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Etymology of "hung"

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by B_Gravedancer, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. B_Gravedancer

    B_Gravedancer Banned

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Why exactly is this word used to describe the big dicked
  2. B_capslock

    B_capslock Banned

    Jul 16, 2006
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    rear view mirror!
    probably because people get all "hung" up on Peniss's's's's's''s's'...
  3. sam_solo26

    sam_solo26 Loved Member

    Jan 31, 2008
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    Far Corner of the Universe
    From what I've found online, two dictionary sources say the term originates from the term "well-hung", used around 1611. That's it...:confused:

    I've also heard that the term may have originally been used to describe if a hanging had been successful. Blood would rush to the genitalia, causing it to swell. Maybe it was a play on words back then, a phrase with a double meaning (or maybe it acquired the double meaning as it was used for often, who knows). Hope this helps! :biggrin1:
  4. Johnny77

    Johnny77 Experimental Member

    Oct 27, 2007
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    Minneapolis (MN, US)
    FUN with Penis Math

    So, most are essential cylindrical, some thicker ones are oval in that dimension, some taper, and so forth. But essentially we are dealing
    with the math of a cylinder which is a circle times a length. In terms of volume that is 2pi*radius^squared*length.

    Of course the head is more or less dome-shaped but for the sake of simplicity, lets consider it part of a cylinder in that
    the cancellation due to greater girth cancels the effect oft the dome-shape, for the most part., on average.

    Now although in the USA this will be higher, with more blacks and fewer Asians, Vanity will dictate that I utilize world averages
    here, being a Citizen of the World:

    Assuming a world average of about 1.5 in width and 5.5 in length we can assume an average volume based on this formula:

    (C^2 / 4pi )* where C is circumference and L is length. In this case, we have 9.72 cubic inches and now since most of the world
    is metric we convert to that via (2.54)^3 thus 159 cc. A nice correspondence is that this is also 159 mL, and converting back
    to English we have * 1.057 /1000 = .1678 of a quart or 5.39 oz.

    Another nice coincidence is that 2.54 (Convert to metric) and pi (3.1415..) together equal about 8, (7.98) therefore a handy
    conversion to English width to Metric Girth is about 8, therefore, 1.5 inch width is about 12 cm girth. A have a lot of time on my
    hands so to speak. Another rough conversion is about 2.5 to go from inches to
    cm, so 8 inches long is about 20 cm long.

    Well, so I thought, how do I measure up. Looking at some Kinsey stats I was surprised to find out I stack up okay, not a porn star
    of course, and not like a gay man is typically, but okay for a regular working-class dude. Well commensurate with my height and
    shoe-size with respect to standard deviations (about 2 or 3) That ol' bell curve does flatten out fast at the extremes, right?

    Well, okay, I thought lets get ready for the big orgiastic parties I will surely now be invited to. So I bought a box of Regulars,
    Magnum Ls Magnum XLs and just for fun, Durex XXL (only available online, not in stores). Through work with multiple search
    engines, I could not locate a true sale of XXXL or XXXXL condoms, so where do porn
    stars go?

    But seriously, I found that even regulars are cut to 7 3/4 length, which should of course cover 2 standard deviations and the
    bulk of the population here in _____________

    So I thought, well, this is over two inches of excess for Mr. Joe Average, so, certainly I can presume to wear a size that
    may indeed be an inch over myself?

    For fun I will use Metric:

    Regular: 11 cm girth (wow thats tight) and 18 cm length
    L: 12 cm girth and 20 cm length
    XL: 14 cm girth and 22 cm length
    XXL: 13 cm girth and 24 cm length (they cut them thinner for some reason, why??)

    So, Regular, and L, right out, sorry, well L would do in a pinch, XL, I will be honest, a little loose, except on a very good
    day (night), in which they fit nicely, XXL, fit very nicely, perhaps a little long, (2 cm) but refer to my comment above (a little left over is okay).
    Vanity does dictates that on the ventral side they extend completely. (they do)

    And from actual measurements, some XLs are only 8 (20 cm) long, some are 8.5, (22 cm and the XXLs are supposed to be 9.5 (24 cm) but are actually around 8.5 (22) or 9 (23), but of course they stretch both in girth and length...so do you get a condom about 1 cm low in girth and 2 cm low in length?

  5. D_Bob_Crotchitch

    Jun 11, 2006
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    Maybe it's because they large ones hung down low.
  6. plumbr

    plumbr Experimental Member

    Oct 5, 2008
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    New York, New York
    Hung is past tense of hang so I am guessing if you're going to describe someone's cock that you saw hanging and dangling then you would say it "was hung" off his body. Just a wild guess.
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