gonna ruin you, so don’t be afraid of that, and I won’t let it go too far.”

    He squeezed Brad tighter, pressing the two bodies closer than ever. Looking for something to do in response, Brad stroked Jerry’s face with one hand and reached below to rub Jerry’s cock with the other. Jerry didn’t seem to mind.

    “What happened to Josh?” Brad asked.

    “We kept fucking for a while, with excessive lube from then on. My senior year, we fucked one last time and then said good-bye, and we talked about once a year since then until about ten years ago. He married and had children somewhere out west, last I heard.”

    Brad stopped him, confused. “You mean he adopted, right?”

    Jerry shook his head. “Josh was bisexual.”

    Brad looked over his shoulder, bewildered. “He was one of the bi’s? What was that like?”

    Jerry nodded. “He suggested that we have a three-way at least a few times during our time, but I’d always decline, of course. He told me he preferred a vagina more than an asshole, but that few things beat someone fucking him just right (I still take credit for that one). Eventually, though, he fell in love with someone, and she was perfect for him, he said. I asked him why he chose women over men, seeing as how I wouldn’t really understand otherwise, but he told me that there was never a choice in the matter- he loved her, and he’s been with her ever since.”

    Brad chuckled. “I hope she has an open mind.”

    They shared a laugh and rested for a moment. Brad reflected on the story, realizing after a moment that he really, truly trusted the man in bed with him, and that he would be in good hands through the pain of it all. Besides, he doubted that Jerry’s cock would ever shrink otherwise; it remained stiff as a board beneath his own genitals, as ready to fuck as ever (How on earth can he have enough blood for that thing? he thought).

    “Okay. Fuck me.”

    Jerry leaned over his shoulder. “Sure?”

    “Yeah, I’m sure.”

    Jerry smiled and kissed his forehead as he climbed out of bed.

    “I’ll be right back.”

    More to come...
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    With his eyes fixed on Jerry’s ass, Brad watched him stroll over to his bag on the dresser, which he searched for a moment. Brad was suddenly overcome with an urge to go to Jerry, an urge that he immediately succumbed to, climbing out of the bed and pressing himself against Jerry’s back. He wrapped his arms around his body and cupped his tits while slipping his cock into his butt-cleavage. Jerry hummed softly.

    “Looking forward to it now, are we?”

    “A little more, yeah. What about you?”

    “A ripped, white, young, hairless, male, virgin asshole?” Jerry’s breath increased with every adjective until he was practically heaving with lust. “It’s exactly what I want.”

    Brad backed away and let Jerry turn to face him, seeing a Trojan Magnum XL condom and a lube tube in his hands, and said, “Then I’m all yours.”

    A look of triumph crossed Jerry’s face as he approached Brad and the bed. Brad crawled on, as ready as he would ever be. Jerry popped open the lube tube.

    “Okay, turn around and show me your ass.”

    Brad obliged. He raised his haunches into the air as high as they would go, spreading his legs and showing his butt like a proud cat. He heard Jerry moan in approval, whispering something about “nice, untapped ass,” and got ready for the lube.

    “Now, I’m gonna put some on one finger and stick it in, but the important thing is for you to relax, okay? You’re gonna have a much easier time if you can lose all your tension and just trust the thrust.”

    Brad laughed at the joke and took a deep, clean breath. “Go for it.”

    He heard the lube being squeezed out and envisioned Jerry wetting his finger, rubbing it evenly over the point. He felt Jerry’s hand on the small of his back and braced himself…

    “Here it comes…”

    The first thing he felt was cold- the lube was not at room temperature, that was for sure. He lurched briefly at the mild shock but calmed as he realized that Jerry’s finger was in him, rather deep as well. He was, as of that moment, being fucked, albeit with a finger, and it wasn’t painful in the least. He relaxed.

    He looked back at Jerry, watching his hand disappear behind him. “That’s one finger?”

    Jerry nodded with his same friendly smile. “Just easing it in. Ready for two?”

    “Oh, yeah.”

    Jerry lubed up another finger and slid it in, and Brad began to feel the stretch. After the third and forth finger, at which point Jerry was basically squirting lube into Brad every chance he got, Brad was hurting, trying in vain to keep his sphincter from squeezing.

    “Four fingers?” he asked through gritted teeth. “Is that as thick as your dick?”

