Eternal pride of having a large penis !

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    Oct 6, 2002
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    Central Europe
    Next table conversation, today, 17-10-2002

    A young guy (18-19 y.o.) from a sport team in Cluj approaches the table where his friends are eating; he's carrying a huge tray with the lunch. Great cock-bulge: 1000% visible, you could see almost accurately his balls and his big tool, some 6" soft I'd say, as the pants mould on his manhood. Low voices. A pal of his: - Do something, man, everybody sees your dick through the pants. It's so big ! The owner: - [grin, he grips his dick with his right hand] If you'd see it hard ! A second guy: - Aah, he's just vaunting. [takes a look to the guy's crotch] Fuck you !... The owner laughs. - Yeah-yeah, cheap talking, I know you'd both want to have such a big dick. Girls like it and if my dick can be seen through my pants that's good, because girls will fuck with me. It's good to have a big dick like mine.

    Simple, plain, realistic, no LPSG-esque dilemmas in this guy's head. I felt a bit of "camaraderie" and when I left my table, I made enough noise for this guy to see me. I saw him glancing at my bulge, I looked at him and he smiled, I smiled back and heard him indelicately burping. "That was a greeting", I jokingly said to myself and left the restaurant, whistling Johann Strauss's "Blue Danube" waltz...  

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    Girls with big boobs work for "Hooter's".

    This guy should work for "Hangers".


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    Oct 22, 2007
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    I have eternal pride in my perfectly shaped ears. I suppose pride over wang size isn't too far fetched.

    (apologies-I just realized, I'd somehow dragged this thread up from a while back. Must have hit Last page arrow >> instead of next arrow > when reviewing topics)
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