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    Liberty Hughes lay in the warm afterglow of what truly had to be the most amazing sex she had ever had. Finally after 13 years, 4 months, 1 week and 2 days (not that she had kept track), she'd been with Chet Holland who now as a fully developed man was even dreamier than he had seemed back in their first encounter in the 10th grade.

    At the time, Chet was an all around school athlete, playing basketball, baseball and football, in addition to being a member of the school newspaper staff and Newman Club. Ah yes! The Newman club. Meant to attract the good Catholics of Ramon Escobar High School. it was actually more of a magnet for sex crazed teens-some who weren't even confirmed in the Catholic Church.

    Then there was Chet, who stubbornly stuck to his values. Hell, even Mr.Romano the faculty advisor had been known to go to homeplate once a girl turned 18 (Liberty knew this herself as she gave herself to him the day after she turned 18). And Mr.Romano had once been a few steps past full ordination as a priest, becoming a Jesuit brother for close to 5 years. Then again, maybe Mr.Romano was making up for lost time and chances. As for Chet, it was more a matter of full and rigid moral beliefs which he would abide by until he entered college and discovered the joys associated with debauchery. College life with beer, pot and parties can nullify even the most intense code of morality.

    Now several years later and with a failed marriage under each of them-which incidentally were still active on paper as neither could bring their sorry asses to divorce their sex partner-the two were finally joined in sexual bliss. Liberty had sighed in sheer delight and ecstasy as Chet had plunged his fat tube of meat into her waiting slot. It felt every bit as good as she had known it would and as Chet worked his 7 inches in and out and stirred it around in her pleasure trough she cursed herself silently for not having even attempted seducing him back then. Of course, given that she had joined the Newman Club because of the sex and that Chet at the time was still pure and unskilled it most likely would have been a disappointment for Liberty. No, it was better that she had waited. By the time Chet had finished working his magic on her, she had climaxed into a body numbing orgasm of her own just seconds after the 28 year old Chet had released his thick round of semen into her through heavy pulsating spurts.

    Chet himself marveled at the glorious feeling which Liberty generated in him from his well shaped toes and feet to the ends of his still thick and wavy jet black hair. Not to mention the incredible feeling her love tunnel had furnished his cock with. When he finally pulled out, Chet ran his fingers along his shaft making sure that his beloved foreskin hadn't somehow come off during Liberty's gripping orgasm. As you can tell, even though he had good-no, make that fantastic-looks and was quite the athlete and a good mixer with people, he wasn't the brightest bulb. When he was 19 a few of his college fraternity brothers told him they had lost their skins through the sensuous pull of women tightening their snatches around their rods. Chet Holland had believed it and even spoke to his dad about it. Unfortunately, Melvin Holland had been quite inebriated at the time and told his son that this was the God's honest truth. The simple fact of the matter was that Chet's dad, his 3 blood brothers and his fraternity brothers had all been circumcised early in life whereas Chet had been left untouched.

    Still Chet believed the story which Bill, Zeke, Thatch and Jose-and his own dad-had told him. This was unfortunate since it turned out that Chet was a very skilled and gifted fucker and 9 out of 10 times-well maybe only 8 out of 10-he brought a woman to weakness and a body shaking orgasm causing poor Chet to check for his skin, which amazingly it seemed to him, was still attached. he had mentioned this to his dad again a few years after he had gotten married to Clementine Buel and his dad had refused to even discuss the matter. Being less than a genius, Chet tried speaking to Clemetine's father and the man slugged him in the stomach-rightly so-and instructed Chet to never mention his daughter sexually again. This just further confused Chet. But enough about foreskins and orgasms and the ludicrous idea that a foreskin could be shorn off during sex. This is a tale-a true one I swear-about Liberty Valencia Hughes (married name Bartlett) and Chet Glenn Holland and how they finally got it on.

