Erection problem after long PE history

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by B_UNKNOWN321, Oct 18, 2005.

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    This is follow up to much earlier thread about my success with PE (from 6 to 10 in 5 years) and requests for comments from other guys who have been on both sides of average to get objective assessment of how much better a big dick really is. Well of course there were those disbelievers (don’t really blame them) and some that were crudely so (don’t really blame them either but would like to put some phenolphthalein in their next hamburger). I offered some not very convincing excuses for offering little in the way of proof and even those have fallen by the wayside to large degree.

    I mentioned modesty for lack of pictures. True – I take showers in my underwear and am sure black-out shades are drawn and all sources of inside lights extinguished before entering the marital bed partially clothed. But there are those of you who can attest to newly discovered lack of modesty now that borders on the outright obscene so why still no documentation. Honestly I must now admit that as the penis size was heading north the erectile function simultaneously was heading south – a cause and effect perhaps I am not sure of. But reason I waffled about the ultimate size being over 10 was more an educated guess based upon a stretched length and a ratio of erect and stretched length back at the 6 inch state. I had thought that 10+ was a theoretically possibly number, but actually had no proof myself.

    I discussed this openly with a terrific friend here on LPSG – friends don’t get any better than he and he tactfully suggested that I might need some exercises to help blood entrapment in the penis. I resisted for a while but finally consented but verbal communication did not work so old motlissof who goes to gym with spat bottom exercise pants and turtle neck shirts boldly suggested a cam session. With clinical élan the friend walked me through a series of clamping (battery cables, barbeque skewers and ice tongs were not used here), some kind of internal pumping, jelqs and kegels (sometimes 3 at once) and then the miracle happened –a splendid and painfully solid erection lasting for about 4 hrs developed. I was dumbfounded and kept muttering something like “Look at that huge dick” like a kid opening a Christmas present. The friend also concurred with my assessment since he had seen an earlier cam session where I got my usual semi that was decidedly smaller. I had never seen it at its fullest size, so experience was mesmerizing. I even remember commenting “It looks like one in
    xxxxxx’s portfolio” – a reference to terrific guy in LPSG with equally terrific penis, just could not accept fact it was mine. Head was so engorged that its gloss reflected my facial outline looking down at it. And veins looked and felt like steel cords.

    Well I guess you get the point. From my perspective there may be need to accompany stretching PE routines (which heretofore were my only PE routines)with jelqs, kegels and other exercises to modify the body’s ability to adjust blood redirection to a larger dick that was not given to you by nature. And yes I did measure and 10.5 was too high an estimate for maximum – but it was just a bit over 10. Just did not happen to have the digital camera attached to my forehead at the time or would certainly have taken a picture – shucks! Anyway I personally am not sure I can continue these long exercises in private from wife but others of you who have been involved in PE and have used only stretching techniques as I did may want also to consider incorporating some of the jelqs and other exercises that can help maintain good erections, particularly if you are going to maintain your program for several years.
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