Ever made a willy?

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    Has anyone ever used one of those willy-moulding kits?

    We bought one, with extra mixes but had no joy at all.

    Firstly, the tube they included was way too small, so we had to find a bigger one (requiring extra alginate, of course).

    Then my lady assistant started giggling and my cock drooped and the alginate sets in about 30 seconds, so no time to waste, too late, my cock just bounced off it as I tried to put it in.

    Next, the cock was touching the side of the tube, without us knowing, and their was a hole where the head should be.

    Next, it played up be skewing to one side and not being fully hard (it's impossible to know how hard you are, when you're surrounded by that stuff).

    Then we had no more alginate.

    What would be perfect would be a spray-on fast setting silicone so I could get good and hard get my lady to spray over the whole thing (balls and all), peel it off, fill with another silicone and make a mold from that.

    Anyone got any success stories?
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    Never tried it soz.
    If she bought it, I'm wondering if she's wanting your cock then telling you to piss off as she has her very own BudCock. ;>
    Nor man.
    But ye, they're probs a waste. Try doing it by yourself?
  3. Phil Ayesho

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    San Diego
    This would not have worked. Silicone ( I use it all the time) is not stiff enough to hold its shape in a thin, sprayed on coat... and it does not set as fast as alginate...
    And the catalysts it uses are either soaps of tin, or soaps of platinum- either way, not a good idea to have against your skin while curing.

    Also- you can not reliably pour silicone into a silicone mold- they tend to bond.

    Besides... most commercially available dildoes are actually made out of Vinyl mixed with vegetable oil.... not silicone- and vinyl is poured at about 400 degrees F.

    For best success with molding your own member- source the alginate and the tube ( which acts as a "mother mold" to hold the cured alginate in its set shape) The tube needs to be big enough to accommodate curvature and such. open at both ends.
    Mix the alginate with warm water to prevent thermal shrinkage, perform the operation first thing in the morning while you have your most persistent piss hard on...( or maybe with some viagra if it has that effect on you )
    and/or stick a low profile cockring on to ensure you can maintain.

    Generally- its a good idea to put the tube on your dick first- THEN pour the alginate around the dick- this way you can ensure the dick is well centered in the tube.

    One way to keep from having your thing press against the tube wall, creating a hole in the mold, is to use a sound.
    Slide the sound down your urethra, with enough sticking out that it sticks all the way out the top of the tube--- this way you can hold the sound as your assistant mixes and pours the alginate into the tube. (eta- you can also slide the sound in and out a little to create stimulation that will help maintain the erection)

    Just press the bottom of the tube down against your pubis to control leaking.

    Once set, slide out the sound, first.

    Alginate molds begin to change shape within hours. They are only good for one or two castings.

    Immediately stick a plug in the hole left by the sound, invert the mold and cast a plaster master.

    Once you take that out, you have a durable master that can be carved and perfected... any bubble flaws fixed... even reshape the tip to eliminate the evidence of the sound.

    THEN make a good silicone mold from your plaster master.... take it down to the nearest company that makes dildoes, and ask them to make you one...

    Do not try to melt and pour hot vinyl at home- its toxic.

    OR- if money and embarrassment are no object- have your erect member SCANNED by a 3D scanning facility- then you can output that scan data at any size, in just about any medium.

    And here's a funny trick- cast a silicone pecker using an inexpensive tin cured silicone... drop it into a bucket of mineral spirits or lacquer thinner and leave it for a few days.

    It will soak up the thinner like a fine poured sponge and swell up to twice
    its original size.
    Just take it out of the bucket when its a size you like and take a new plaster mold....

    This is probably the only actually effective way to significantly enlarge your organ.
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