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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by doser, May 1, 2006.

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    Apr 25, 2006
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    I will have relations witha a girl in some months ahead
    my concerns are about how to get a better sex. for her it's her first time.
    my dick is not huge in length (6.75") but it is quite thick(6.25" girth)
    especially the head. I have had sex with many women but mostly well experienced ones so penetration was not a problem.
    any special position that women would prefer?
    my dick stands straight out looking a bit downwards
    does this matter for a woman?

    it gets hard at the begining but I have noticed in the pass that my penis loss hardeness during the intercourse after a while, especially at the base
    sometimes when changing to other position I have to stimulate my self a bit to regain hardeness a bit embarrasing I don't know if it is normal?
    I would like to make it last longer of course, any suggestions?

    what is the ideal time in mins or hours for a woman to have sex in the same position before changing to other position? I think my head is big enough to stimulate the G-spot if I accomodate my body in certain way with respect to hers during penetration.
    any experiences regarding this?
  2. oz_buff_guy

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    Dec 3, 2005
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    Backpacking around at the moment - soon appearing
    Just one suggestion from me dude...


    I f you chill out, take your time and not worry about what you think should be happening at what time, in what position, whether things are exactly as hard as they should, ... etc... then you will probly have a better time - hence she will too. Go woth the flow - we as a species have been making out for 1000s of years without too much grief - you will be the same, we all have better and worse days, so if you do fall of the horse, get straight back in the sDDLE AND ENJOY THE RIDE SO TO SPEAK.

    Another good idea is to ask your partner what they like and what feels good, before and during the big event. If you are big, speand time on foreplay and relaxation before you go for the home run - enjoy the moment, and if you don't get a home run 1st try, don't fret, just try again later.

    Final bit of advice, don't take it too seriously, it should be fun.

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