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    RunnerSF: I thought I'd post a sample...I hope everyone enjoys them.

    Chapter 1 - First Impressions

    Justin is nervous. He'd just flown across country, found an apartment in a strange new city (but luckily its right across from the law school), shopped for groceries, gotten the utilities turned on, and many other mundane things in the week before school started. That's a lot for a guy whose lived in the dorms for his entire undergraduate career and had most of those needs taken care of for him. But, despite the busy schedule, he'd managed to get in a short jog the day before. Now it was the first day of school, Monday's are generally not good days for much of anything. Sighing, Justin walks across the courtyard quickly. He can't help think to himself...wonder if there will be any hot guys in my classes?

    The Bookstore

    Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Legal Writing for Lawyers I? Justin thinks to himself with yet another sigh, How will I ever afford all the books.

    "Torts, 98 bucks!" Eric blurts as he notices the price on the back of the book.

    Justin sighs, Dork! just noticed the prices around here, wonder if he pays his own rent? Looks like a WASPY mama's boy. However, after looking over at Eric -- Wow! Tall, well muscled with wavey brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice (not too dark) tan, Eric was definitely a looker. Well I've found at least one cute guy today, "Thank god they make plastic man." Justin smiled. You got Abraham?"

    "Yeah, 10 am, you in the class too?" replied Eric.

    "Yeah. Torts, Contracts, Civ Pro, LW4L. Heard he's a drone...monotone voice that will put you to sleep in less than 5 minutes." Justin replies laughing as they moved through the lines finding their books. Can't hurt to be nice to the lookers and he dresses nice for a straight guy, Justin thinks to himself as he watches Eric move the two of them towards the stack of Contracts books.

    "Oh man...those kind of profs always make me end up skipping class! Kicks ass to meet someone with my schedule right off the bat." Eric says with a sigh. "Eric Beldon, glad to meet you." Eric grins warmly extending his hand.

    "Justin Smith, pleasure is mine." Taking Eric's hand, Justin gives it a firm shake. Calloused hands, maybe he's not a mama's boy afterall.

    "Where you living?" Eric asks.

    "Across the street, you?"

    "Me too; at Spilber?" Eric inquires with a warm smile.

    "Nah, got a one bedroom next door. Got on the right side too, so I still have a bay view from my bedroom window." Justin beams back obviously happy. Justin reaches down to grab a Civ Pro book, all the while noticing Eric's tight shoulder muscles. Oh man, if I don't stop this guy is gonna give me a woody.

    "That's sweet. The dorms already get a little loud after dinner. I can hear everything through the walls." Eric continued in an exasperated tone.

    "Well feel free to study at my place, I'm used to having people around, its no biggie." Justin smiles offering generously. Couldn't hurt to be nice since he's hot... straight as an arrow, sigh, Justin thinks to himself, even though he has to admit he's warming to Eric in other ways besides his hot looks. He seems genuine and interested in making friends.

    After purchasing their books, they hurry to Torts which is at the opposite end of the building. Sitting next to each other; they chit chat waiting for class to begin. Right before class, Justin notices a short tightly built guy run in the door. Slightly winded, he hurries over and sits in the empty seat next to Eric. Wow another hot guy -- law school is heaven. Justin watches him situate himself out of the corner of his eye.

    "Hi, I'm Eric"

    "Brad, been running my ass off, my schedule is with my mail back home." Brad huffs.

    "Brad, this is my buddy Justin." Reaching over Eric, Brad extends his hand to Justin thinking, Nice blue eyes, and with eye lashes like that, I bet he gets a shitload of pussy, firm handshake, not bad.

    "So, Brad, where you got a place?" Eric asks.

    518 Spilbur, you?

    "No shit, 540 Spilbur. That's right down the hall from me. Now that I think about it, I think I saw you in the shower this morning."

    "Yeah, I got up early to lift before class." He noticed me in the shower, that's a strange thing to say.

    "Cool, maybe we can lift together. You know Justin has a one bedroom, bayside next to the dorm. Lucky fucker, eh?" Eric says ah he lightly elbows Justin in the ribs.

    "So Justin, got a sweet place eh?" Brad smirks at Justin.

    "Yeah, I got lucky and found the place online before I flew out." Justin replies hoping Brad doesn't think he's some spoiled rich kid.

    "What's your schedule Brad?" Justin asks in an inquiring voice. Please let it be the same as ours...please...

