Fire near Rock City, Nottingham (UK)

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    Nottingham, England
    BBC News - Trams disrupted after Nottingham city centre fire

    Very serious, but thankfully neither Rock City, and it's sister sites Rescue Rooms (In the pic on the BBC site, Rescue Rooms is just to the centre-left where the water jet is aiming, Rock City bottom-left), and Stelth was damaged in any way, but there was quite a bit of panic @ The Rescue rooms, as it was full fo students from Nottingham Trent Uni just across the road.

    Some gig's have been moved to the basement area of Rock City, with just one event cancelled, and now DHP Group (Owner of the sites), reporting everything is now back to normal, but could experience some disruption @ The Rescue Rooms, if any work needs to be carried out at the affected building.
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