1. contortionist

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    May 30, 2004
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    Recently I've 'discovered' that I'm really turned on by girlfriends and ex's telling me about their more endowed ex partners. I actively ask them to tell me how long they were and how far they could cum etc. I recall my first girlfriend telling me that I was even smaller than her brother (don't ask!). I'm writing this because I recently talked to my ex-wife after many years apart. She told me of her first boyfriend having a penis like another leg - AND I NEVER KNEW AT THE TIME! I was so turned on listening to her telling me this, I had to leave the room. Now I'm a fair size myself so can only hope they are now telling others about me.
    I don't really expect much response because, secretly, I think all guys think the same.
  2. Corius

    Corius New Member

    Mar 1, 2007
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    To each his own! But, IMHO, it is wise to view what happens between two consenting adults as personal and private. Surely, there are better ways to get "turned on" to sex. Human sexuality is too important to be cluttered up by too many persons. Preserve the wonderful aura of mystery surrounding the sexual relationship you have established with one person by avoiding all references to former or hope-for future relationships. Best advice would be to close your ears to such idle talk and, by all mean, keep your mouth shut,

    One's endowments are pretty much beyond one's control and one avoids unhappiness by avoiding comparisons. Envy does no one's enjoyment of sex any good.
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