    Torts, Contracts, Civ Pro, and LW4L. You two?

    "Same," they both reply at the same time, grinning. But for different reasons.

    Two hot guys in the first two hours. What did I do to deserve this? Thinks Justin as he feels a slight tightness in his stomach.

    Got my study group on the first day of class, Jesus! I hope they don't think I'm a nerd flows through Eric's head in a quick bout of worry.

    First thing that's gone right for me since I got here. Brad thinks as he relaxes back in his chair.

    All three see the professor walk in the door and turned their attention to his lecture.

    After class Brad pipes up, "Hey guys, want go grab some grub? I'm starving."

    "Sure," the other two reply, grinning at each other. Ok, why is this guy grinning at me? Fuck it, I don't care he's so damned hot he can grin at me all day. Justin thinks to himself. Nice smile, lucky guy probably uses it to get all sorts of pussy. Eric thinks sighing mentally.

    What you guys got in mind? Eric asks...Anything but Pizza...please.

    "How about Thai? There's a cheap place down the street, I've been eating at the last few days since my flight arrived." Justin offers. "It's about a 15 min walk."

    "Sounds swell." Brad replies enthusiastically.


    "Yeah, lets go. Guess we got an hour before Civ Pro, eh?" Eric offers.

    "Hour and a half actually. Heard the first day isn't much. Professor Block just passes out the reading sheet, goes over the course and dismisses." Brad says hoping its true.

    "Nice!" Eric's eyes perk up at the thought of getting out early, especially on the first day back. "So what did you guys think of the girl down in the first row -- blond, big tits..."

    "Sweet Cherry Pie," Brad returns giving a lusty growl. "My girlfriend dumped me four months ago, and I'm tired of not getting any. Once you get used to a bj before bed its hard to go back to your hand."

    "No shit, bro. But I gotta say, not sure how you do it buddy, but sometimes my hand isn't all so bad," Eric laughs slapping Brad on the back.

    Laughing, Brad shoots back, "Hey after twice a day for four months, I've got calluses!"

    "Twice a day?" Eric replies with a incredulous tone in his voice. "Hell, that's only once when you wake up and once when you go to bed. If that gives you calluses, I'm a railroad worker!"

    "So what you say Justin, don't think she's hot?" Brad says nudging Justin.

    "Nah, she's alright guys. I've seen a few others around the halls though." "So anyone up for a run after Civ. Pro?" Justin asks, moving the topic to safer ground.

    "Sounds good," replies Eric. "So that's a date," he says looking at Justin and winking.

    "Sorry, I lifted today and I've got wait on the UPS man."

    Walking up to the restaurant, Eric holds the door open and waves them in. The place is packed but the waiter finds them a table for four.

    "What you like here Justin?" Eric asks.

    "The Pad Thai is pretty good. I generally just get it and a Diet Coke."

    "Well not much into Diet but they have Bud Light so I'm set." Brad offers.

    "Bud light? For lunch?" Eric inquires, with a wink.

    "Yeah, why not? Chicken pad thai and bud all around then?"

    "Well, that's fine for you, but..." Justin manages before Eric interrupts as the waiter walks up. Jerk!

    "Well that will be three Bud lights then and three chicken Pad Thai," Eric tells the waiter. Looking back at Brad and Justin, Eric explains, "I got a rule that nobody drinks alone."

    "I'll have a Diet coke" Justin tells the waiter. Better reign this one in a bit or he'll be ordering for me at every meal.

    "Why did you cancel the Bud Light?" Eric asks, Hope he isn't uptight about drinking...geesh.

    "Just didn't feel like a beer at lunch. Unlike you, I don't have the weight to keep me from getting drunk." Justin replies while giving Eric a smile and a kick under the table to let him know it's a joke.

    "Looks like we got us a light weight, Brad." Eric replies back, giving Justin a light kick back.

    "Yeah, well come this Thursday we'll work on that tolerance. You guys heard about bar review right?" Brad say giving Justin poke in the side.

    "Nah what is it?," Justin replies. Oh great, a bunch of straight guys getting drunk. Just what I need. Sigh...damn, that hurt.

    "You know, everyone gets together at a bar around campus and gets shit faced and has a good time. Considering the guy/gal ratio at school, its gonna be a big sausage fest." Explains Brad with a disappointed air.

    "Yeah, I noticed that, what's the ratio anyway? 60/40?" Eric joins in the lament.

