Finally some progress on my Meniere's Disease

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    after the neurologist ruled out the vestibular migranes and I failed the meds for vestibular migraines, they finally labelled me with a severe case of Meniere's Disease. Umm, duh that is why I came for treatment in the first place. But they did other testing that wasn't availabled when I was originally diagnosed.

    We are probably going to do an injection of gentimyacin (it's ototoxic) meaning it will destroy my balance center in that ear and about 50% of my hearing. There are no guarentees this will work. But it is first line of treatment before they will do anything more surgically invasive such as a shunt or cutting my balance nerve.

    The three residents handling my case, will present it to their higher authority and get back to me with a date. They want to do this as soon as possible, which is fine with me. It's at least a step in the right direction for my health to improve.

    The doctor filled out my form from my lawyer about the disability. Once they get my records records from the last few months. They won't likely be able to deny it this time. I have a condition that is totally unpredictable, I mean I have been having 3-5 attacks a day lasting 20 min to several hours. Even while taking Valium every 4 hours, Ativan every 2 hours, along with other anti-nausea medications. Seriously no one could work on the meds I take and be half way consious, as I take other things for other conditions.

    But I am happy that I am finally making some progress with these docs!
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