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Finding Malik's Cum Rag (Gay Erotica)


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Jan 22, 2017
Houston, Texas, United States of America
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I shared an off-campus apartment with one of my closest childhood friends when we started college at Texas Southern University. Malik and I first became acquainted when his family moved a couple of houses down from ours. This meant that Malik and I were neighbors and would eventually become playmates. Being from the same neighborhood, we were zoned to the same schools so we attended elementary through high school together. People often thought that Malik was my older brother because we were always together and although we were the same age, Malik had developed into a strapping young man. Standing six foot three inches tall with a broad chest and shoulders that were developed during high school as the leading quarterback for our schools football team, Malik quickly became popular. I'm no slouch myself but I was nowhere near as attractive as Malik was however I was popular by default because everyone thought that I was Malik's sibling and we didn't correct them when they made that assumption.

Here we are as young men in college and we are sharing an off-campus apartment because we felt the on-campus apartments were too small and too shabby. It was Malik's idea to pay a little extra to have a bigger apartment and we were both getting support from our families and not to mention the financial aid that would help us cover the cheap rent for the 2 bedroom apartment. Never had Malik and I lived together so college was our first time living under the same roof so to speak. As he started to come into his manhood I could see the effect it had on the females at our school but little did Malik know, it also had an similar effect on me because I was living vicariously through my buddy. I'd find myself doing weird things when Malik was away from our shared space. I'll share share a shameful incident because now looking back on my actions they almost seem on the verge incestuous considering Malik and I grew up like brothers.

In our apartment I'd often see Malik in little to nothing as far as clothing is concerned, quite often he'd be wearing nothing more than his boxers and a pair of crew socks. Every so often I'd get a "peek-a-boo" moment when Malik would carelessly allow his cock to hang freely out of the pee hole of his boxers. Sometimes I'd casually bring it to his attention in a joking manner but there were times when I would say nothing and just admire Malik's much larger penis. One time in particular, he fell asleep in our common area while watching a football game in nothing but his shabby paisley printed burgundy boxers. I recalled him still being awake when I'd decided to go to sleep rather early that night. I have a tendency to wake during the night for late night snacks and this was one of the nights that I'd gotten up for one. I'd awoken to the sound of the tv still playing which told me Malik was still up, or so I thought. As I approach my door and peer into the dark common area that was only illuminated by the flickering light of the television, I can see that Malik is sprawled across the sofa with one leg hiked up over the back of the sofa. From this vantage I don't see anything that would stir my loins. I figured I'd quietly turn the tv off and try not to disturb Malik in his slumber. As I come around the back of the sofa, my eyes search for the remote control that has got to be close by. I spot it just near his stomach and go to reach for it when my eyes began to admire Malik's shirtless torso. Malik was starting to develop chest hair and his abs were impeccably defined. Of course my eyes would not stop there and would eventually travel the length of his body. It was then that I noticed that Malik's large throbbing cock was standing straight up through the pee hole of his boxers. Malik was fully aroused and this was the first time I'd seen him in that state. In the past I'd only see his flaccid cock but this night I'd be treated with much more. The visuals that will forever be locked away in my memory bank of Malik's cock was that it was uncut but fully aroused it revealed a beautiful pink mushroom shaped head that was significantly lighter than the rest of his body. I felt somewhat safe in admiring Malik's cock while he was asleep but soon became nervous that he would awaken to me staring at him and get weirded out. I quickly turned off the television. Before leaving I'd noticed that the blanket that Malik was once covered in had fallen in a heap beside the sofa so I retrieved it from the floor and draped it over Malik before returning to my bedroom with my snack that I had originally gotten up for.

The next morning I was awakened early by the sound of running water. Malik was up bright and early taking a shower which was unusual for him because he didn't tend to wake up that early. I'd recalled seeing Malik's bouncing erection just a few hours earlier but of course said nothing about it. "Malik is everything okay? I'm not used to you being up before me." Malik assured me that everything was fine but that he'd spilled something on himself by accident. I'd thought nothing of it because Malik was also a late night snacker and sometimes would carry a drink into his room with him also. Maybe he'd gotten up and grabbed a Cola from the icebox and carried it back to the sofa. Malik finally exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as I am entering the bathroom to get ready for my first class. As I'm entering the bathroom my eyes land on the pile of clothes that were left next to the sink by Malik. In the midst of me preparing for class, Malik peeks in and tells me he's off to class. The crazy part is that I tend to be up before Malik as it takes me longer to get ready but Malik can get up after me and be ready in no time so he's usually out before I am. Well today he's out extra early because he'd gotten a head start. After hearing the door shut I take another curious look at the pile of dirt clothes left behind by Malik and I decide to go over to inspect. I'd developed a strange obsession or might I say fetish for sniffing guys' soiled gym clothes. This fetish had first started when I was a junior in high school when I'd find my classmates left behind clothes and would sniff them and get aroused at the musky aroma of their sweat and hormone induced pheromones. I'd figured that fetish had disappeared but boy was I wrong because here I was eagerly looking at Malik's dirty clothes in wonderment. When I say "dirty clothes" I'd probably be better off saying his soiled boxers which happened to be covered by a large towel that I assume he used to dry himself off with. I pushed the towel aside and found exactly what I'd been hoping to find. Before my eyes were Malik's wet soggy burgundy paisley boxers. I could see that they were much darker due to a thick viscous liquid that was on them causing them to be soaked. My eyes grew with excitement and I could take it no longer so I scooped the boxers up and lifted them to my eagerly awaiting nostrils hoping that the thick liquid was what I'd imagined it to be. As I brought the wet boxers closer to my nose I could sense the smell of semen rising off of them. I'd always compared the smell of semen to be slightly comparable to something similar to Clorox and this was definitely what I was smelling. Malik said he'd spilled something on himself but I now realized that Malik had experienced a nocturnal emission, better known as a wet dream. I knew this to be true because I'd had a few in the past and knew that they occurred during the deep sleep phase and are spurred by sexual thoughts during sleep. When I'd encountered a sleeping Malik with his cock throbbing outside of his boxers and reaching up towards the heavens, I should have known what was about to happen but my mind simply did not consider it. I was happy with the sight of his erect cock being impressed into my memory but boy do I wish I'd watched him for a little longer to see the unavoidable release of Malik's copious amounts of cum as it rocketed into the air. I may not have been able to witness it with my own eyes but now I'd have something to fantasize about which may lead to a wet dream of my own. Oh yeah and Malik's cum soaked boxers or cum rag which is now how I'd like to think of them, were now mine. I guiltily stuffed them in a Ziploc bag with hopes that the moisture and aroma would stay on them longer and I stashed them away in the bottom of my sock drawer.