    "Worse, 65/35," Justin replies laughing. Well for you that is...wonder where all the other fags are in the class. So far not seen any...hmmm....

    "No shit?" Brad responds, a bit more despondent.

    "Yeah, and I bet most of them got boyfriends. Fuck!" Eric offers, then looks around the restaurant realizing he said that a bit too loud.

    "Well what you worried about guys, like you both said earlier, you got your calloused hand." Justin chimes in beginning to enjoy the conversation. At that point the food arrives as does the beer -- three chicken pad thai and three Bud's. The waiter throws them down on the table with a dismissive glare to Eric. Studiously the waiter ignores Justin's protests about the lack of a Diet Coke.

    "Looks like you're drinking a beer with us Justin." Brad quips, giving him a light punch in the arm.

    "Smells good." Eric says trying to remind the two that there is food to eat.

    "Yeah, we better dig in 45 minutes until class and we've got a 15 minute walk back." Justin responds.

    For a few minutes the young men eat in silence. Justin seems upset about something, I hope he's not high maintenance, I don't dig girls like that at all and guys aren't much better, Brad thinks. He seems really cool, guess he's just upset about the beer.

    "So where you guys going to run today?" Brad breaks the silence.

    "I've been running on the treadmill in the gym, but I figured I'd try some hills today. What you say Eric?" Wonder if he'll be able to keep up with me. That'd be a nice thing, take him out, get him lathered up, then...anyway, he's straight...Justin ends that line of thinking as he feels his dick give another jump.

    "Sounds good to me as long as we don't go all out up the side of the hill." Hope these guys don't think I'm a puss but these hills are a bit different than the hills at home.

    "I'll take it easy on ya, remember Eric, I've only been here since Friday too." Justin says, giving Eric another kick under the table.

    "Yeah man, but you look like a runner. As you said, I got a bit more weight on me." Eric beams back.

    In all the right places too I bet...Justin thinks with a sigh.

    "Well, cool, I'm feeling a bit left out guys. If you guys want to lift with me in the mornings, I'd love the company. In return, I'll run with you in the afternoon Justin.

    "Deal buddy," Eric replies enthusiastically.

    "Sure, sounds good to me. I need an excuse to get my ass out of bed." Justin replies in with a less than enthusiastic tone. If I can't see them naked in the shower, I guess the next best thing is sweaty on the bench press.

    "Eric you ever wrestle?" Brad asks hopefully.

    "Nah, rolling around sweaty on a matt would give me a woody bro. I save that for the girls!" Eric replies obviously joking.

    Ok another comment like that, and I'm gonna have a boner!

    After lunch, the three head back to campus for Civ Pro.

    The First Run

    Eric gives an enthusiastic knock on Justin's door. "Come on homo you ready? Let's run before rush hour so we can avoid the smog!" Justin shouts through the door.

    Opening the door, Justin replies, "Chill out man, with the breeze off the bay we've already been breathing smog all day."

    "Well dude you're not even dressed yet...what gives?" Eric says in a slightly exasperated tone, even though he really doesn't give a rats ass about Justin not being ready.

    "Yeah, I know. I took a nap after Civ Pro and I overslept. I'll be back in a sec. Let me go change quick." Justin shouts as he closes his bedroom door. "Take a look at the view if you like, I'll be out in a sec.." Justin shouts through the door.

    Nice place! Eric notes to himself taking in his surroundings. Justin's apartment is one bedroom on the third floor of an older Victorian era building. Foyer, small kitchen, dining room/ living room, bathroom and a sizable bedroom mean a lot more space than a dorm room even by the cramped standards of the area. Wow, what a view. Eric thinks to himself walking into the small living room that is dominated by a picture window with a stunning view of the bay.

    "You almost ready?"

    "Yeah, just having to find my jock man, hold up." Justin shouts over the rummaging noises he's making.

    "Let me help man..." Eric offers as he walks through Justin's bedroom door.

    "Nah, I don't..." Justin starts right as Eric walks in, "...have anything on..." as he reaches down for something to cover up his crotch.

    "HAHA" Eric erupts laughing.

    "What's so funny?" Justin asks, his face turning a bit flushed.

    "Don't sweat it, I've seen a lot of guys naked on the football team. I'll help you look. Unless you're uptight with me seeing you," Eric replies almost sheepishly after his laugh. DAMN! Justin's got a nice body. Eric thinks while giving Justin an honest appraisal. I bet he'll be some competition with the ladies.

