"Family" in the health care system - thoughts?

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    I am currently working on a project at work looking at patient- and family-centered care and how my hospital can do a better job. I was wondering if anyone would like to share any stories or experiences you have had in the health care system relating to family, how you were treated, information sharing, etc.

    There is really a big push to "re-define" family - meaning that it may not be blood relatives but, really, the primary support person in that patient's life. I think one obvious example would be same sex partners or even the patient's friend or neighbor. This push is really leading to talking about who are "visitors" to patients in the hospital - are family considered "visitors" - the answer really is a loud, resounding "NO".

    So I would really be interested in hearing from you. What have been your experiences (as patients or family) - how were you treated? Were you included in important decisions? Were you allowed to be with your loved one? Were your children allowed to visit? Here's an interesting one - how do you feel about seeing the standard "single, married, divorced" options on all of the forms you fill out? Any other observations?

    Thanks in advance.
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