    Jerry looked down at his perpetually hard ten-incher. “Almost, but not quite. You should be fine with this pre-stretching, but I’m just gonna play around with the hole for a while to get you more loosened up. Concentrate on enjoying it and you’ll feel much more relaxed.”


    He felt Jerry’s fingers slide out of him, enjoying the sensation, then Jerry inserted a single lubed finger again and began to swirl around, flexing his finger up and down, side to side, in and out, and eventually Brad got used to the sensation and started feeling more exited from it. He was just starting to wish Jerry would stick another finger in when he pulled out the finger he had in.

    Brad sat up, noting the rather enjoyable sensation of Jerry’s finger sliding out of his ass, and turned around to face Jerry. “I think that’s good. Let’s get down to it.”

    Jerry set down the lube and picked up the condom. Brad intervened.

    “Let me do that.”

    Jerry handed him the rubber. “You know how, right?”

    Brad nodded, truthful; he was skilled at condom use from having used several in jacking-off (Just like Jerry did, I guess). He carefully tore the packaging, found which way it unrolled, and placed it on the tip of Jerry’s penis. Jerry was as hard and as long as ever, and even after Brad unrolled it along his shaft with the reservoir tip pinched between his thumb and forefinger, there was still about two inches of bare skin exposed beneath the enormous condom.

    “Jerry, you should carry a license for this thing.”

    They shared a laugh as Jerry patted him on the shoulder, thoroughly covered the latex with lube, and crawled over to the head of the bed to get under the covers, lying face up. He beckoned to Brad with a finger. Brad followed, knowing exactly how Jerry wanted him, and lay atop his hairy belly. Both under the sheets, the two men kissed and caressed, savoring the moments before penetration. Finally, they broke, staring into each other’s eyes for the longest time. Jerry could feel his cock, tight with its slippery wrapping, and Brad felt the wetness against his bottom, dripping, as Jerry had intended. The two were ready.

    More to come...
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    “I’m right here, Mowgli.”

    Brad lowered his body onto Baloo’s furry belly, almost truly believing that the being beneath him was ursine, but knowing regardless that he was safe with this creature, and there were wonders to be found in the moments ahead.


    He felt the tip of the condom first, followed by the actual body of the member, to which his ass gave easily from all of the lube. He began to stretch as Jerry’s hand guided his cock in, slowly and difficultly penetrating deeper and deeper. At first, Brad felt a familiar sensation as if he were taking a shit, only in reverse and with less ease of motion. Then, there was pain; sudden, mild jolts came and went frequently as Jerry disappeared into Brad, stopping when Brad would wince and squeeze Jerry’s love handles, continuing ever-so-slowly onward. What seemed like ages passed and the pain worsened little by little until Jerry stopped. Brad, who had closed his eyes, opened them again.

    “You stopped.”

    Jerry smiled through his sweat. “I can’t go any further.”

    Brad thought he was kidding, but looking down through between Jerry’s tummy and his own abs, he did indeed see that he was practically sitting on Jerry’s balls; his ass had taken it all, and by the looks of things, Jerry’s dick was halfway to his small intestine.

    “How… how is that possible?”

    “I dunno; You must be deeper that we thought. And tight, too; tightest I’ve ever felt, matter of fact.”

    Their eyes met again, and Brad felt like bursting out laughing in triumph- he had done it, he had given himself to Jerry, and Jerry loved it.

    “You hurting?”

    Brad thought it over, not having concentrated on the pain until that moment.

    “It is a stretch, but I think I get what you mean by looking past the pain. I mean, is it good? For you, I mean?

    Jerry smiled. “It’s good. It’s so good.”

    They kissed again, as close as they had ever been. Soon after, Jerry spoke again.

    “Are you ready for thrusting?”

    Brad’s eyes widened a bit. “Not too fast, okay?”

    “Of course not. Here goes…”

    His hips began to sink away from Brad as his cock slid out slowly. This was where the pleasure was, Brad knew, the sensation of Jerry’s manhood exiting him, and Brad was afraid for a moment that Jerry would fall out of him, but the cock stayed in the whole time and began to thrust back inwards, a little too fast. Brad inhaled through clenched teeth at the sudden re-entry, cueing Jerry to pause.

    “Sorry, Mowgli. When you’re ready.”