    At the time of their 10th high school reunion, Liberty and Chet were both stuck in the thick mire of failed marriages, each saddled with 4 screaming children and in Chet's case another one due at any moment. They renewed their friendship which had gone into dormancy during their college years. Several phone calls and e-mails were exchanged for the next number of months until Liberty was sent to Charlottesville Virginia to oversee the opening of a new branch office. Realizing it was a fairly short drive over the hills to Staunton where Chet now lived, she called him at work one afternoon and they decided to see each other on Friday which was only hours away
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    Friday morning came in sunny but cold and blustery. The temperatures in Charlottesville had dipped well below freezing and the wind tore through whatever layers of clothing one might be wearing and chilled the flesh. Except for Liberty who felt the flush of warmth which is usually found in people either in love-or what they think is love-and those about to engage in an illicit affair. Liberty had both of those, so even the frozen tundra would have seemed like San Diego in the summer to her. Over in Staunton, Chet was glad he'd convinced his obviously frigid wife to take the children to see their grandparents down in Chapel Hill.

    Oh, if you wonder why Chet considered Clementine frigid, it's simple. In nearly 8 years of marriage-brought on by her unfortunate pregnancy-she had never squeezed her pussy lips tight around his cock. She'd tried hard to fake it a few times, but it never worked since her husband knew the real thing. Clementine was in the marriage because it was what a girl did. You grow up get married and have children and then there are grandchildren and occasionally great-grandchildren and then you die. Seemed straightforward enough to her. The fact that a man had to be part of it was just another fact to her and keeping those facts going kept her from thinking of the one thing she really wanted. The same as her husband, Clementine wanted and desired pussy. The one she desired most to see, smell and slurp was that of the divinely sultry and gorgeous Liberty Hughes. She'd seen photos of Liberty in her husband's school yearbook and was immediately smitten. Little did she know her husband was equally smitten-or in lust perhaps-with Liberty.

    Liberty had driven the thirty some odd miles to Staunton and then up the roads and streets until she found the one on which was situated Chet and Clementine Holland's 14 room Victorian style house. Chet hated the place but it was big enough for the ever growing family and gave him space to be alone when he wanted seclusion. As she settled the vehicle into the space in front of the house she felt a bead of moisture forming deep between her coyly clasped legs.

    A few moments passed and the door opened revealing a well dressed and groomed Chet. He gave a slight wave towards the car before turning and locking the door. He felt his pecker stiffen as he imagined the silky smoothness and flowing juices of the woman he had nearly lost his virginity to. If he hadn't been so moral he would have gone ahead and allowed it when she had asked him to have sex with her. That was while they were dancing close during the Senior prom. Liberty had turned 18 the day before and wanted to celebrate. Chet had attained the 18 year mark, 2 months earlier and had celebrated by going to hear music by some monks at a local priory.

    As I indicated Chet was a bit different from his peers. When Chet politely declined Liberty, she turned to the Newman Club faculty advisor who had absolutely no objection. Her only winning moment that night had been when Mr.Romano began eating her out. She'd never been with a man with a full beard and mustache before that and had experienced very little in the way of oral upon her-although she had exhibited excellent skills on various males and their tools. When he had finished, Romano had then mounted her and fucked her into a frenzy as her sweet and savory pussy juices dried in his facial hair.

    Now all these years later, with her mind drifting back to past encounters, Liberty eyed Chet as he walked his handsome physique down the 7 stairs and along the 40 foot long footwalk towards the car. Subconsciously her tongue slipped from her mouth and swirled a few times around her lips, stopping just a split second before Chet opened the passenger side door.

    "It was close this morning." Chet announced as he slid his 6'4" 230 pound frame into the SUV which Liberty had wisely chosen to rent for her 2 months in Charlottesville. "She was gong to back out and cancel taking the kids to see her folks. I had to promise her a few new outfits and...get this...a personal assistant! Personal assistant? She doesn't ex..." Chet trailed off. "sorry, This is time for you and me and nobody else exists right now." then smelling the air he added, "What is that beautiful scent?"

    "You like? I'ts Caspian Spring a new fragrance we've been developing at our labs in San Fernando." Liberty smiled and placed her hand on Chet's thigh. Speaking of scents..."

