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    ...a room to let for fifty-cents." (very generational song quote)

    I've been racking my brain for a money making scheme. And I think I came up with one since arriving here at lpsg.org

    "We have a patent pending product called "Internet Tape" it comes in large, larger, and largest. You too can have the internet cock shot of your dreams in vivid kodachrome. Just choose your tape for scaling purposes. The first two, 'large' and 'larger' are linear displacements while 'largest' goes logarithmic on your ass (er I mean penis).

    Real photogenic quality tape measures with the made in China logo clearly visible to the latest Homeland Security photo enhancement software. High flexibility for o.c.d measuring and re-measuring with minimal amounts of cock chaffing.

    You get all three tapes for the low introductory price of $19.99.:biggrin1: Please note that included is a simple to understand booklet on perspective and understanding pixel count."

    Well that's the sales pitch anyways. I'm here just doing due diligence for the patent office application and checking for 'prior art'. Anybody seen this before?

    If all goes well it will be for sale online next week. If interested please email me@rulers.com for pre-production sales.


    The booklet is for those who claim to have a 9" cock and in pictures stand next to doors that are evidently better hung than they are.:smile:

    ~WET WORKSPACE!!! Please avoid freudian slips~
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    Sorry, but AOL members beat you to it.
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