    Brad looked down, a sort of mischievous smile on his face.

    “I’ll tell you when to stop, Baloo. You just keep going.”

    Jerry’s face lit up as if he’d been given domain over an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

    “That is great news.”

    And he began withdrawing again.

    “You got a tight, tight man-cub ass, Mowgli.”

    He thrust in. Brad ignored the pain.

    “And you gotta fuck it with that big bear dick, Baloo.”

    Out. “Yeah, gonna get deep in there, deep up your ass.”

    In. “Fuck me deep, cum up in my ass!”

    Out. “You want my cum?”

    “Yeah… yeah, fuck me, cum up there…”

    Jerry wrapped his arms around Brad, thrusting in increasing tempo.
    Brad’s ass was so tight around his dick, sliding so easily back and forth in perfect rhythm, that Jerry wouldn’t have known he was wearing a condom unless he’d seen Brad unwrap it over his cock. Brad craned over, burying himself between Jerry’s massive breasts.

    “Bite my tits, Mowgli. Bite them!”

    Brad didn’t hesitate. With a quick lick and a suck, Brad sunk his teeth around Jerry’s erect right nipple, and Jerry gave a deep moan, almost a growl. Brad released.

    “Growl again, Baloo. Keep growling while I bite your furry tit and you fuck my ass!”

    The black bear answered with a deep roar from the pressure pleasure squeezing around his cock, the wonderful stinging around his tit, and the primal triumph of taking, completely dominating his prey like a ravenous animal.

    “You like the bear fucking you?”

    He thrust in hard.

    “The big…”





    Hard thrust.

    “…up your white ass?”

    Brad was still clamped on Jerry’s nipple, his fists clenched in a vice grip around Jerry’s fat folds. He released his bite to respond.

    “God… God, yes, yes, I love the fucking bear fucking me!”

    And as Brad began to drum on Jerry’s belly with the same excited force he had used in spanking, Jerry felt the orgasmic build-up he knew so well beginning to swell, first inside his balls, then up into his crotch, then out into his dick…

    “Mowgli, I’m gonna cum.”

    He was expecting Brad to stop the motion, but his partner didn’t miss a
    beat, leaning up to whisper into his ear:

    “Then give me all you’ve got.”

    He felt Brad hunching over, wrapping his arms under Jerry’s shoulders to brace himself, and Jerry knew that he meant it, and besides, and opportunity like this was too good to pass up.

    “Here it comes…”

    In a flash he was a mechanical bull- Brad cried out loud but didn’t say to stop- Jerry felt his climax swelling within him, the warming, flowing sensation building up, the dam about to be burst…

    “Fuck me, Baloo, fuck me…”

    “Gonna cum… Oh God my cum I’m cumming…”

    “Cum up there… shoot it, all of it cum there here now…”

    It was too much now- Jerry was on the edge, tipped over at any second, and it would have just been any other cum until that exact moment when Brad squeezed his ass together and tightened even more around the still-thrusting cock and Jerry became an atom bomb.


    He began to yell aloud as he felt his cum shooting into Brad, who was yelling as well in keeping his ass clenched. Jerry hadn’t stopped thrusting for a moment and the orgasm continued for what seemed like hours- the men were squeezing each other tightly in reflexive response to the unbearable intensity transferred between them, as if one or the other might shoot into the sky at any moment. Jerry, in forty years, had never cum this much for this long, and half wished that he would have been able to see how far out he would have shot, but he wouldn’t have pulled out of Brad’s ass for anything at that moment; the spasms of pleasure came every few seconds, each contracting his cock muscles and expelling more and more semen, dying down eventually to the occasional spurt but leaving Jerry completely worn out and dry. He felt as though he had passed more than jizz- it was as if every problem in the world had been shot out far enough away to find its own solution, or every laugh relived in the span of a second; something so bizarre, so exhilarating, and yet so natural, as if for the briefest moment he had not been in bed with Brad, but high in the air flying at an extreme speed, seeing the earth and all its beauty, then descending again to rest after a long and rewarding journey.

    More to come...
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    They lay there in the same intertwined position for long minutes after the climax, neither daring to move. Jerry’s penis would occasionally pulse, as if an afterthought about what it had just done, but eventually he came entirely to rest, holding Brad’s head next to his, eyes fixed blankly on the ceiling, basking in the warm afterglow.

