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    China_deSade: Title:The RoleSwap
    Name Of Author:"Her Servant"

    I was sitting at home waiting for Her to arrive.
    I was wearing exactly what She told me to wear - nothing.
    I had showered and shaved my pubic hair,avoided makeup
    and was kneeling on the floor where I was supposed to be
    by the time She reached the end of the hall.
    I knew all the rules.I could look at Her until
    She said otherwise.
    I smiled up at Her.
    She was wearing a very practical business suit,
    dull blue with a white shirt,no hose.
    She walked right in front of me and stopped,letting
    the shopping bags hit the floor on either side of me.
    She reached down and unzipped Her skirt,letting it
    fall to the floor.
    She reached out and put Her hands on my head,
    pushing my nose into Her mons.
    Her close cropped hair was scratchy on my nose
    and I could smell Her strong scent.
    She began to work Herself against my face
    and I could feel her lips begin to moisten
    as they ran over the tips of my nose.
    I wanted to open my mouth,to suck those lips
    between mine,but I knew the rules.
    "Open." She finally said, and I opened my mouth.
    She began to drag Her lips across mine,mixing my
    saliva with Her wetness.
    I was already beginning to shake.
    "Tongue." She commanded.
    I slid my tongue between Her lips and
    just got a taste before She pulled my head back.
    A soft "Oh.." escaped my lips.
    She smiled briefly before dragging Her fingers
    down across my eyes,Her signal to keep my eyes shut.
    I wanted so badly to lean into Her,
    clutch Her thighs and Hold her.
    Instead I held my position,head tilted back,
    tongue out,palms sweating,nipples hard,
    dreaming of what might be ahead.
    She is always full of surprises,
    my favourite quality about Her.
    I felt Her buttocks against my face and I
    pressed into Her,searching with my tongue.
    I felt Her thrust backward,bending to give me
    better access,and I lavished her puckered anus
    with all I had.
    I heard Her moan softly and put a hand on the wall.
    I felt Her shirt slide open above me,felt Her kick off
    Her shoes while I knelt and continued Her worship.

    She stepped away,"Stay." She said,in a little more
    commanding tone beginning to show in Her voice
    that she was getting excited.
    I heard the shopping bags rustling and curiosity returned.
    I'm going to shower. When you hear the shower stop,
    you may open your eyes and get dressed.
    "I've laid out what you shall wear for our date this
    evening on the bed."
    I waited impatiently.
    She seemed to be taking forever and I couldn't stop myself.
    I opened my eyes to peek at what she'd brought.
    It was going to be a very exciting evening.
    When she stepped out of the bathroom I was wearing
    the outfit She had laid out for me:

    1.Leather g-string with a strip of metal studs
    on the inside,right down the middle
    2.skintight black dress,slightly see-through
    so that all could see what lay underneath
    3.vinyl combat boots,and my long black hair
    pulled up and tied in place with a leather strap.

    She had already dried Her curly red hair
    and put on a little makeup.
    "Open" She said.
    I held still while She applied a very dark red lipstick.
    The rest of me shivered a little.
    "I know you probably cheated and looked before
    I got out of the shower,"
    She said while applying the lipstick with
    a concentrating look on her face.
    "We'll take care of that punishment later...I promise."
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