Ever almost cum unplanned?

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    Apr 7, 2006
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    I guess it is called premature ejaculation. But was wondering if anyone has
    almost popped one off someplace that was not a good place to be cumming. My example is that once I was in my gym doing cardio on the
    cycle bike sitting. My mind was relaxed and I started to get sort of
    turned on by the other half clad guys working out. I got a stiffy but
    never slowed down my workout. I was not even I thought all that worked
    up. Then after only a couple minutes I felt that feeling of "point of no
    return" building in my loins. It seemed to just start. I of course was not even touching my penis. I was real surprised
    and could hardly believe that I was ready to shoot. I had to stop my
    workout and slam my feet back on the floor and halt all movement to
    keep it from coming. I barely made it. I did manage to relax and finish
    my workout after a couple of minutes. Strange. It never happened again.
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