    “Mowgli… that was…”

    Brad raised his head to look at his partner, whose dark face was soaked in sweat, his eyes, though showing fatigue, still with that friendly shine, his hairy body heaving in rhythm with his deep breaths. Brad smiled as he realized just how hard Jerry had cum in him, and how great he felt after such a moment.

    “I know, Baloo.”

    They embraced even tighter and kissed once again, holding each other for the longest time yet, only breaking their hold on one another when Jerry’s shrinking penis became too soft to stay inside Brad. It slid out of his ass and plopped down onto Jerry’s belly, landing with the tip just below his belly button. Feeling this emptiness for the first time in what felt like years, Brad dismounted Jerry to lie beside him and to let him clean up.

    The first thing Jerry wanted to do then was see how much he had come, but a sudden grimace from Brad stopped him from pulling back the sheets just yet.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “My ass…” said Jerry, supporting himself on his hands and feet to keep his buttocks elevated, “should it be this sore?”

    Jerry put his arm around Brad’s shoulders. “Yeah, you’re gonna be sore, but it doesn’t last. You’ve just been stretched out a little bit, that’s all. You’re body has to readjust.”

    Brad scoffed. “Stretched a little bit? Your dick’s as thick as a Coke can!”

    Jerry gave the joke a small laugh but remained serious. “You just rest, okay? I’ll go clean up, and then you can fuck me, make me even sorer. Revenge, right?”

    Finally managing to put pressure on his bottom, Brad grinned at Jerry through gritted teeth and nodded. It was then that Jerry lifted the sheets and froze.

    The condom was full, simply put. White, cloudy semen had stretched the reservoir tip beyond any dimensions Jerry had ever seen before in a condom. He knew that a man was supposed to shoot about a tablespoon each time, but there was at least ten times that splashing against his dick. Both of the men caught sight of the result of their fuck session at the same time, and although both were thinking it, Brad was the one who said it:

    “It looks like a water balloon.”

    Jerry could only chuckle in agreement and disbelief. He turned to Brad with admiration in his eyes.

    “Lemme tell you, kid. I’ve never, ever cum like that before.”

    “Really? Not even with Josh?”

    “Not even with Josh. What just happened… well, I’d never felt that before. I mean, everything just seemed to, y’know, work towards it, slowly enough to make it really last and really build up. That blowjob was phenomenal, to say the least…”

    Brad didn’t believe it. “No it wasn’t; I would’ve made you cum if I were phenomenal…”

    “No, you wouldn’t have, remember? You knew I wouldn’t cum in your mouth, and regardless of what you meant for me to do you still went at it like a champ. It got me going just right, I would say.”

    Brad sighed his thanks.

    “And then, when we actually got to fucking… I’ve never taken it that slow before, and I don’t think I’ve ever had reason to do so. I should definitely do that more often. And then, right as I was cumming, that thing you did with your ass?”

    “What, squeezing it together? That was just bracing myself.”

    “Whatever it was, it was perfect. I mean, the whole thing was perfect. Just look!”

    He motioned to the water balloon. Brad glanced at it again and felt pride in having produced so much from Jerry.

    “What I’m trying to say, Mowgli, is that, simply put, you’re the best I’ve ever had.”

    He said it with such admiration, such passion, that Brad was caught way off guard and froze, feeling a small lump rising in his throat as he croaked a response.

    “I… me?”

    “Yeah. It was perfect. You were perfect.”

    Perfect. And all he had done was clench a muscle.

    “Huh. I mean… well, jeez.”

    He was about to turn these incoherent thoughts into a sentence, perhaps uttering thanks or disbelief, but before he could Jerry had slid off of the bed and walked to the bathroom, carefully rolling the condom off of himself and throwing it in the small plastic trash pail under the sink after tying it in a knot. Brad was once again transfixed on his bare ass.

    “I get to fuck that now…” he whispered to himself.

    “What’s that?” Jerry asked, now dabbing his dick with a wet washcloth.

    “I said ‘I get to fuck you now.’”

    Jerry nodded, finishing with the washcloth and toweling off. He was looking forward to getting fucked; with him, he preferred letting his partner finish the session, since a dick in the ass just felt better after one had cum. This way, he could rest while Brad did whatever he wanted to.

