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    Hello guys,

    I am jennifer and i have been searching issues related to erection problem for my boyfriend. He have been on his bladder program because of his livers causes. Anyway, My boyfriend have a little weak in his erection and is there anyway to improve his erection with exercise? What about kegal execrise? Let me know and i want to help him as well.


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    I'm not sure I completely understand what you're saying, but if your boyfriend is on any kind of medication you think might be affecting his erection, he should speak to his doctor about it. There are many medications that can affect erection quality; if he is having erection problems it's something his doctor should know about. Even if he is not taking medication, the doctor who is monitoring his liver/bladder problem should know he is having erectile problems. It could be a sign of something else going on as well.

    As for what exercises help erection quality, any exercise that promotes heart health can help. A healthy cardiovascular system is important for healthy erections. Alcohol and cigarettes can also be problematic, so if he's in to either perhaps he should cut down.
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    I enjoy a very strong erection. I have been able to manipulate that issue to my satisfaction. It is a matter of health. Sorry to hear of his tragic health.
    I like to suck myself. I like it when it is thicker than normal. I like it when it is so very hard.
    The best way I have found to manipulate this issue is to exercise my leggs. I began with jumping jacks. I could do 50. Then a went to three sets of 50 with fifteen minutes rest inbetween.
    After achieving this goal, I noticed very good results. Then, I happened to run into a Charles Atlas supporter. His book is small and easy to read. He achieved miraculous results. His routines involved deep knee bends.
    Since I had already conditioned myself to 3 sets of 50 jumping jacks, it was easy to transition to the deep knee bends. I made it to the 3 sets of 50 deep knee bends. I have been having the most incredible hardons. I wake up at night to role over on my back because my hardon is so strong.
    When I do myself, I get the most intense satisfactions and I am affraid I might go insane. I can send you a video of it. But of course, you would not know how intense it is because sometimes I make a loud noise and my body is out of control.
    Believe me, it is soooo very exciting.
    Yours truly,
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