Forget me Knot

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    I've been trying to write this story for almost 6 months now and I can't get the motivation to do it. I'm hoping peoples input and comments will push me to get more done... I really only have the very beginning ready.

    The holidays were going well, lots of festive cheer and visiting friends, but Misty was far too excited for something else that was coming her way. The excitement of opening her gifts around the tree only was half as exciting as the gift she got to open in a few short days. The room was booked and a comfy king sized bed was awaiting the warmth they would create in the cold winters evening. Misty was in a trance like state watching her little brother open his gifts. She toyed with the key that was on the chain around her neck; a forever reminder that she was in total control. Misty snapped out of her fantasy world when her brother asked her if she was going to open any gifts at all. She opened one to find new pair of Winnie the Pooh pajamas, and much more Pooh paraphernalia.

    Again Misty’s mind wandered to what was awaiting her, the flesh on flesh rubbing, touching, sucking. It was all too much for her; Misty put her hand to the side of her neck as she fantasied about being bitten. She took in a sharp breath and her eyes snapped open, but her family was totally ignoring her at any rate. Misty got up and explained to her family that she had not slept well and would be going back to bed for a nap; they did not disagree so off she went. To her bedroom, the walls that contained her fantasies, her secrets, her weakness’.

    The day went by so slowly; it was as if something was trying to create a rift. Stretching the time until she was to be with Darius. At the family dinner at her aunts place she was fantasizing about his blue eyes, and medium blond hair. His round face was burned into her imagination like she had seen it in a dream. Misty scraped the mashed potatoes around on her plate, and took an eternity to chew the cooked ham; it tasted sweet like the pre come from his... Misty looked around at everyone talking, it felt as if she was speaking the words she was thinking. It bothered her to know that she was so distracted. But the day would come when she would have him, he was all hers.

    The phone was ringing and Misty was still asleep. Her father knocked on her door, and threw the cordless on her bed. "Uh, hello?" Misty forced out. "Oh come on, get out of bed already, do you remember what day it is?" Misty laughed because the voice on the other end of that phone was not Darius; it was his cousin, Misty's best friend Danikah. The bouncy voice always brought a smile to Misty’s face, but this morning it wasn’t all that pleasant.
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