    “That’s right, but you wanted a BJ first, right?”

    He turned to face Brad, who was hidden under the covers from his waist down, a bulge beneath the sheets answering Jerry’s question for him.

    “Well, yeah, but won’t that make me cum too fast?”

    Jerry began to approach the bed again, his relaxed genitalia swinging low from between his legs.

    “Don’t worry; I know a few tricks to keep you under control.”

    More to come...
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    very very nice story. this is truly well written, and is pretty much my own fantasy. nice emotions too. please continue! :D
  20. good_jeans

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    He was about to get on the bed when Brad stopped him with a hand against his belly.

    “Wait, Jerry, before you do, can I ask you something?”

    “Sure, anything,” replied Jerry, curious as to what Brad was concerned with now.

    “Can you do ‘the helicopter?’”

    A smile crossed Jerry’s face as he lifted his stomach fat from his groin and began gyrating his hips, his limp cock flipping wildly in an enormous circle. Brad had never seen it done better.

    “That’s awesome! You’re like a fucking windmill!”

    They both laughed as Jerry ceased the motions. Brad continued his praise.

    “You really do have a great cock, Baloo. And a great body, too. I mean, you’re just everything that I like in men, y’know?”

    “Right back ‘atcha, Brad.”

    Brad still wasn’t sure Jerry was being sincere. “I don’t see how you can compare our cocks. I mean, yours…”

    He reached to Jerry and grabbed his cock at its midpoint, which still left enough room for another fist on either side.

    “…you’re bigger when you’re soft than I am when I’m hard!”

    Jerry let Brad rub him for a while and then leaned in to his ear.

    “You can’t change how much I like you, Brad, no matter how much you talk down about yourself.”

    Brad could only smile as Jerry made his way onto the bed and pulled back the covers. Brad was still growing, apparently having been unable to maintain an erection while being fucked.

    “Okay, here’s how it’s going down,” said Jerry, docking himself between Jerry’s legs, “I’m gonna focus more on your shaft and balls than your head, since that’s where you’re most likely to get intense sensation. I’ll keep it light, too, but if you feel anything, anything at all…”

    “I’ll tell you right away. Got it.”

    “Good boy.”

    He positioned himself between Brad’s legs just as Brad had done for him.

    “I gotta tell you how much I’m looking forward to this, Brad. Hope it’ll be as good as yours was.”

    Brad began to sit back, awaiting it, his first blowjob. “That’s a definite ‘yes,’ Baloo.”

    He crossed his arms behind his head and closed his eyes, awaiting the feel of Jerry’s lips on his cock.

    “Here we go…” he heard Jerry say, and Brad instantly felt the moisture of Jerry’s tongue, not on his dick but on his balls, licking them from the bottom up.

    “Mmmmm… nice…”

    Jerry repeated this motion a few times, covering the whole area of Brad’s scrotum in saliva, before lightly licking his cock from the base up, giving the base more attention than the head as promised. It was torture, Brad realized, to be blown so gently; he wanted nothing more than to cum, to squirt everything he had into Jerry’s mouth, but the licking was so erratic and so light that there was no way Brad would reach climax any time soon. His excitement was definitely building, though, and just the thought of being touched, licked, sucked like this was keeping him going just below his boiling point.

    Jerry seemed to read his mind, covering just the right places and progressing just fast enough. Soon, Jerry was pumping Brad’s shaft with one hand while working on his balls again with his mouth, sucking on each in turn but never with too much pressure. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he lifted his mouth to the tip of Brad’s cock and, after a quick lick around the glans, began sucking on the cock, as slow and light as usual.

    Brad didn’t dare open his eyes, much less look at Jerry down below, afraid of bringing himself to the brink with the slightest flex of a muscle. He maintained his pose as one of complete relaxation, a wide smile on his face and just enough self-control to keep his cool while his mind imaged what he must look like with Jerry down below.

    Then, in a flash, he had an idea, and sat up on his elbows again to tell Jerry. Before he spoke, he savored the sight for a second- Jerry was licking him like a popsicle, caressing his balls between the fingers of his right hand.

    “Hey, Jerry?”

    Jerry ceased sucking. “What’s up?”

    “Can we sixty-nine?”

