Ever been surprised by the type of underwear someone wears?

Discussion in 'Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues' started by mthomson2020, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I know I stereotype people into what kind of underwear I think they wear. Has anyone ever been surprised?

    Example: You think someone is a boxer guy and you go to the locker room and he's in briefs.

    I'm probably the only guy in my friend group that wears briefs but I'd say boxerbriefs are more popular.

    If I'm at the gym and I see a guy, I try to just guess what kind of guy he is: aka is he a boxers or briefs (or boxerbriefs) guy?

    Today, I was dead wrong on a guy. Would have bet the farm that he didn't even own a pair of briefs. You know the kind of guy I'm talking about. Just looked like strictly boxers, not even boxerbriefs kind of guy. I'm in the locker room and he strips down to a pair of grey Calvin Klein briefs.

    Any other experiences?
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    I shared this story awhile back, many many many years ago I was working for a very high profile conservative right wing company. I worked in the mail room, which was in a separate building. We also shared the space with the 'wellness center' (aka a decent sized gym with locker area). On occasion if out bathroom was in use we would 'step over' and use the locker room gym. On this occasion the VP of HR was there. As I walked in he dropped trou to reveal.....shiny satin red bikini briefs. I honestly don't remember the package, he was in decent shape, but the briefs/panties floored me- this man was the personification of conservative values.

    On a side note, I shared this info with a friend who worked in his division. She was the proverbial 'big girl' with a great laugh. One day she walked up and slugged me, saying she was in a big important meeting with him and suddenly all she could picture was him in red satin panties and had to leave the room as she could not stop giggling... (not could she tell what was so funny)
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