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Filling The Hose To "Full"

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by curiousron, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. curiousron

    curiousron Member

    May 28, 2007
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    Torrance, CA
    Since, For the life of me couldn't find how to post in the regular story section, am posting here.... (Or if someone would show me how to post a NEW thread, would be greatly appreciated !)

    It was very tough, but I forced myself to not JO for 6 days. I then watched a scene from "Drunk on Cum", as a huge dick shot copious ropes of thick sperm into the open mouth of his partner.
    After watching that incredible scene over at my friends house, I promptly marched into his sisters room & "borrowed" a pair of her shear-to-waist pantyhose. She was due home from work any minute.

    She keeps her underwear & hose in her walk-in closet. After slipping the sultry nylon hose up & over both my thighs, then over my swollen Bonner, I closed the door to her closet - me still inside ! (I've always had a fantasy about jacking-off & having his sister catch me.

    She was totally HOT - looked allot like Cindy Crawford. And the reason why I didn't care about J/O in front of her was that she had recently came-out being a Les.

    I closed her bedroom door before hiding in her closet, so I could hear when she entered the room. I was then set to really make an "Event" out of this session. I brought her picture from her dresser top into her closet with me as I started to pump my hardening dick inside of her hose while staring at her picture (she was wearing cut-off jean shorts crouched down & on her knees while bathing the family dog).

    Within about 5 minutes of staring at her beautiful tan thighs, I heard her bedroom door suddenly open. I wasn't quite ready to unload yet, but the thought of having to hurry got my pre starting to flow.

    The phone rang on her knight-stand just as she entered her room. It sounded like it must have been her Girlfriend, as she commenced with about a 10 minute conversation. This gave me the perfect time to pump & prime myself for her little surprise when she entered the closet.

    I jacked & pumped my now glistening cannon right up to 2 edges when I heard her say goodbye to her friend. I then really turned-up the volume on my pumping mission, as she then opened the closet door - catching me in the act !

    She let out a gasp, as she covered her nose & mouth - wide-eyed in shock & surprise at the site of me vigorously pumping my penis under her tented pantyhose. She then shouted out..."What the hell are you doing Ronny ?".. I then answered her by replying... "Watch this Jen, watch, oh, here it comes, her I go, oh, watch...yess- augh. etc, etc, etc, as I my nylon crotch quickly started to fill with semen.

    As you can see by this picture, I pumped her hose full with a very generous load.

    Soaked & Smelling Like Bleach,


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