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    Ok, so my original question and thread is <------there

    Thanks to all the advice! Anywho, now for the results!

    First it was a great success, second I didn't get laid (but I don't really care, I have put my penis in a vagina before lol)

    So I bought a stem of purple dasies and a stem of yellow dasies (MAD PROPS TO WHOEVER GAVE ME THAT IDEA) she loved em, she put them in a vase as soon as she got them.

    I got there before the other guy, so we had just a little alone/personal time. He came over, we started drinking, had fun, went to the show, had front row standing positions, she was crammed up next to me (woo!), got wasted, went home. This is where things were weird.

    Earlier it was established that I was going to crash at her apartment (I live pretty far away and couldn't drive) So she and I start to go up to her apt, and so does the guy... I set on the couch, sarah gets water, and guy stands there awkwardly. She hands out water, we make conversation that is forced and strange. When Sarah can't stand it anymore she goes to her room to change. I thinks she expected guy to leave at this point, and so did I, but he stood there. We force conversation for a few min. Sarah comes back out... in a night shit the JUST covers the top of her legs (smokin' hot). She sets down out side her door, I am on the couch, and guy is STANDING THERE. After a few more min, she says she is going to sleep, ask if I need another blanket, we say good night and she goes to bed.... then the guy leaves. SERIOUS COCK BLOCK.

    But it is all okay. I figure I can't just run into her room and make a moment anymore (thanks guy). We woke up early, she was still in her gown, we sat next to each other, didn't make out or anything (WAYY to hung over :(....) But we flirted half naked :)

    Monday, I meet up with her, took her out, had a FANTASTIC time, but couldn't put any moves on... I can give details to that date (which was great btw, and I personally think was one of my best yet, with ANY woman) if you want, later in the thread. This post is quite long enough lol.

    All in all, this is going well. I can't wait till we get down to business haha. But, seriously, I think something much more real is growing here. This isn't the instantly hot lets make babies love, but each time we see each other it gets ever so slightly better. This might be a legit relationship in the future, and if ANYTHING could ruin it, it would be sex too early. I have had the super hot physical sexual relationship, and it ended VERY badly. Here's to something different and (hopefully) better.
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