First time suck and swallow

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    At 18 I'd moved away to college so I was living in a new place and had my own apartment for the first time. For the first 6months of living there I'd had a steady girlfriend but soon after we'd split up I started looking on gay sites, eager to meet up with someone. I'd chatted to a guy a few times on a site similar to this and one morning before I headed to class I logged on and we started talking again. He asked me straight away if I had an hour free which I did so soon after I met him up the road from my place. Nervous as hell I waited for him and when he turned up we walked back to my place without really talking.

    When we got in he went straight into my room and he sat on my bed while I sat at the computer chair. I started up conversation about what music he’s into and put something on. We sat apart talking about football before J asked if this was my first time so I replied Yes. He asked me to come sit with him so slowly I moved over and sat by the side of him. He whispered in my ear that he'd look after me and then leaned in to kiss me. It was slow at first and I was thinking more about his stubble rubbing on my face than about what was happening. I do remember him being a great kisser and before long his hands were running all over my body. I sat there with my back against the wall and my legs out in front of me and after a few minutes of intense kissing I went for his cock, eager to see what was waiting for me. I tugged at his jeans giving the sign to take them off which he quickly did before throwing them on the floor. While he was stood up I laid lengthways on the bed and he laid down at the side of me. We kissed again while my hands went straight for his cock. I slid my hands down the front and was met by a huge, hot cock waiting for my attention. He was at least 10" if not more. I started to slowly jerk him while measuring the length with my hand.

    After a few minutes he undid my jeans and pulled them and my boxers off so my bottom half was naked. We stopped kissing long enough for him to tell me to lay on my back as he moved in between my legs. He pushed my legs apart so he could get further up my body and lifted my cock straight up and quickly took all of me deep into his mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. I just remember thinking how warm his mouth was and how amazing it felt to be receiving this great blow job. He built up a rhythm of pumping my cock with his hand as he lifted his head off and repeated the motion again and again, sucking hard whenever his lips reached my bell end. It seemed like this bj lasted forever but before I'd come he told me he wanted it to be his turn.

    I moved up the bed to get up but was ordered to stay there as he moved himself in front of my face. He had his right knee next to my shoulder and his left foot at the other side of my head with his cock right in front of my mouth. My heart pounded as I thought about what I was about to do. I'd wanked so many times to the thought of doing this and now here was my chance. He held his cock in his hand and put it to my lips, running it all around the inside of my mouth. I was shocked at how soft and hot the tip of his cock was but before I had time to think about it he fed me inch after inch of that huge cock. I sucked hard on the end as he had done with mine and wrapped my lips tightly around his shaft as he began to slowly fuck my face. As he moved back and forwards, my mouth still wrapped around the width of him, he jerked the base of his cock as he moaned with each passing stroke. I raised my hand to cup his buttock so to control the depth that he want as there was no way I could take the whole thing, probably not even half. Soon enough he was grunting and he asked me where I wanted him to come. I still remember those words today and I can see his face as he asked me. I managed to drop his cock from my mouth long enough to tell him that I wanted it in my mouth and down my throat. 10 seconds later he fired his first stream, quickly followed by his second and third stream of hot jizz into my mouth as he pumped hard with his fist. I swallowed every drop and didn’t release his cock until I knew I’d got every drop, something which I know he appreciated by the sounds he was making. Eventually he pulled his now softening, still 7 or 8" cock out of my mouth and said "I’d better return the favour now you dirty bastard". More words that I can still hear in my mind as clear as day.

    My own cock was now harder than ever and I couldn’t wait for the attention it was about to receive. It wasn't long before I was ready to come and I asked him where I wanted to come. That just made him pick up the pace and suck me harder. In no time at all I was blowing my load inside his mouth which felt so good and like me, he gobbled up every drop, even squeezing the last bits out from my shaft.

    When I opened my eyes again after an amazing orgasm, he looked up and me before moving back up the bed where he laid next to me again, still stroking my now tender cock and balls. He leaned in and kissed me which drove me wild as I thought about both our come combining in our mouths, something that the thought of always turned me on. He checked his watch and said that he'd better be going so we both stood up and got dressed, without really saying a word. I grabbed my college things and walked part of the way to college with him. On the way we passed one of my housemates who was heading home after uni. Later she asked who my friend was as he was hot. I told her he was a friend from the football, if only she knew ;)

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    Well fuck me was that hot or what??!!
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