First Time Reaction by More Than One Person

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    We've heard/read plenty of stories about first time reactions when a new partner first sees a hung cock.

    How about first time reactions when more than one person sees you? Like you're getting naked for a threesome, or you're going skinny-dipping with a bunch of friends, undressing at a gym shower, going to a sex party, or attending a clothing optional beach.

    Sometimes the interactions among others when they first see your hung status is really telling.


    I'll go first.

    Clothing optional beach: Went to Baker Beach at San Francisco a couple of years ago. Right as I pulled off my shorts, I noticed an MF couple nearby glancing my direction. Not a short glance, but a prolonged look at my crotch. I just smiled at them, and they smiled back.

    Sex Parties: I've gotten plenty of compliments by new attendees at parties. They see me naked and partially aroused and say things like: "Nice size! Mind if I go for a ride on that?" "Yeah, I'd like to ride that one too!" I once got treated to a chorus of "That's huge!", "Wow!", and other compliments.

    Threesome with 2 women, both new partners to me: They were already making out and started caressing and fondling one another. As I undressed standing next to their bed, one of them diverted her attention from her partner's breasts to watch me. I began stroking up to full size and she told her lover to watch me too.

    I also remember taunts from high school. One jerk was taller than me by several inches but came up shorter than me by a few inches down below. When I went to the showers after PE or gym, the asshole would say things like "I found a dick bigger than yours! I ripped the dick off a fly." Then he would say things to his friends like: "His mother must have fucked a horse for you to get so big." I got back at him with some well-aimed fists. After two of the assholes got blackeyes, they decided against mouthing off anymore.

    Once when I was camping and skinny-dipping with friends, one of them commented on me being hung. He said I must be getting lucky with the girls with a cock my size. I said I get attention from girls who know. His friend said he wished he had my size.
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