Favorite Romantic quote or verse from a song.

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    I don’t care what your eyes see
    I don’t care what your arms feel
    I don’t care what you want to know
    I don’t care just let your feet say go

    I don’t understand your question
    You know you’re the only one for me
    I don’t understand your best friend
    But I get startled easily

    Where have you been all night?
    I checked my watch for the fourteenth time I was thinking about
    what you had in mind when you said

    honey yours are the only hands that feel right
    Cuz I meant it when I said that yours are the only hands that
    ever felt right
    , ever felt right, ever felt right

    Don’t let the truth come between us
    Cuz only the end will pull us apart
    I feel like Apollo
    And you could be my Venus
    I close my eyes and hold my hands and walk up to a broken heart

    (this song makes me well up in tears)
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