    "Nah, its cool. Just wanted to warn you in case you were up tight." Wouldn't mind some fair play on the clothes issue though.

    "Heck no man. After 8 years of football and living in a frat for four me I've seen a lot a dick."

    "Ah, here's one," Eric says as he reaches under the bed to pick up a jock.

    "Here you go," Eric says tossing the garment to Justin and moving towards the door.


    "Well, my job is done. I'll be in the living room." I wonder how much that kid works out to keep in shape like that? I'll have to remember to ask him about his routine.

    "Ok, ready to go. Sorry for the wait." Justin states as he walks out of his room.

    "Its cool. You stretch before or after you run?"


    "Me too. Cool. Well lead the way. You know where we need to go." Eric says, with a big grin on his face, holding the door for Justin.

    "Yeah, we can just run up the side of the hill and then take the trails."

    "Sounds good. I'll follow your pace." Eric says matching Justin's stride easily as they set off up the hill. Decent pace, I should be ok as long as we don't run too far today.

    "Ok." And off the two friends go. About half way through the run, Justin stops.

    "Turn around, Eric and look at the bay." Justin says, breathing hard.

    Eric stopping very close to Justin and breathing hard also replies, "yeah romantic isn't it, come on puss lets keep going, I'm just getting started." Giving Justin a poke in the ribs, Eric sets off up the tail.

    "Romantic? Stupid straight guy doesn't know romantic. However, watching his cock flop around in his shorts isn't a bad trade off," Justin sighs as he watches Eric's ass. "Wonder what he's packing in those shorts..."

    "Come on puss...your falling behind...." With that remark, Justin beats double time and catches up to Eric in no time.

    "Who you calling a puss?"

    "Well you, obviously"...Eric replies with a grin.

    "I'd run you in the ground any day of the week man and you know it. I'm not even winded yet and you are huffing and puffing like there's no tomorrow."

    "I've got more to carry man," Eric replies as he grabs is crotch and gives it a firm shake.

    "Whatever man, just cause you saw me naked don't mean shit, I was soft anyway"...Wouldn't mind seeing what he's packing...hmmm...I wonder if he'd show me?

    "Don't get so defensive man," Eric says laughing, "Its ok if you got a small dick."

    "Fuck off."

    "FUCK!..." is all Eric manages before he tumbles to the ground; sliding in the dirt.

    "Oh shit man you ok," Justin replies hurrying back to Eric, who is still laying on the ground, caked in dirt and sweat, beginning to bleeding from some scrapes on his legs, and holding his ankle.

    "Shit I twisted my ankle."

    "Serves you right man, if you weren't so busy talking about your junk, you would have seen the rock I avoided." Bending over his friend, Justin begins to examine Eric's ankle.

    "Fuck off", Eric replies laughing. Looking down at himself, Eric says, "Shit man I'm a fucking dirty mess....Let me try to stand up", Eric says as he pushes Justin away.

    "Ok, that's probably best to try and keep it moving."

    After several attempts at trying to get off the ground, Eric is still in the dirt.

    "Want some help?"

    "Yeah, I think I'm gonna need help walking home. Sorry man...I'm a bit sweaty."

    "Its ok." Justin replies, putting his head under Eric's arm and helping him to his feet. This close on the first day isn't right. Oh fucking hot, he's damp.

    "You're about the right size, nice and snug down there don't ya..." Eric says with a chuckle as they begin walking back. "How's my pit smell?"

    "Roses man...roses...I'll show you size man. You might be a show-er but I've never had any complaints." God I love nylon running shorts!

    "That so eh? Girls always pleasantly surprised? A little guy like you, anything looks big I'm sure." Eric says with a laugh.

    "You can walk home alone if you keep this up." Justin retorts pulling down to take his support off Eric's side. Who said anything about girls..."

    "Ok,'re hung like a horse. I won't argue otherwise." Eric says limping heavily without the support.

    "Fuck off man", Justin laughs as he resumes his help. "Jesus man what do you weigh?"

    The two new friends continue to carry on until Eric is back at his dorm. Justin can't help but grin. Its been a while since he's been this close to a guy and while being drenched in someone's sweat isn't at the top of Justin's list of turn-ons, he doesn't mind it one bit.

    "You gonna be ok, Eric? You look a mess." Justin says with a concerned grin.

