fibromyalgia and a womans response

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    While this isn't specific to penis size I happened across this forum that has open and frank discussions.

    My wife has fibromyalgia and some days is quite immobilized by it. on the flip side of that is her sexual response. She is very sensitive and frequently climaxes before I really get going, so it can be a wild ride to pursue my satisfaction. She has always sought out physical pleasures actively and is "a woman of experience". [She is an Urban Cougar and I am a man of limited contact with other women.] A conversation with a friend got me thinking about this.

    We are from a small town where like it or not everyone knows your business. My wife is not from around here at all. "His sister" is well known for being the local Good Time Girl. She was always good to go and was / is known as The Shark cuz you never had to ask her. While I never slept with her it is common knowledge she'd nearly climax by whispering in her ear - just like my wife. Turns out he to is also afflicted by fibromyalgia.

    My wife told me long ago of her experiences and she has not been shy. The difference between her and The Shark is she has always been very discrete. This post may not make a whole lot of sense but the two women I know with Fibro [and others I know who are very sensitive to weather changes / barometric pressure changes along with injuries that wouldn't phase you or me] strongly pursue sexual activity and are known for fucking you within an inch of your life [women are potential partners too!.

    Just kind of putting it out there to see if anyone responds, but are women with Fibro more sexually charged than those who aren't?

    Big penis club? I'm 8.5 by 5. I wish I had 7" girth though!!!
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