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Discussion in 'Show Off' started by Avy Avy, Mar 30, 2009.

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    Jan 1, 2009
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    I have been around the boards for a while and have read posts where people will remember being very young and having a 6 or 7 inch penis. However, I would like to know from you guys when was the first time you measured your penis with a ruler, tape measure, etc to get the actual length?

    What was the length?

    Were you flaccid or erect?

    How old were you?
  2. freakdick2hands

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    Mar 2, 2008
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    Philadelphia (PA, US)
    In 5th grade when I was 10 (1979-80), I was curious to know whether I was bigger than the spork used for lunches in the cafeteria. I think it had to do with classmates blowing up the plastic wrapper the spork, knife, straw, and napkin came in. Inflated it looked like a "penis" and I was convinced I was bigger than that and I was. I believe it was 5.5" and I was 5.75".
    I'm pretty sure that was first, but the toilet paper roll comparison came around the same time. I remember going to the bathroom as a preteen and stretching my flaccid willie. I then would stick it in an empty roll then pull it out through the other end of the roll. I'd swell up and get a boner. The ridge of my cockhead being very sensitive getting scraped by the edge of the roll.
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