    "Yeah, I'll be fine, my ankle feels better now. Nothing broken and I've had worse scrapes in football practice." Pulling his shirt over his head and almost falling over. Justin moves quickly, grabbing Eric's mid-section to help stablize him before he cartwheels off his good foot.

    "Thanks man", Eric says as he grabs Justin's shoulders for support. "Guess we are getting to know one another well, eh?" He says with a grin and a chuckle.

    "You should see yourself in the mirror..." Justin replies looking at the two of them in the mirrored closet doors. Fuck, I'm in heaven.

    "Yeah I'm sure I am." Eric disengages and moves to the closet. Unselfconscious about what just occurred. "Let me shower up, I'll grab Brad and we can do dinner, ok?" Eric replies while grabbing his towel and bath gear from the hook.

    "Sure, sounds like a plan. Cya at 6?"

    "Ok. 6 at your place."

    Once back at his place, Justin can't help thinking about how nice it felt to be that close to Eric. Remembering the feel of his chest and arm on his shoulder and the smell of his sweat, Justin can feel his cock strain against his jock. I gotta get off or I am going to explode! Justin thinks while stripping off his clothes and beginning to stretch. Stretching is always one of Justin's favorite parts of the run. Enjoying the high and feeling his muscles relax. Stretching is so erotic -- you are so in tune with the needs of your body when you focus on it. Its not like how you feel when you run and youre focused on pushing your limits...when you stretch you relax and let your muscles tell you what you need. And there is one muscle telling me what it needs right now.

    Once his stretching is done, Justin walks over to the couch, turns on the television and the VCR and starts his porno -- the hot pre-condom kind with gay guys who are there to fuck, not straight guys gay for pay. His cock doesn't need another second -- its been hard since he started stretch and its throbbing for attention. Spitting in his hand, Justin begins to rub the head of his cock slowly and with a circular motion...he likes to take his time jacking off and he's got 2 hours before dinner. Spitting in his hand again, Justin lubes up his shaft. Yeah, you got a nice cock J...not to long and not too thick...perfect for an afternoon of fun. Justin thinks with an inner smile. What the guys have always really liked about Justin's cock is size of his load. His big nuts produce enough to typically cover a guy's chest. But that's when Justin doesn't have them swallow it...and if its less that two full mouthfuls the boy got of easy. Thinking of Eric sucking his cock and swallowing his load...Justin strokes, shoots and then heads to the shower.

    That night at dinner, the three new friends discuss school, girls (with Justin just agreeing where needed), and the prospects of the coming year.

    The next four weeks see a pattern emerge -- lifting in the morning, school, Brad and Justin running (since Eric's ankle means he wont be running for at least a few weeks), dinner (at Justin's because the dorm doesn't provide a dinner worth eating) and studying late. The three guys find themselves becoming good friends -- really sort of clickish...Justin and Eric are more laid back of the three which really started that first day on the jog. But Brad doesn't mind, he's just not as outgoing with the innuendo and sex jokes, especially when others are around. Schools a drag - Torts, Contracts, Civ Pro, LW4L just all slogged together into more work then any human could possibly do and the newness has given way to the drudgery of it all. Then they go home...

    Stroking his cock was getting old. I need a girl quick or my right had is going to fall off. Brad thought while he stroked his cock and thought of how warm his last girlfriend's pussy felt -- warm, wet, and tight. Brad liked to stroke really slow and let his cock build up precum until it was covered and he could use it as lube. Brad loved thinking about the first time he got naked with her....watching her lay back and seeing the moist spot on her panties before he pulled them down her legs. The look on her face as his cock kept growing thicker and thicker...dripping precum as he gently rubbed her clit its fat head. Then he slowly pushed into her...gently so she could relax and adjust to his size...he loved hearing her gasp and purr with delight as he slowly pushed in and then slowly back out. Girls had always loved how thick Brad was, a few even told him that if they had the choice they'd take a thick cock over a long cock every time. And Brad was thick...not a beer can...that was freakish...but thick like a base of a beer bottle...above average enough to be noticed. He also had pretty darned good length -- he had read enough to know that 7.5 inches wasn't average but not huge either, and with his thickness -- it was quite a sight to behold. He loved jacking off -- slow and steady - but after four months, a blowjob or pussy was something a young guy had to have...I guess I should include a tight bum in there also.

