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Ex Marks the Spot


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Jan 2, 2005
Near Boston
69% Straight, 31% Gay
My wife is hot. It's not just my opinion. When we go to a restaurant I always take the table furtherest from the door. That way I can hear men yelp in pain as their wives/dates/girlfriends kick them under the table for staring at my wife as we walk by.

Why wouldn't they? Susan's long brown hair, green eyes and killer bod make her irresistible eye candy. The fact that she knows how to dress, wrapping her curves in skin-tight designer clothes that skirt the line between slut and fashionista, only makes it worse.

For them. As you might have guessed I like it when other men stare at my wife, wanting her, knowing that she's mine.

Well that last part's not exactly true. She is and she isn't. Susan and I have a terrific marriage and a great sex life. But I know what she likes and I don't have it. I'm referring, of course, to my dick. Although my cock's perfectly proportioned and thick, it's only four inches long. Susan likes her men horse hung. As big as humanly possible.

I made that discovery when we had a threesome. The man sharing my drop-dead gorgeous wife was blessed with a thick 10.5" cock. Seriously. At some point in our numerous encounters we measured it. Ten-and-a-half inches. And OMG did he drive Susan wild. She did things with him, made sounds with him, that I'd never seen or heard in five years of marriage.

For example, Susan rode him on top. With me, we just didn't go there. With him, well, she couldn't wait to sit on his huge cock, lowering her tight wet pussy onto his manhood until all of it was buried inside her. And then she went nuts, fucking him like a woman possessed, literally sucking the cum out of his monster cock with violent yet precisely controlled movements. Screaming, shouting, swearing, yelling and cumming. Many, many times.

I digress. Suffice it to say, I love my wife. Her pleasure is my pleasure. Literally. So Mr. Threesome became regular part of our life. I bought a gigantic dildo for those times he was unavailable and I wanted to hear those sounds.

Everything was going fine---until I realized that I was becoming obsessed with dick size. His dick size. In fact, I was crossing the line into cuckholdom. I didn't want to be verbally insulted or anything like that. The threesomes were genuine threesomes. But I found that nothing turned me on like watching that massive cock pounding my wife to orgasm and cumming inside her.

And then, one time . . .

He'd just finished fucking her on the couch. He pulled out his monster cock. I remember it half-hard glistening with her pussy juice and his cum. Susan's eyes followed his huge cock as he moved to the chair besides the couch. I got into position, desperate to fuck his cum into her and add my own. She refused to open her legs. Just like that. Locked together.

The guy who'd just fucked my wife looked over and laughed. "Open your legs," he commanded. That was it. I crossed the line. The idea that he could tell my beautiful wife to let me fuck her made me hornier than I'd ever been in my life. Don't ask me to explain it. I can't. But there it was. And if that wasn't enough to turn me on, she shook her head.

He stood up, brought his half-hard to her face and lowered it into her mouth just inches in front of my eyes. She opened her mouth willingly. "Open your legs," he said again. This time she complied. And as I sunk my rock hard four inches into her stretched, cum-filled pussy Susan began to move her hips. At the same time her head was bobbing up and down slightly. I put two and two together. She was imagining him fucking her.

That did it. I shot my load.

From that point on I sank deeper and deeper into the whole big dick cuckhold thing. The next phase: I asked her about her first husband's dick. Susan said his cock was even bigger than our threesome guy. That blew my mind, of course. Was such a thing even possible? And if he was that big why had they divorced? Susan said sex had become routine with him. A chore. How the hell did that happen?

Initially, I thought it had to do with love and all that kind of stuff. But something didn't seem right. Then Susan told me her ex had lusted after teenage girls during their marriage. Legal age, but teens. Thinking about it, it dawned on me that Susan had been a teenager when she married her first husband. So he liked them young. And he'd divorced her when she hit 30. It all made sense.

One day, he came over to the house with his new wife, an extremely fit twenty-something who looked even younger (at least to me). I made sure that my eldest daughter was there with her girlfriends. It was a blazing hot Summer day. Susan asked the couple if they wanted to go swimming. Needless to say, the idea filled me with a weird mixture of dread and excitement. I was about to see the massive cock that had fucked my wife for years. I was both relieved and disappointed when he dove in wearing a pair of boxer-style swimming trunks.

When he came out of the pool everything changed. The boxer shorts clung to his body like a second skin, revealing a fire hose of flesh. It lay all the way down his leg, a couple of inches from the end of the shorts. It was as big as anything I'd seen in porn. A comic book cock of stupid, epic proportions. He saw me looking at it and smirked.

It was an expression that said "Go on look. Look at what you'll never have. Look at the 11" cock that ripped your wife's virgin cunt apart and made her a size queen."

The look lasted a second. It lasted an eternity. He turned away. I saw where he had turned his attention. Her name was Lisa and I'd been wanting to fuck her since my daughter had introduced us. She had long black hair, black eyes and large, perfectly shaped breasts. She stood by the outdoor bar in a tight black bikini that showed off acres of tanned skin. And she was staring straight at him.