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First time with Married Dl-ish Daddy


Aug 29, 2017
This is a story about my first and only time messing around with a married man. It has been a few years since I graduated from college and have been back living at home with my parents in the middle of nowhere bumblefuck. I was still pretty deep in the closet at the time especially with my parents so getting to hookup was not the easiest. Especially since most on the dating apps of the time were DL, blank profiles etc. Per the usual I was scrolling through the apps just killing time and beating my meat. I came across a profile that caught my eye. It was a headless pic of an older guy in construction/safety gear. I am a big fan of older, butch, blue collar, hairy men and this guy was all of that.

I decided to reach out and try my luck. To my surprise he responded quickly. We talked for a while getting to know each other and what each other did for work. He worked for a telecommunication provider and helped maintain/setup telephone lines. I found this to be very sexy. I asked if he be comfortable sharing face pics and to my surprise he told me he was married. I never played with a married man before and was a bit uncomfortable to go down that path. He started to detail the situation with his wife and apparently they have an understanding. Both of them play separate but stay together for the kids until they are older. I felt more comfortable knowing this and that their marriage was partially open.

We kept talking more and exchanged face pics and he was definitely a very sexy older daddy. I couldn't believe my luck. I had the opportunity to talk with an attractive married DILF who was in an open marriage. We kept exchanging pics with each pic getting hotter and hotter. He had a thing for jockstraps which I love and was eager to see my ass in one. I told him I would love for that to happen and more.

We started talking more about hooking up and what we were into. He was more a top which was perfect since I prefer to bottom more. He was eager to strip me down, spread my legs and eat my hairy ass out in a jockstrap. He even offered to buy me a new one just for the occasion. I told him I love when a guy takes control which he loved to hear.

Knowing we both were beyond into each other we started figuring out how we could make everything we talked about a reality. Given he had a wife and kids at home his place was not an option. My place though was not a simple answer as well with my parents there. Thankfully they were planning a trip in the next few weeks with was the perfect opportunity. We agreed to wait till then and the anticipation killed us both for weeks.

After a grueling few weeks it was finally the night we both have been waiting for. I was all cleaned up and in a fresh jockstrap just for him. I was nervous but my excitement outweighed my nerves. And just on time the doorbell ring and now in front of me was what I was dreaming of. His name was Mark and he looked everything like his photos and more. A sexy, older beefy bear build with salt and pepper hair. He smiled and I welcomed him inside.

We didn't waste much time and went up to my room where we proceed to embrace with raw passion and lust. I was ready and eager to touch, grab, taste, smell, and please every part of this man. Mark quickly took the lead and we started shedding each other's clothes. I got to see is beautiful manly body full of salt and pepper body hair. It was an amazing sight to behold. I took my time kissing, and exploring his body slowly making my way down to his waist where he was still wearing his jockstrap.

I teased and bit at his waistband and took my position on my knees in front of him. I grabbed his exposed cheeks from behind and pull him closer rubbing his erect bulge across my face. Eager to see and get a taste of his manhood, I slid his jockstrap to the ground and smiled at the beautiful site of his thick hairy cock. Not wasting any time I took every last inch into my mouth eager to please him. Mark was in heaven moaning and gasping in pleasure. I gave him one of the best blowjobs he had in a long time and we was now ready to take things further. He pulled me up and moved me to the bed pushing me roughly onto it. He spread my legs and then quickly buried his face into my hairy ass teasing it with his beard stubble.

He proceed to eat my ass out for what felt like an eternity of pleasure. I couldn't hold back my loud moans, gasps and primal responses. When Mark finally came up for air we had the biggest smile on his face. He knew he had me and was ready to redeem his prize. He grabbed a condom and lube and started to tease my wet hole with his thick cock. Given how relaxed and ready my hole was to take him he slipped in relatively easily putting me over the edge in sheer pleasure. I was rock hard this entire time which he loved. He proceed to start fucking me legs on his shoulders my cock in his hand. I was in ecstasy on all fronts with him fucking my tight hole and stroking me gently to the rhythm. I could have been content like that all night, but he wanted to take things up a notch.

He pulled and said time to take that ass from behind. He knew I was wanted this from our earlier conversations and was ready to give me the pounding I love. I get on all fours on the bed and he gets behind be a inserts himself into me. I moan in ecstasy and he grabs my hips. He says are you ready to get pounded? I was like yes daddy it is all yours. He proceeds to slap my ass sending pleasure throughout my body. He grabs my hips and goes to town on my ass mercilessly fucking me. I can barely stay in position and my arms give out under the sheer force of him fucking me. I go to touch his leg to slow him down but he grabs my arms and pins them against my back. Now my head is buried in a pillow with my ass up and my arms pinned. I am at his mercy and he is taking my ass for a ride.

Even though it was intense I loved every second he pounded my ass out. He started to get close and asked where he wanted me to cum and I told him all over my back. He pulled out and covered my back with an endless stream of jizz. I felt exhausted but immensely satisfied. I don't recall even cumming but was very happy regardless. We cleaned up and cuddled and talked for a bit. An incredible sweet end to a night of passion.