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    I remember the first time I ever looked at gay porn with the intention of actually coming while looking at it. I was probably 18 or so and finally getting to a point where I was accepting myself as I was and would probably forever be. I wish I still had the pictures now because back then, after I came, I deleted them and still felt a little regret for what I had done. I came looking at pictures of two buff guys in a sauna with huge dicks. The thought now drives me crazy but back then even though I was starting to accept myself, I still felt a bit of guilt. I don't know why I cared.

    Lately, I've been trying to find this set of pictures and I was wondering if by your account a poor description, haha, anyone could help me in my search. It was two white men, muscled, huge cocks, really big, poofy hair in a sauna. One of the men had black hair and they were having sex and blowing each other. The pictures also sort of had a green tinge to them and I presume they were from the early to mid nineties, but it's quite possible the pictures were taken at any time.

    Another set I had looked at around the same time I'll always remember. It was two very hardcore looking muscled black guys banging each other outside over a weight bench. One guy was a body builder and another was lean but very muscled and had a huge mustache and there was one picture of him laying down with cum all over his chest. I remember thinking "These don't look like the kind of guys who would be gay. They looked like they'd be working construction or something."

    Anyway, there's my rant, I hope someone can help!
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