first time being nude around other guys

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    when was the first time you were nude around other males? What was the circumstances and your reaction?

    I was 14 at the time. I was at scout camp for a week. The first three days I was able to get away with not taking a shower. I would just thow some water on my hair from the lake and say I just came back. On the 4th day i had told some guys I was headed to the shower as usual but this time they said they were going to go too. I was very nervous on the way up. When we finally got there the changing room was off to the side. I assumed it was going to be cummunal showers and it was! I pulled off my underwear and braced myself as I went in. As I rounded the corner I saw several guys who were well developed with lots of pubic hair. They left after a minute or two. Then another guy came in from our troop and he asked me and this other guy how old we were which I thought was an odd question to ask seeing he had known us for a couple years and never ask. But when I look over to respond i noticed he had shown no signs of entering puberty. I realize he had saw are bushes and size of our equpment. We both answered and left it at that. I knew he was just checking to see if he was normal which at 12 he was.

    Im glad I was forced to shower with other guys at a young age because i had little hang up in the future and allowed me to see how i compared.
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    May 25, 2004
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    My first time being nude around other males was my first trip to Japan. We went to the public baths there and I was so nervous about having to be naked the whole time. I was one of the last ones in our group to drop my underwaer. I was uncomfortable the first half hour or so but the I relaxed a bit and got used to it. It ended up being one of the most relaxing things I had ever done. It is still one of my favorite things to do while in Japan. Nudity-its a good thing
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    Coincidentally, my first experience was also at scout camp. I was 12 going to the showers with one of the most popular boys in the high school. He was 16. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I couldn't help but stare (and stare) at Glen's huge dick. It seemed enormous to my young eyes. He had hair down there, too. He looked at me and smiled, and encouraged me to strip and get in, that's it's ok. He was really cool about it.
    Of course, then he asked me if I ever jerked off. No. So he demonstrated by rubbing his long hose and getting an even longer erection. He came all over the wall. I never knew about these things! So I showed him my small boner, and wasn't successful then -- but two days later I messed up the sleeping bag.
    Years later when Glen and I were in our 20s and golfed together, I happened to see him nude and by then time had worn away the differences. I had a pecker that was larger than his, more hair, bigger balls.
    I saw lots of nice bodies and dicks over the years and scout camp. When the scouts moved to eliminate gay leaders and members, I just thought about the hypocrisy of the whole thing.
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    The posts so far seem odd to me.

    You see, as early as I can remember, each summer, I went to the local public swimming pool and changed with a whole variety of men. Except afro-americans, of course, it was the segregated south.

    My older brother usually took me swimming but he was in the service when I reached puberty, so I guess I first noticed a mature man when I was 12 or 13 at the pool and it was my cousin's boyfriend. I can still remember his thatch of pubic hair but not much about his dick.

    It was about the same time my gym classes had swim days in the school pool. We had a choice how to dress: bring a swim suit from home, jock strap. or nude. Our regulation cotton gym shorts made the pool water blue and no one wanted to bother with wet bathing suits so almost everyone swam nude except for one geeky kid who wore a jock and the teacher who wore this odd breechclot made out of a large towel. He probably would have prefered to be nude too! Hey, I know you want to hear how incredably sexy it was but I don't remember a single guy except Mr. geeky. I did'nt like immature guys then and I still don't. And besides I considered their "business" their business. With a couple of exceptions I don't remember any guys from school days cause I was enjoying "older" men by that time!
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