    It's been three years since Brad had messed around with his best friend on the wrestling team and no other guy since then, but the thought still brought back some boners now and then when he saw a guy that looked like Jason. Increasing the pressure of his grip, Brad sat up and bent over his cock so he could spit on it while he kept stroking. When he was younger and more flexible he used to be able to suck his own cock. Jason had teased him about guys doing it during their 8th grade year and Brad thought he'd give it a try. Lucky me. He'd never told anyone that he could do it but finally he told Jason during their sophmore year in high school. Thinking back on Jason watching him suck his own cock was really getting Brad wet with precum. Jason had done it too and that night was Brad's first time seeing another guy fully hard. They'd not touched each other that night just watched each other to verify they could actually do what they'd claimed. After they'd both done it, they'd laughed and then went to bed. Later that night Brad jacked off quietly thinking about Jason but they didn't do anything else sexual until they were seniors. Coming back to the present, Brad watches his hand moving up and down on his cock and enjoying the sensation that differing grips and pressure can give. Still not a pussy or ass though...twenty minutes later, Brad finally allowed himself to shoot is load...after waiting so long to cum, his orgasm was intense and he couldn't help moaning loudly and bucking his ass up off the bed in a few quick hard thrusts. Feeling his hot giz hit his face and upper chest, Brad opens his mouth and lets a few gobs go in.

    Eric was laying in bed, left hand tucked behind his head and his right hand on his cock. This porno ain't half bad...enough tits to keep me satisfied, I guess. Slowly stroking his cock and feeling his foreskin pull back off his head was something Eric really enjoyed. His head was often too sensitive to touch with his hand directly but through his foreskin, it felt like a pussy. The girl on the tube is taking a huge cock. Ain't nothing like watching a girl take a nice cock...Eric thought as the camera focused in on her pussy being streached as she got drilled hard. Eric didn't mind all the focus on showing this guy's cock, he'd seen guys naked and he wasn't uptight about sex. He also had gay friends and had no problem with they did and who they is sex afterall. Eric was quite the shooter according to what his ex-girlfriend told him. She wasn't slutty but she was experienced enough to know that guys shoot vastly different amounts of cum -- and she'd said Eric had been on the more voluminous end of her experience. Focusing back on the porno on his tv, Eric watched as the scene changed to show the guy missionary fucking and the camera zoomed in on his ass and cock as he plowed the starlet hard. Yeah tight and always horny...Nnnniiicee. Eric thought as he shot his load on his stomach and chest. Now, where did I put my cum towel?

    Justin found other ways to get his needs met now and then. Wonder what's on tonight? Logging on as "aproperpaperchase" profile: 5'8, slim, smooth, brown, green, quickie wanted. There's lots of hot guys in the chat university room. Lucky for Justin, most of the young ones still consider him in their age group and if he wants an older guy...they are always happy to bed a hot young guy. Pretty soon, he's got four chats going...but he settles on: "ruggerbloke" profile 21, 6'2, 185, brown curly hair, brown eyes with nice eye lashes, hairy chest, uncut.

    ruggerbloke: yo

    aproperpaperchase: hi, how are you?

    ruggerbloke: Swell. And yourself?

    aproperpaperchase: Doing pretty fine also. Horny...

    ruggerbloke: Yeah, we all are.

    aproperpaperchase: True, we're guys.

    ruggerbloke: Right on...

    aproperpaperchase: So you play rugby?

    ruggerbloke: Yeah

    aproperpaperchase: Right on. Runner here.

    ruggerbloke: Nice, runners are always tight.

    aproperpaperchase: Yeah...not much fat on me.

    ruggerbloke: Ha, that's not what I meant.

    Aproper: Oh...gots ya. Yeah I guess I'm tight there too.

    aproperpaperchase: I take it youre a top

    ruggerbloke: yeah -- 8x6", u?

    aproperpaperchase: 8 also

    ruggerbloke: no shit?!?, I bet that looks nice on a guy your size!

    aproperpaperchase: Never had any complaints. Genes served me well...

    ruggerbloke: You a student?

    aproperpaperchase: Yeah, you?

    ruggerbloke: Yeah, grad.

    aproperpaperchase: Same here.

    ruggerbloke: Nice, what department?

    aproperpaperchase: Is it cool if we talk about that when you get here.

    ruggerbloke: Yeah. No sweat.

    aproperpaperchase: My name is Justin. Yours?

