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    Here's an odd problem with myself getting fit that I didn't think I would have and would like to throw the question out there to see what you all think of it.

    I am 5ft 9in tall and currently about 145 pounds and 36 years old, and have always been rather slim. I weighted 120 pounds in college, so I have not really gained a lot of weight, but I have accumulated a little belly fat that has pushed me from a waist 28 to 30 in the past couple of years. This past fall, I peaked at about 150 pounds, and have been determined to loose the little bit of belly and love handles I've accumulated.

    I have been going to the gym and working out on both machines and free weights, along with doing plenty of cardio too. I ran track in high school, so I have been doing a few miles of running every few days to burn off some calories. I also ride my bike with my wife occasionally too. Along with that, I have cut out soda pop, white bread, junk food, sweets, etc, and have generally reduced my overall calorie intake. Although I've only lost 5 pounds, I have traded fat for muscle mass and really leaned up.

    Overall, I feel much healthier and much more energetic, except in one libido. Prior to starting out this regimen, my libido was I was still a teenager. I would get spontaneous erections throughout the day, and it didn't take much for my wife to have me fully erect. We could go at it several times a day, and I could occasionally be multi-orgasmic too. Well, sometimes now, I cannot just get it up, or I will feel to wiped out at the end of the day.

    Well, a couple of weekends, we have had family events going on. The most recent one, I was out of town for four days for my sister in-law's graduation, and did not get hardly any exercise. We spent most of our time either driving in the car, or sitting at events. We also ate lots of food at restaurants and banquets. Well, this time, as has been for the past few times I have broken out of my physical regimen and diet, My libido was back with vengance, My wife and I went crazy in the hotel room the past few days :)

    So, the big question is, am I over training, or is it that I'm starving myself and my body is reacting negatively to it? I always figured getting healthy would increase my libido, so why does it do the opposite?
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    You could be over training. You might want to talk to a doctor or nutritionist. But my take on it is the recent family events got you out of your normal routine and you are more relaxed etc and voila you sex drive is back on track.
    Look at the other conditions in your life aside from diet and exercise that may be contributing to your lack of desire.
    Working out always increases my sex drive; you are the first person I've heard with one that is diminished.
    Like I said consult a doctor and make sure there is not an underlying issue.
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    Even though you've given a detailed description of the problem, there are some key pieces of information missing, including how many days a week you're working out and for how many hours, how many calories a day you're taking in, what your diet is comprised of, and how much you're sleeping. While seeing a dietitian/nutritionist and scheduling some time with a trainer to look over your fitness program isn't a bad idea, this isn't rocket science, and there's plenty of information on the web to help you adjust your diet and exercise so it's more in balance with the rest of your life. For sure, if your energy level and libido are suffering, something is out of kilter. I've certainly been in that place before, where I've gotten too crazy about fitness, and pushed the diet and exercise envelope to the point where I looked great but felt like crap, and saw other parts of my life, including sex and relationships suffer. It doesn't have to be like that though - you can achieve your goals and still have a roaring great sex drive. Your body needs to be properly FUELED AND RESTED though, and this will become increasingly more crucial as you grow older.
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