Escapade II

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    Katie arrived in room 324.
    She was shocked to see Abby putting some clothes into her closet.
    "Abby!" Katie exclaimed. "Oh my gosh, I didn't know we were roommates."
    "Oh my gosh. Me either." Abby said. "I knew it was some girl with a K-name I didn't know it was you. Wow what a coincidence." Abby wrapped her arms around Katie.
    "I know. How have you been?" Katie said setting her luggage on the other bed.
    "Great. You? Are you still with Jason?"
    "Yeah I am. He's such a sweetie I forgot my cell phone and he's going back to get it."
    "Aww. So tell me everything..."
    As the girl's got accustomed to their new enviroment...

    Meanwhile that evening Jason arrived to Jared's house.
    "Hey, I'm ready to help." Jason said, plopping down on Jared's bed. "I'm so tired, driving all day and helping moving in."
    "Oh I bet." Jared said sitting next to him.
    "So are you ready to get you're stuff loaded." Jason said sitting up.
    "Actually I have some shit to pack yet. I was hoping you could help me." Jared said trying not to laugh.
    "What's wrong?" Jason said, smiling now.
    "Nothing." Jared said laughing.
    "Tell me." Jason said confused now.
    "Some shit to pack." Jared said hinting around.
    "Ohhhh. I get it." Jason laughed. "I just got done fucking Katie earlier today."
    "Oh." Jared said, turning his head.
    "But..." Jason paused. "I guess I can go another round." Jason said. Jared looked over at him eagarly. Jason noticed the bulge in Jared's shorts and started to get one also.

    Jared was wearing a muscle t-shirt with cut-off sleeves, and shorts that were baggy. Jason eyed Jared's body up and down. From his muscular hairy swimmer's legs. To his tan muscular arms. Jason took his hand and rubbed it over Jared's abs and pecs. Then he took his other hand and slipped it up Jared's short leg. Jason noticed that Jared wasn't wearing underwear either. Doesn't anybody in this world wear underwear? He thought to himself. He quickly found Jared's warm hairy scrotum and erect penis. Gently massaging his balls and then stroking his penis under his shorts. Jared leaned in and kissed Jason. While they were kissing and Jason was playing with Jared's equipment, Jared started to unbutton and unzippered Jason's jeans. Jason reached out from underneath his shorts and started to take off Jared's shorts. He then took off his own pants and boxers. Jared had a 9 inch penis with a 5 inch girth. It was the biggest and thickest penis Jason had ever seen. Jason removed his shirt, and Jared removed his. Jason then got down on his knees and gripped Jared's dick. He gently started stroking and with the upward stroke small drops of precum oozed out of the head. Jason, using his tounge, licked it off the head.

    Jared shook with excitement. Jason then took his tounge and swirled it around his head. He then licked the shaft up and down. And now to the scrotum. He curled his lips and got one of the testicles in his mouth. Gently sucking on it not too hard to pull and cause pain. Jared had a loose sac, there was lots of skin. Jason then released the testicle and emerged Jason's cock into his mouth. He could only get it so far without gagging. He worked that part of the penis. Bobbing his head up and down Jared let out slight moans. "Oh fuck, that feels so damn good." Jared said. "Do you ohhh yeah do you wanna fuck me or should I fuck you?" Jared asked. While Jason still had Jared's cock in his mouth he pointed to himself first and then to Jared, meaning me to you.
    "Okay are you ready?" Jared asked.
    Jason nodded and stopped sucking Jared's cock. "You have condoms?" Jason asked. "Me and Katie don't use them." Jared said yes, and handed Jason a condom. Jason opened the package and slipped the condom onto his penis. Jared lay down on his back on the bed and lifted his legs towards him revealing his hairy hole. Jason held his penis and lined it up with Jared's hole. The condom was lubricated but additional lubrication was needed. Jared grabbed some from the night stand and handed it to Jason. Jason poured some on Jared's asshole and on his penis. He the put his head of the penis near the whole. Slowly he pushed it in. It gently and smoothly slid into his ass and all the time Jared let out little moans. Once it was completely in Jason pulled it gently back out and back in again. Nice and slowly. "Oh that feels so fucking good." Jared said.
    "I know." Jason sighed. Gradually Jason started to get faster and faster.
    "Oh fucking ride me." Jared exclaimed. The feeling was intense. He loved it. He started stroking his own cock. Jason leaned down over Jared's body and they made out, while Jason still rode away.

    "Oh my god." Abby sat straight up in her bed. She heard the gunshot go off. "Katie wake up?" Abby looked over at the clock. It was 2 o'clock in the morning. "Oh my god Katie did you hear that?"
    "Hear what?" Katie said groaning stirring in her bed.
    "That gunshot did you hear it?" Abby jumped out of her bed and looked outside her window it was as calm and peacefull as it was before she went to sleep. Maybe she drempt it. No she couldn't of have.
    "No I didn't. Are you sure it was a gunshot?" Katie said rubbing her eyes like a small child.
    "Yes." Abby exclaimed. She grew up in the country area she had heard her share of gunshots. She was afraid to open the door. Seconds later the girls heard police sirens.
    "Oh my god." Katie bolted straight up. The first thing that popped into her head was Jason. "Oh my god, Jason...I have to call him. Abby can I use your cell phone please."
    "Yeah sure." Abby ran around to the side of her drawer to open her purse and get out her razor cell phone. People were starting to gather outside of the hallway to see what was going on.
    Katie frantically dialed the numbers to her boyfriends cell.

    An hour and a half away Jason's cell phone rang on Jared's bedside. Jason stirred from under the covers when he heard his ringtone. Jared woke up. "What's the matter?"
    "It's Katie. She's calling me." Jason got up from the bed and walked over to the nightstand. He was nude and with a semi-hardon he picked up the phone.
    "Hey hunny." He walked over to the bed to sit down next to Jared who was also nude and now was sitting next to Jason.
    Jared started massaging Jason's muscular shoulders. Jason shrugged him off and stood up.
    "Where are you?" Katie demanded.
    "I'm staying at Jared's place, hun. We were packing his stuff and then it got too late to come to the campus so we decided to crash here for the night."
    "Okay well at least your safe." Kaite exclaimed.
    "Hunny what are you talking about?" Jason said looking at Jared. They both had a concerned look on their face.
    "There was just a gunshot that went off at the campus, and the police just arrived." Katie started crying. "Jason I'm so scared."
    "Hang on baby I'll be right there. I love you." Jason said and he hung up the phone. Quickly he went to get his jeans and t-shirt.
    "What's wrong?" Jared asked.
    "The girls heard a gunshot at the campus and now the police are there."
    "Oh my gosh." Jared said. "I hope nobody is hurt. Do you want me to come with you?" Jared asked.
    "Yeah get dressed." Jason said.

    We ran across the yard as we heard the sirens ring out. Adrenaline was racing through our bodies. I never did anything like that in my life. I saw the police racing down University Avenue. She grabbed my arm and yanked it towards a ditch that was filled with bushes and leaves. I tripped over a rock and rolled down the hill covering my body with leaves and dirt. I laid there catching my breath. She came running down and pounced on top of me. We waited as we heard the police yell out. We must have run the length of a football field. Panting I turned to her and said "Do you think they'll find us?" and turned to me smiling and put her forefinger to my lips, signaling me to shush. She then leaned in and kissed me. I was panting for air between kisses. I started carsessing her breasts. And she was rubbing her hand over my chest. She started to unbuckle my belt. She unzipped my pants and stuck her too fingers on my warm pussy....
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    I've noticed I'm swtiching from first person point of view to third person point of view. There is a narroator and it does go inside the characters don't get confused.
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