    Ruggerbloke: Brandon. Nice to "meet" you also.

    aproperpaperchase: what you do for fun?

    ruggerbloke:eek:utside of school...well rugby eats up a lot of time with the practice and the gym and the drinking

    aproperpaperchase: lol that's funny.

    ruggerbloke: what about you?

    aproperpaperchase: well school kicks my ass. But I run and lift and hang out with friends.

    ruggerbloke: any hot ones?

    aproperpaperchase: yeah my two best friends are really hot but straight...

    ruggerbloke: that don't mean nuttin. Straight guys always like to get blown

    aproperpaperchase: lol yeah true...

    aproperpaperchase: they are so damned hot...ugh

    ruggerbloke: yeah?

    aproperpaperchase: yes! Anyway, lets not talk about

    aproperpaperchase: so what you into?

    ruggerbloke: well I love to kiss, lots of body contact, top, oral is awesome, jo, porn is aproperpaperchase: cool. You?

    aproperpaperchase: nice, I like the same but I'm a bottom. I love to make out for a long time and just touch and stuff too.

    ruggerbloke: ding ding ding...looks like we match up.

    aproperpaperchase: lol, yeah

    aproperpaperchase: most guys on here are dorks.

    ruggerbloke: yeah seems that way. Old guys trying to score and being lame or young guys hookedup on drugs on the weekends.

    aproperpaperchase: yeah I agree. I don't mind older guys or drugs, but when guys are dorks bout either its just lame.

    ruggerbloke: I don't like mixing drugs and sex. Sex is something fun and natural. If you have problems with liking dick as a guy then go get help. Don't use drugs to get off...

    aproperpaperchase: yeah

    ruggerbloke: ok, I'm off my soapbox.

    aproperpaperchase: its ok. I agree. I'm not uptight about drugs either but they can be abused.

    ruggerbloke: yeah or guys who do bb are nuts...

    aproperpaperchase: yes they are.

    ruggerbloke: so you hard yet?


    ruggerbloke: rock hard

    aproperpaperchase: you get hard easy?

    ruggerbloke: yes usually I am rock hard

    aproperpaperchase: nice.

    ruggerbloke: yeah and I stay that way for a while.

    aproperpaperchase: oh?

    ruggerbloke: yeah, after I cum I can keep going and cum again

    aproperpaperchase: holy shit, nice!

    ruggerbloke: yeah some guys like it, others don't.

    ruggerbloke: guess that comes with being fuck you all night GI

    aproperpaperchase: LOL...nice, you really got me to laugh.

    ruggerbloke: glad I could help

    ruggerbloke: you into anything kinky?

    aproperpaperchase: like?

    ruggerbloke: I like to get sorta rough...

    aproperpaperchase: well, I don't like pain or stuff like that.

    ruggerbloke: oh no, I just mean being kinda loud, but no pain and stuff...just being kinda bossy and all.

    aproperpaperchase: sounds fun then. :) I like it when a guy takes charge.

    ruggerbloke: yeah? Want me to make you suck my cock boy?

    aproperpaperchase: :) yes sir.

    ruggerbloke: haha...I shoot big loads too. You better be warned.

    aproperpaperchase: so do i...especially when I get fucked hard and long.

    ruggerbloke: I can do that.

    ruggerbloke: you into anything?

    aproperpaperchase: nah, just a fun guy for the night...

    ruggerbloke: nice.

    aproperpaperchase: u really like to go to town on a guy, huh?

    ruggerbloke: yeah. I also usually work up a huge sweat and I'm hairy. Is that cool?

    aproperpaperchase: yeah, why do you ask?

    ruggerbloke: some guys don't like it.

    aproperpaperchase: its find by me man.

    aproperpaperchase: I'm hiv neg and no stds. U clean?

    ruggerbloke: yeah man, just got tested and I only play safe.

    aproperpaperchase: ditto

    ruggerbloke: sweet. Mind if I come over?

    aproperpaperchase: sure sounds good. I'm next to spilbur. You?

    ruggerbloke: nice, I'm right in spilbur.

    aproperpaperchase: no shit?

    ruggerbloke: yeah -- 1317 -- top floor

    aproperpaperchase: wow nice. View? Got a roommate?

    ruggerbloke: yeah a real dillweed and no view...otherwise I'd have you over.

    aproperpaperchase: cool. I'll meet you downstairs we can go grab a coffee and then head over.

    ruggerbloke: ok. You got rubbers?

    aproperpaperchase: yeah and lube.

    aproperpaperchase: cya in 10?

    ruggerbloke: you bet.

    And Thursday night is bar review...
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