Fat Joe vs. Daddy Yankee!

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    Daddy Yankee's surprise endorsement of John McCain at a Phoenix high school a couple of weeks ago has sparked outrage in one of the Puerto Rican communities biggest stars.

    Daddy Yankee made a statement saying that, "I believe in his ideals and his proposals to lead this nation," Yankee said. "He's been a fighter for the Hispanic community."

    Daddy, the reggaeton star, met McCain in 2006 when both were honored on the Time list of the planet's 100 most influential people. "McCain is the kind of man whose promises you can actually believe in. I'll support him till the end," Daddy told The New York Post from his home in Puerto Rico. "I don't care who I piss off. This is about my ideals, not about making friends."

    Daddy Yankee's uncharacteristic support of the John McCain campaign has gotten Joseph Cartagena better known as rapper Fat Joe very upset.

    Fat Joe told the Post that Daddy Yankee is, "disgusting . . . a sellout, ig-no-rant on the issues" and challenged Daddy to a debate. "If he debates me about politics, he will never talk another word about a politician for the rest of his life," said Joe.

    In an interview with MTV via phone from where the rap star was attending the DNC, Fat Joe said, "I opened the newspaper and got sick to my stomach," Joe continued. "I felt like I wanted to vomit when I seen that. The reason why I called him a sellout is because I feel he did that for a [publicity] look, rather than the issues that are affecting his people that look up to him. How could you want John McCain in office when George Bush and the Republicans already have half a million people losing their homes in foreclosure? We're fighting an unjust war. It's the Latinos and black kids up in the frontlines, fighting that war. ... We over here trying to take the troops out of Iraq and bring peace. This guy immediately wants war. If not with Iraq or Afghanistan, he'll start a new one with Iran. I feel real disgusted that Daddy Yankee would do that. Either he did that for a look, or he's just not educated on politics."

    "If he believes John McCain is the better candidate for the Latinos, we could sit down. Even if he wants to get into a debate, we can debate anywhere... New York or even Puerto Rico."

    "Like I said, with me, my whole philosophy on blacks and Latinos is: We're all one," he said. "We're in the same ghettos, same inner cities, and we're suffering from the same problems. Every problem the blacks have, the Latinos have. There's two systems of health care: the one for the rich that's really good, then there's the one for the inner city, where they leave ladies in the emergency room unattended for 24 hours until they drop dead. ... People don't even check on her hours after she's dead. This is normal stuff. This is what's happening in the U.S."

    Fat Joe then recalls a tragic event that he and his family suffered years ago...

    "My own sister... to me she was murdered by doctors," he claimed. "She was having a baby in the Bronx, and they gave her an epidural... a normal procedure that was supposed to numb her from the waist down. They numbed her from the waist up, because they had amateurs learning in the Bronx hospitals. Not even real doctors... but students murdered my sister in the inner city, in the Bronx. I love what Barack is doing with the heath care system. Once he gets universal health care for everybody, then we gotta step up our system to make it the best in the world"

    I personally can't wait for the smackdown
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    Who knew 'Fat Joe' was so insightful?
    Fat Joe can debate Daddy Yankee, but he must realize that the Latino vote is usually conservative and there's not much he can do to change that inclination.
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