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    Do you think if you visit this site a lot, you could become even more (if you already are...) obsessed, or at least think about more... COCK? Your cock (if you have one, I know there are a few other women on here), or your boyfriend's cock (again, if you have one), or random guy's cock, or just male genitals in general (balls too, but it's easier just to say cock instead of keep writing 'cock and balls' :tongue:).

    Um... I ASK because I told my b/f in pub last night that he has a nice "mushroomhead", and I'd never said that to him before I read it on this site (a thread asking if guys have them). He said "how do you know about that?" asking as if I'm all sweet and innocent (he knows I'm not really though!) - I just said "I have access to the internet" haha. Also, was in his car and I said (about his furry dice), yes you have a nice hanging pair (as in refering to balls!). Another thing I hadn't said before. I mean... I've always been obsessed with HIS genitals (and all of him really!), since we got together (his cock and balls are just BEAUTIFUL)... and I've always been dirty minded in general and lustful (hence the name)... but, I don't know. If you spend a lot of time on here, obviously talking/thinking about male genitals, could it make you obsessed/even more obsessed... in any way?
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