    "You'll get your chance my sweet. As will I." He sighed. "I can't believe we waited so long. What the heck was wrong with me?

    "You needed to explore and so did I. It wasn't all bad, I know I've had some good times."

    "Yeah me too. Just wish...aw, no sense in going back to what could have been. We're here now." As Liberty shifted the car into drive, Chet motioned towards the intersection ahead. "Just make a right up here and follow it'll get us there." He was speaking about the location of his rendezvous apartment located a little distance away in the aptly named Fort Defiance.

    This was the second apartment he'd taken as a place for his continued marital indiscretions. The first had become a problem when his brother-in-law had moved into a nearby unit upon his divorce from a philandering wife. The efficiency apartment in Fort Defiance provided the main needs: A king size bed, a walk in shower and a large tub-as well as the things most furnished efficiency units had such as a stove, refrigerator and sink among other things. This unit had an added feature of being at the end of a series of 38 attached cells which afforded a small extra amount of privacy. The downside was the poor heating system although that rarely caused Chet a problem since he was usually wrapped in the arms and legs of his latest paramour which more than balanced out the lack of heat.

    A few short minutes passed and they arrived at Shenandoah Terrace the absurdly named complex. Liberty stared at the cheap wooden structure and knew if it had been anyone other than Chet, she would have decided not to go in. But it was Chet, and so she knew it would be okay. She parked the car and the two of them got out.

    "It's the one at the end." he gestured towards the left where a piece of material flapped wildly in the wind. A second glance revealed it was a flag of some sort, possibly a replica of an old U.S. flag. It was so faded and torn it was impossible to tell. "It's nicer inside." Chet assured Liberty as he wrapped his arm around her, once more reminded of her perfect height. At 5'11"-barefoot-Liberty was a tall one; but, it seemed to be a feature most men appreciated for various reasons.

    "You selected it so I know it's beautiful." she smiled in a shy schoolgirl way which nearly made her laugh considering she was anything but shy.

    The two entered the room, the musty smell which never seemed to leave invaded their nostrils. Liberty took a deep breath and declared how wonderful it all seemed. In her adoring eyes, it was wonderful and she practically danced across the room to the bed which lay with beckoning allure. In fairness, the bed and the linens which Chet had selected, were the nicest feature of the room after the side window which offered a spectacular view. Since the drapes were closed, Liberty didn't see that.

    Wasting no time, the two fell into an embrace and physical exploration of each other, their tongues diving deep inside the others mouth and then pulling back as the other tongue slipped into their mouth. In ten minutes time the two were completely undressed and gazing with appreciation the body of the other.

    Chet scooped Liberty up and placed her gently on the bed. The look on her face was one of disappointment, which he knew from past encounters with the fairer sex, meant one thing. He lifted her up again and tossed her down with some force before pounding his fists on his well muscled chest the thick black hairs curling even more than those on his head. He then went to the foot of the bed and began the crawl upwards separating Liberty's legs as he moved up he kissed her toes and feet and then her knees and thighs before his mouth arrived at her well of refreshment.

    Liberty moaned in joy filled bliss as Chet nuzzled his face into her valley his tongue moving in between the folds as he began to part her eager lips. For what seemed to be an eternity, he worked his charms from this angle, discovering her love button and stimulating it with his fingers and tongue until he himself could take no more and he moved further up, briefly exploring her indented naval and then continuing up to her shaped breasts where he sucked greedily first on one nipple and then the other, switching back and forth for several minutes before he knew he was ready for the moment they'd both awaited for so long.

    "Are you sure?" he asked her once more. "It's okay if you don't want to. What you've allowed me..."

    Liberty grabbed the stiffened throbbing manpipe and softly said, "I'm more than ready and sure. I need you now."

    With no further invitation needed, Chet lifted himself up and took his cock and placed it at the portal, rubbing it over the area a few times letting his corona gain a glistening before he pushed in....

    ...to be continued...
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