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Feeling Inadequate

Discussion in 'Ask a Gay Man' started by 1017677, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. 1017677

    1017677 Guest

    Yes I know this is LPSG. I'm watching the main feed with all these gigantic schlongs scrolling past and suddenly I feel very inadequate lol. The meat buffet here is incredible.
    As usual seems as if everyone lives not near me. Wah wah. Okay okay that's my bitchy queen moment for the day.

    Cheers! o_O
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  2. 1141702

    1141702 Guest

    I wish my inadequacy came from size and not something that was done to me. That sucks.

    But I know what ya mean! Haha. The internet. Everybody awesome is far away. Some experiences that are on my bucket list always present but always too far. Lol
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  3. 1017677

    1017677 Guest

    Thanks! And so true. I don't know if that makes me normal or means I'm a whore. Haha. Damnit I can't find someone to...._________ me or ______ all over me.
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  4. 1141702

    1141702 Guest

    What’s a whore? :joy: :D
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  5. 1017677

    1017677 Guest

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  6. 1345864

    1345864 Guest

    There's times when I look at the folks in here and feel uglier than a mud fence too. I think we all do, to a point. But there's cool folks on here as well.

    I'm primarily on here for the conversation anyway. :cool:
  7. Brodie888

    Brodie888 Superior Member

    Dec 10, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Nobody is perfect but no matter your lot in life, there are people out there who will think you are perfect for them.

    That may read a little like a condolence card but it's absolutely true!
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