    Jerry’s face showed his confusion. “But I’ve cum already, and believe me, after a blow like that I don’t think I’ll be able to shoot a decent wad for weeks…”

    “I know, I know…” Brad interrupted. “But I still want to suck you again, while you’re sucking me.”

    Jerry could only stare, so Brad continued. “I can’t really explain it, I just want your cock in my mouth again. I guess I liked it too much the first time. C’mon, me on top, two dicks in two mouths. How about it?”

    Finally, Jerry’s mouth slivered into a smile. “You’re a miracle, Mowgli. And you can have my cock anytime you want.”

    He crawled up and lay next to Brad, who wasted no time diving into Jerry’s crotch and grabbing the fleshy appendage while spreading his legs to straddle Jerry’s face, showing off everything he had to the black bear. Busy as he was, eagerly sucking the soft cock, Brad remembered their no-ass-to-mouth agreement and wondered if Jerry would still adhere to it (Although I don’t think I’d mind so much now, he thought). But Jerry was as good as his word and pulled Brad’s hips up to his face to continue his light sucking while Brad feasted on his cock.

    Brad felt much better in this position. Here, he and Jerry were much closer, rubbing bellies and mutually pleasing each other, and Brad was relieved to have Jerry’s penis in his mouth again. It was not hardening, and Brad didn’t care- all he wanted was to feel Jerry inside of him again, to fill himself with the his most sensitive organ, and he had begun to suck with such zeal that he began ignoring Jerry’s mouth on his own cock. There was nothing else now, just that dick, that huge black worm flopping uncontrollably between his lips and tantalizing him even in its limp state. Inflamed all the more, Brad began to slap his own face with Jerry’s cock, apparently causing Jerry to spit out Brad’s dick in surprise.

    “Damn, kid, slow down! It’s tired!”

    Brad moaned apologetically and went back to sucking, as did Jerry. The way Brad was lying on his body, Jerry had to bend Brad’s dick down to get it in his mouth, which was awkward with the position being the inversion of what he was used to, but he still loved it and could tell that Brad was having fun, too; his body bounced on top of Jerry’s chest and jiggling stomach with each thrust of his hips and continued to stuff his mouth full of Jerry’s cock. Yet the more he sucked, the more Jerry felt a lust growing inside of him, longing to be fucked. It happened every time; he would always opt to go first and then let his partner fuck him to finish, as he found the post-cum penetration relaxing, letting himself be ravaged while basking in afterglow.

    Deciding to make a move, Jerry once again spit out Brad’s dick.


    Brad stopped and looked down between his body and Jerry’s to see his partner’s face.

    “Yeah, Baloo?”

    “I’m really, really in the mood for my ass to get fucked. How about it?”

    Brad smiled and grabbed Jerry’s dick again. “But I wanna keep blowing you!”

    Jerry smiled back. “I get it, but here’s an idea- how about you put your cock in my ass, and after that, you can do whatever you want with Kaa?”

    Brad thought he had heard Jerry wrong. “With what?”

    Jerry shrugged. “Kaa. I’m Baloo, you’re Mowgli, why not make my dick Kaa?”

    Brad looked back to Jerry’s dick; truth be told, it was long enough to be some kind of snake, so why not call it Kaa? The hypnotic effect was the same, anyway.

    “Alright. We’ll let Kaa rest for now.”

    Although he was looking forward to it, Brad would’ve rather sucked Jerry’s cock a little more than fuck his ass at that moment, but figuring how great Jerry had been throughout this whole process, Brad dismounted Jerry and got off of the bed, walking over to his bag to grab a condom and some lube. He wouldn’t be using the same size as Jerry’s extra-large Hefty-bag, but a regular spermicidal-lubricant latex Durex. He turned around and approached the bed again with these items, lying next to the reclining bear with his anaconda sleeping between his thighs.

    “Let me take care of that for you, Mowgli.”

    He took the condom from Brad’s hand and sat up to apply the protection to his partner’s erection, which, Brad realized, had been perfectly deprived of orgasm up until now and was practically vibrating in anticipation as the latex unraveled around it. Brad applied the lube himself, making sure to coat himself with a thick and even layer. Jerry leaned even farther forward until he was on all fours, spreading his cheeks and showing Brad his dangling genitalia, taint, and puckering brown eye, awaiting his next move.

    More to come...
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