Female teacher at boys physical exam.

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    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']I found some posts where boys reports about embarrass experiences during the physical exam. At almost entire cases female medical or school personal violate privacy of male patient or innocent school boys. That tradition retained in most of ex-totalitarian societies in Eastern Europe. Some state officials, including the teachers usurp rights, unusual for their occupation and competence. A case in point is the presence of a class-teacher on the regular physical exams we used to have at school from young child until come of age. According to school-policy a class teacher was always present in exam room during the exam, independent of age and sex of the students. The examination accomplish in the school doctors consulting room, separate for girls and boys. I have embarrassed memories of my last physical at age of 14. I went in consulting room by my school teacher – an exacting lady about 40. On doctor’s orders I striped to undies. Then the doctor, also female done the exam. First she checks weight, height and blood pressure. After that she checked teeth, tongue and larynx. During exam I wear only underpants. My class-teacher stay right next to me witnesses at firsthand the procedure and masterminds me assisting the doctor. Become aware of implicit consent of the doctor, she stays immediately to her even during the most embarrassed part of the exam – check of my physical development and genitalia. For that I was insist to lower my briefs to my knees. Next following check of the testicles and finally she pulled the prepuce back to see the glans. It was more embarrassing because I had reach puberty and start raises some pubic hair. In despite of obvious discomfort and humiliation to be exposed in front of a woman, who isn’t even medical personal, nobody of my classmate protest because all this is part of a strong confirmed system.[/FONT]
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    I always had a male doctor growing up and the female nurse never entered the room when the door was closed (which meant a patient was undressed). I wouldn't have liked to have had anyone (male or female) waltzing in and out of the room and I wouldn't have wanted a woman in there unless she was the doctor. If a woman did have to be there in the situation you're talking about, the boys should have had the opportunity to say they wouldn't be comfortable. Would a male doctor be able to attend a teenage girl's physical exam while she was naked? I doubt it. And I would expect that a teenage girl would feel the same way as a teenage boy about being seen up close naked by any unknown adult at that age.
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