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    My first time was a bit of a shocker.

    My good friend was living with his aunt Kate at the time, and she had been flirting with me when I went over to visit.

    One night, I was over watching movies, and had planned to spend the night in the guest bedroom. My friend wasn't feeling too well, and went to bed early, but Kate and I stayed up to finish the movie we were watching.

    We were chatting while watching the movie, and she mentioned that she was a bit banged up from her exercise routine. She pulled her little shorts up to show me a bruise she had sustained, and also let me have a good long look at her sexy legs. She also said that her legs were very sore from running at the gym, to which I responded, "You just need a good massage."

    "Are you volunteering?" she asked. Of coarse I said yes. "I'll be right back," she said.

    She came back with some lotion, and sat next to me on the couch. She put her gorgeous legs across my lap, and asked me to start with her perfect feet. I started massaging her feet, and we chatted. I asked her what felt good, and she said that what I was doing was great. "So, does it look like all that work at the gym has paid off?" she asked. I replied that she's very tight. She joked around with me, asking how I would know how tight she is.

    I sort of stammered, and she took my hand from her inner thigh and placed it between her legs. "Would you like to find out?"

    "I'd love to find out."

    "OK, but just to warn you, I haven't had sex in a few months, so don't be surprised if it's extremely tight." she said. "How long has it been for you stud?"

    I didn't want to admit I was a virgin, so I told her it had been a few months for me as well. By now I had my hand in her shorts and was working a finger into her tight smooth pussy.

    "Well, since it's been a few months, maybe we better check to see if it still works," she said. Kate then started unbuttoning my pants, and rubbing my crotch. "Woah, I hope you didn't stick a sock in your pants - let's find out," she said with a wicked grin. "Oh my god, it's bigger soft than I've ever had hard."

    She immediately went down on me, and I felt for the first time, my dick going into a sexy, warm, soft mouth. My dick became completely engorged almost right away. "Oh my god," she said with a sexy smile. "I've never sucked on a dick so big!"

    My dick continued to get sucked as we struggled out of our cloathes. I was very overwhelmed, and had to pull my dick out of her mouth at the last second before I came. "What happened?" she said.

    "I almost came!"

    "Oooooo! I bet that huge dick cums so hard." She then ran her fingernails slowly over my inner thighs. I was really close and trying to calm down. My dick kept throbbing, and each time it throbbed I would almost cum. She started licking my ear, and gently gripping my balls with her fingernails. "Such BIIIIIG balls."

    Then the pressure was too much and sperm started pouring out of the tip of my dick. I had managed not to squirt, but the building pressure was too much to contain. She went down on my again, and then I started to squirt down her throat. She moved her tongue to deflect the squirting.

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    My first time was just two years ago. We were both 18, but she had had sex with two guys before I came along. She decided to spend the night at my place and we did it.

    It was regular sex, but I didn't cum right after like most guys do the first time though. We went at it for 20 minutes, and I know this because I'd look at my alarm clock every couple of minutes. Half an hour later we gave it another go, and lasted about 35 minutes. The first time we did it the good old-fashioned missionary way, with me always on top; she came once. The second time we did it cowgirl and doggy style and she came twice, one each.
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