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    I was just browsing through the photo pages just to see what's new etc. I than realized more so the kinds of photos, poses, location etc that I found stimulating the those that weren't.

    Stimulating photos were those that had profiles - true size can be seen in profiles IMO
    Hard-ons with no hands- like to see the true angle
    cum shots
    Fit cut guys, muscle shots
    Action MF, MM not into FF, fucking, sucking, eating
    Flaccid and balls
    thick, big, and average well proportioned cock
    good lighting, and natural
    at least some part of your body- legs, abs etc not just a close up of the cock, or head

    :196:Not into
    Cross dressers, especially panties, g-string- what was gained is lost and I go immediately limp! Can't hit the back button fast enough
    Skin and bones- anorexia is not my thing, seek help please
    Bushy pussy
    Gagging pics with puke or excess saliva- makes me gag
    too many of the same pose,
    dirty finger nails- sorry but hygiene is important and dirty nails gives something away about the poster.

    These are some turn ons and offs I can think of, what's yours here in LPSG?
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