Epic Voter Fail!

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    This would be friggin' hilarious if it weren't so sad. People in a small northern Texas town are having severe buyer's remorse after electing their new mayor. Only thing is >> He has a rap sheet a mile long and is currently facing a DWI charge!!!

    Good evening, everyone. Hope you are doing well, tonight. :smile:

    Argyle, Texas is just north of immediate Dallas-Fort Worth. In the local elections held this last Saturday, less than 500 of the estimated 3,000 townspeople voted. And this is what they got.

    The story is courtesy of KDFW-TV Channel 4 in Dallas. This was off their news from earlier this evening. Here's reporter Peter Daut.

    YouTube - Epic Voter Fail!

    I think this does indeed call for some complimentary Benny Hill music... /rotflmao

    "I was one of the dumb ones...yeah, because, I wouldn't have voted that way."
    Well, you'll do your dang homework the next time you vote, won't ya', lady? /facepalm...

    You'll actually - ya' know - educate yourself about who's running? Oo

    I'm sorry, y'all, but people like this are how we got 8 years of Dubya. Am I right?
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